Does Greg Olsen Have A Sister? Brother Kevin & Chris Olsen, Jr.

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Greg Olsen and his brothers have left an indelible mark on the world of sports, sparking curiosity among fans about the existence of a sister in the Olsen family.

While fans are well-acquainted with Greg’s illustrious career, the spotlight occasionally shifts to his siblings.

Explore the football journeys of Greg Olsen’s brothers, uncovering their unique mark in the sports world.

Greg Olsen Football Sportscaster.
Greg Olsen Football Sportscaster (Source: Sports Business Journal)

Gregory Walter Olsen is a former tight end with a 14-season career in the NFL and is now a football sportscaster.

The tight end set a school record at Wayne Hills High School with 27 touchdowns and participated in the 2003 U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

He joined the University of Miami, where he emerged as the starting tight end for the Miami Hurricanes and amassed 87 receptions, 1,215 yards, and six touchdowns.

Furthermore, the Chicago Bears selected Greg in the first round, 31st overall, in the 2007 NFL Draft.

Additionally, he made history as the initial tight end with three consecutive 1,000-yard receiving seasons in the NFL.

Greg Olsen Siblings: His Brothers And Sister

While Greg is not blessed with a sister, he has two brothers, Chris Olsen, Jr., the elder, and Kevin Olsen, the younger.

Chris Olsen Jr., the oldest of the brothers, shares the Olsen family’s passion for football.

Growing up in an environment centered around sports, he fostered a love for the game from a young age.

Furthermore, their father, a high school football coach, highly influenced him, leading to his early involvement in football.

Greg Olsen Youngest Brother Kevin Olsen
Greg Olsen Youngest Brother Kevin Olsen (Source: North Jersey)

Despite not making it to the NFL, his early exposure to the sport shaped his life.

Like his brothers, the youngest of the Olsen siblings, Kevin embraced a life immersed in football.

Following Greg and Chris’s footsteps, Kevin played as a quarterback, notably with the Charlotte 49ers at the University of North Carolina.

However, Kevin’s journey took a tumultuous turn when he faced accusations of second-degree forcible rape.

Nevertheless, Kevin Olsen was acquitted of all charges in an unexpected twist.

Despite facing turbulent times and media scrutiny, he continued pursuing success in football.

Currently coaching quarterbacks at a local high school and operating his own training business, Kevin has shifted his focus to mentoring young athletes.

Hence, the Olsen family’s connection to football runs deep, with each sibling leaving a unique imprint on the sport.

Greg Olsen Family: Wife And Kids

Greg first crossed paths with his to-be wife, Kara, as a freshman at the University of Miami.

Their relationship started as a friendship, solidifying through shared moments watching shows like The Bachelor in Kara’s dorm.

However, when Kara goes on a date with someone else, it sparks Greg’s jealousy, leading to their first official date and beginning their romantic journey.

Greg Olsen With Family
Greg Olsen With Family (Source: People)

After tying the knot in 2009, Greg and Kara embarked on a journey filled with love and the joys of building a family.

Their couple has three beautiful children: son Tate and twins Talbot and T.J.

Greg Olsen’s eldest son, Tate, is an emerging sports enthusiast excelling in Pop Warner football and baseball.

He has made his father proud by winning a city championship and the Easton Elite World Series in Florida in July 2023.

Born with a rare heart condition, T.J., Greg Olsen’s younger son, underwent multiple surgeries and ultimately received a heart transplant in 2021.

Additionally, Greg and Kara co-founded The Heartest Yard Foundation for pediatric cardiovascular patients.

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