Gabriel And Grayson Murphy Parents: Meet Chris and Shaunielle

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Gabriel and Grayson Murphy’s parents, Chris and Shauneille Murphy have been celebrating their kids’ achievements this year. The twins graduated earlier this year, and so did their sister with her master’s degree.

The UCLA twins Gabriel and Grayson Murphy have been each other’s backbone since they were babies. Though highly competitive, the twins have always wanted to play with each other than against each other.

Gabriel (11) And Grayson Murphy (12) Pictured In Their UCLA Kit In 2022
Gabriel (11) And Grayson Murphy (12) Pictured In Their UCLA Kit In 2022 (Source: Facebook)

That is also one of the reasons they chose to go to UCLA together in 2022. After playing three years at North Texas, the twins joined the Bruins last year, having offers from Oregon, Kansas, Penn State, USC, and Duke. 

Both the twins are defensive linemen and put on a strong performance against Deion Sanders’ Colorado team. Recently, Trevor Sikkema from Pro Football Focus talked about Gabriel and said the Houston Texans should target the UCLA man if Jonathan Greenard heads for free agency. 

Gabriel And Grayson Murphy Parents: Chris and Shaunielle Murphy

Gabriel and Grayson Murphy’s parents, Chris and Shaunielle Murphy raised three kids in Dallas, Texas. All of their four kids are named in honor of their father, Chris. 

During his interview with the LA Times, Chris said Grayson faced complications during his delivery. His umbilical cord was tied to his neck, and nurses rushed him into another room to be revived. 

Chris And Shaunielle Murphy Pictured Earlier This Year Enjoying Their Vacation
Chris And Shaunielle Murphy Pictured Earlier This Year Enjoying Their Vacation (Source: Facebook)

The father of four admits there were times when he and Shaunielle wouldn’t be able to separate the twins. One time, Chris accidentally spanked the wrong twin, which made him promise the other would get a pass if he misbehaved the next time. 

On his Facebook handle, Chris has shared several family pictures, including that of the twins and his daughter, Christin Murphy. When Gabriel and Grayson were kids, Shaunielle would dress her boys in identical clothes. 

Currently, Shaunielle teaches second-grade students at Robert B. Sewell Elementary School. During one of their YouTube videos in collaboration with Pac-12 Networks, the twins revealed that Gabriel has always been mama’s boy. 

Like her husband, Shaunielle has shared several family photos on her social media page. Recently, Shaunielle shared a series of pictures of the Murphy family attending the game against Colorado at the Rose Bowl Stadium. 

Shaunielle and Chris are constantly present at the Bruins game, and Shaunielle had previously shared a photo of her with other Bruins moms. 

Gabriel And Grayson Murphy Sister, Christin Murphy

The twins have an older sister named Christin Murphy, who earlier this year completed her master’s from Texas A&M University. 

Christin has kept herself out of social media, so it was her proud parents who shared her achievements on their social media pages.

Chris and Shaunielle beamed with pride in the photos they shared on their Facebook handle as they posed alongside Christin. Christin had previously completed her Bachelor’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University.

Christin Murphy Pictured With Her Parents, Graduated From Texas A&M University Earlier This Year
Christin Murphy, Pictured With Her Parents, Graduated From Texas A&M University Earlier This Year (Source: Facebook)

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. While studying at Middle Tennessee, Christin worked at Twin Peaks Restaurant. 

While at Twin Peaks, Christin worked alongside the management team, helping them in making data-driven decisions and worked on championing customer relationships.

Currently, she has been working with Benchmark Sports Pub & Eatery and is in a similar role. With her parents, Christin, earlier this year, had attended her twin brothers’ graduation ceremony at UCLA. 

In June, the Murphy family had taken a trip to Disneyland with Shaunielle sharing a few photographs of the trip on her Facebook handle. 

Gabriel Murphy Girlfriend, Korinne Baumhauer 

Though it remains unknown whether Grayson is dating, Gabriel’s love life is known through social media posts. 

The older twin, Gabriel, is currently in a relationship with Korinne Baumhauer. Korinne had previously tagged Gabriel in an Instagram post in 2022. It was a drawing of a butterfly with “Love you BBY Girl” written. 

She then posted a photo of her and Gabriel sharing a kiss on the grounds of UCLA on April 24, 2022. Korinne captioned the post, “With my Bruin.”

Gabriel Murphy Pictured With His Girlfriend, Korinne Baumhauer On Her Graduation Day In 2022
Gabriel Murphy Pictured With His Girlfriend, Korinne Baumhauer, On Her Graduation Day In 2022 (Source: Facebook)

Korinne graduated from the University of North last year with a degree in interior design. While at UNT, Korinne was a cheerleader, and on her Facebook page, Korinne has shared a few of her cheerleading photographs.

Earlier this year, in August, Korinne and Gabriel had a spontaneous photo shoot done by Asher+Grace Photography. She shared 75 of her favorite photos on her page. 

Despite not sharing photos or giving hints about his love life on his Instagram page, Gabriel is seen writing sweet comments on his girlfriend’s Instagram posts. Korinne has been previously seen attending UCLA’s games with Gabriel’s parents. 

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