Georgia Stanway Grew Up With Three Brothers- Parents

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Georgia Stanway grew up with three brothers who are soccer enthusiasts. One of her younger brothers is a professional soccer player in the National League North.

Growing up, Georgia Stanway didn’t have to look towards her friends to accompany her to soccer matches or train with her. She and her three brothers share a tight-knit bond and have always been there for each other.

Georgia Stanway Pictured With Her Brother John-Paul Stanway After Winning The Frauen-Bundesliga Title
Georgia Stanway Pictured With Her Brother John-Paul Stanway After Winning The Frauen-Bundesliga Title (Source: Instagram)

In 2022, her younger brother, Wyll Stanway, even generated interest from Premier Leagues sides like West Ham United. The family is currently in Down Under, supporting the Lionesses in their quest for World Cup glory.

She scored the decisive goal against Denmark, keeping England on top of the group table. With teammates Alessia Russo, Ella Toone, and Chloe Kelly, Georgia will want to play a vital role in their bid to win their first World Cup.

Georgia Stanway And Her Three Brothers 

Georgia Stanway and her three brothers were born and raised in Cumbria, England. 

Though the siblings share different moms, they have formed a tight-knit bond. John-Paul Stanway is the older brother of Georgia, and the England soccer star has two younger half-brothers, Sol and Wyll. 

John-Paul Stanway Is A Social Media Expert

The oldest of four siblings, John-Paul Stanway, previously played soccer and was part of the Holker Old Boys team in the North West Counties League.

In 2019, John scored a thumping hat-trick against AFC Blackpool, pulling them out of the relegation battle. But soccer was one of the interests he pursued while working as a project manager for James Fisher Nuclear Limited. 

A Lancaster University graduate, John-Paul, earned his BSc Honours Degree in Project Management in 2018. While working towards his degree, John-Paul was working at BAE Systems as a Senior Project Controller. 

Georgia Stanway With Her Older Brother John-Paul Stanway In Munich, Germany Earlier This Year In March
Georgia Stanway With Her Older Brother, John-Paul Stanway, In Munich, Germany, Earlier This Year In March (Source: Instagram)

After helping his side stay in the North West Counties League, John-Paul took a travel break beginning at the end of 2019. The one-year travel break turned into three years due to the pandemic.

John had taken a one-way flight to Australia and was stuck there for two years. He continued his journey in South East Asia before returning to England in 2022.

On his Instagram, John has shared several breathtaking photographs and videos of traveling in South East Asia while visiting countries like the Philippines and Thailand. 

Since returning to England, John has established a social media management company, JP On Socials. The older brother of Georgia Stanway helps businesses to grow through social media. 

Sol And Wyll Stanway Are Her Half-Brothers 

Sol and Wyll Stanway were born to Paul Stanway and Lizzie Stanway and are younger-half brothers to Georgia and John-Paul.

Like his older sister, Wyll Stanway is a soccer talent and plays for Chester FC. Standing 6’3, Wyll is a goalkeeper but previously played as a center-back.

Wyll Stanway Pictured With His Dad, Paul Stanway, And His Mom, Linzi Stanway
Wyll Stanway Pictured With His Dad, Paul Stanway, And His Mom, Linzi Stanway (Source: Instagram)

He switched to becoming a GK only in 2021 and started his professional journey from Lancaster City. He moved to Chester FC in January 2022 and has since attracted several interests from clubs in higher leagues. 

Huddersfield, Sheffield United, and Sunderland were some of the clubs said to have interest in Wyll, as reported by The Sun in 2022.

The Premier League side West Ham United was also one of the clubs that showed interest in Georgia’s younger brother. 

Georgia Stanway Parents, Joanne, And Paul 

Georgia Stanway’s parents, Joanne and Paul Stanway have gone their separate ways but share an amicable relationship.

A former PE teacher, Paul Stanway, calls himself a sportaholic. A fitness enthusiast, Paul has kept himself in the best shape possible despite his age. 

Paul has been a supportive dad for all four of his kids. After divorcing Georgia’s mother, Paul tied the knot with Linzi Stanway.

Paul is available on Instagram with the username @stanwayp and shares snaps of his traveling duties with Georiga and the success of his son Wyll with Chester FC.

On Right: Joanne Stanway Collects The Award On Behalf Of Her Daughter In 2019, And On Left: Georgia With Her Father, Paul At Nou Camp In 2022
On The Right: Joanne Stanway Collected The Award On Behalf Of Her Daughter In 2019, And On Left: Georgia With Her Father, Paul, At Nou Camp In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Georgia also has a good relationship with her stepmother, Linzi Stanway, who has always been present to celebrate Georiga’s on-field success. 

Joanne Stanway has a strong bond with her daughter and was seen in Wembley Stadium when her daughter lifted the trophy with the national team in 2022.

She was also one of the people with whom the attacking midfielder trained as a teenager. When Georgia was 15, she made her mother wear a pair of gloves and positioned herself between the goalposts.

A former athlete, Joanne Stanway, represented Great Britain at the Youth Olympics. So, she thought she could be a big challenge for her daughter, but it wasn’t as easy as Joanne thought. 

In 2019, Joanne received the Senior Sportsperson of the Year award on behalf of her talented daughter. She is available on Instagram but has kept her handle private. 

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