Freddy Peralta Wife Maritza Taveras: Married Life And Kids

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Freddy Peralta wife, Maritza Taveras, is the supportive wife of the Dominican professional baseball pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Maritza Taveras, the supportive wife of a Dominican professional baseball pitcher, has gained recognition for her support throughout her husband’s career.

Since his MLB debut on May 13, 2018, for the Milwaukee Brewers, Maritza has been by his side, providing encouragement and standing as a pillar of strength.

Freddy Peralta, Dominican Professional MLB Player
Freddy Peralta, Dominican Professional MLB Player (Source: Instagram)

The couple had even more good news to celebrate following these milestones, adding to their joy and happiness.

In 2020, Freddy Peralta signed a five-year contract extension with the Milwaukee Brewers. He welcomed their newborn baby, Norah, into their lives—a year of professional success and personal joy for the couple.

Moreover, in 2023, the couple was again blessed with a baby; this time, it was a boy named Freddy Peralta Jr.

Freddy is making his family and Dominica proud; like another Dominican baseball player, David Ortiz primarily played for Red Sox.

Freddy Peralta Wife Maritza Taveras: Married Life

The Freddy Peralta wife, Maritza Taveras, often attends her husband’s matches, cheering and encouraging him from the stands.

Maritza Taveras, proudly representing Dominican nationality, has included it in her bio on her private Instagram handle.

Freddy Peralta Family, Maritza And Mom Octavias (First Two On Left) And Dad Pedro (Second From Right In Jacket)
Freddy Peralta Family, Maritza And Mom Octavias (first two on the left) and dad Pedro (Second From Right In Jacket) (Source: Twitter)

While specific information about Maritza’s parents is limited, she is adored by her father-in-law Pedro Peralta and mother-in-law Octavia Diaz.

Although their wedding date is not mentioned, sources indicate that the couple has been happily married for nearly five years, enjoying a solid and committed relationship.

Freddy Peralta Kids: Norah & Freddy Peralta Jr.

On September 25, 2020, Freddy Peralta and his wife Maritza welcomed their firstborn daughter, Norah, into the world.

Norah, the firstborn, is now 3 years old and holds a special place in her parent’s heart hearts.

During the opening week of the 2023 season, Freddy Peralta had a great time on and off the field.

Freddy Peralta New Born Son
Freddy Peralta New Born Son Freddy Jr. (Source: Facebook)

Before the start of the season, his joy was doubled as his son, Freddy Jr., was born.

This added a layer of happiness, brought additional joy, and made it a truly memorable time for the proud parents.

Freddy Peralta Look Up To His Father, Pedro

Freddy Peralta, born in Moca, a town in the Dominican Republic, grew up with a robust support system and a father who made sacrifices to help him and his brother pursue their dreams in baseball.

Despite financial challenges, Freddy’s father made sure that they never went hungry, even if it meant seeking help from neighbors to cover transportation costs to the baseball field.

During Freddy’s debut in the Major Leagues, the cameras captured his father’s emotional reaction, shedding tears of joy.

Freddy’s performance as a young pitcher convinced his father to support his MLB dream wholeheartedly.

Inspired by his father’s sacrifices, Freddy has a solid example to follow as he works towards more success.

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