Gunner Olszewski Girlfriend Jackie Ferrero Is A Mom

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Gunner Olszewski’s girlfriend, Jackie Ferrero, is a mom to Zara, but Zara is just her pet dog. The Steelers wide receiver has been dating Jackie since December 2020, and their pet dogs have been featured in a few Instagram posts.

After breaking up with high school sweetheart Emery Paul, Gunner began dating Jackie Ferrero at the tail-end of 2020. The two were pictured attending a friend’s wedding in June, with Jackie sharing a few snaps on her social media page. 

Jackie And Gunner Pictured Attending Their Friend's Wedding Ceremony In June 2023
Jackie And Gunner Pictured Attending Their Friend’s Wedding Ceremony In June 2023 (Source: Facebook)

The Steelers wide receiver Gunner started his NFL career with the New England Patriots in 2019. He was in the First-team All-Pro in 2020, but the Patriots let him walk in 2022. 

Since joining the Pittsburgh Steelers, Gunner has had a hard time convincing fans with his performances, and his latest performance against the Cleveland Browns was a testament to it. 

The Steelers still emerged victorious against the Browns and recorded their first win of the season. Geroge Pickens continues to flourish in the side, but Olszewski needs to fix himself before he is cut from the side. 

Gunner Olszewski Girlfriend, Jackie Ferrero

Gunner Olszewski’s girlfriend, Jackie Ferrero, has appeared on the NFL players’ Instagram handle since early 2021. The two might have gotten together after the NFL player broke up with his high school sweetheart. 

One of the first posts for his girlfriend dates to Valentine’s Day in 2021. He captioned the post, “Ole ball and chain. Happy Valentines Day, sweet thang.”

A man who is not very active on Instagram, Gunnar hasn’t made that many posts. So, the next post we got of him and his girlfriend was on their first anniversary in December 2021. 

Gunner And Jackie Pictured In July 2021, Attending A NASCAR Race
Gunner And Jackie Pictured In July 2021, Attending A NASCAR Race (Source: Facebook)

The wide receiver shared a series of pictures of his girlfriend as they marked one year of their love. Last year, on June 22, the Steelers’ player shared a compilation video of Jackie and his to celebrate her birthday. 

Jackie was also featured alongside Gunner and his family in the player profile video while he was still with the New England Patriots. In the video, Jackie appears for a few seconds, with Gunner showing her how to eat the crawfish. 

Jackie’s Instagram handle is private, but on the bio she has written, “Zara’s Mom,” representing her pet dog. Ferrero is a University of Massachusetts Amherst graduate in nutrition. 

She graduated from UMass in 2018 and worked as a PACU nurse aide at Baystate Medical Center and later at Elaine Center as a Dietary Aide. 

Earlier this year, Jackie shared a picture of her and Gunner attending a friend’s wedding ceremony. She shared the snap on her Facebook handle, giving an update on her and Gunnar’s relationship.

The wide receiver hasn’t shared any posts for a little over a year on his social media handle. 

Gunner Olszewski Family 

Gunner Olszewski comes from a family of athletes. His father, Eric Olszewski, played minor league baseball as a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, and his brothers are former collegiate football players. 

Growing up, Gunner would play football with his brothers EJ and Bo in their backyard. And while playing football with his brothers, Gunner couldn’t keep his front tooth.

From L To R: EJ, Bo, And Gunner Pose In A Farm Near Liverpool, Texas, In January 2021
From L To R: EJ, Bo, And Gunner Pose In A Farm Near Liverpool, Texas, In January 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Olszewski had zero regard for his well-being and sometimes wouldn’t realize he had lost his tooth. In an interview, Gunner said he was always the king of the backyard and was the best among his two brothers. 

His older brother, EJ, graduated from Bemidji State with an exercise science and psychology degree and played two seasons of collegiate football. 

EJ is currently an assistant coach of Bemidji State’s football team, starting right after graduating in 2018. Their younger brother, Bo, is a student at Bemidji State and was redshirted in 2021.  

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