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What are your thoughts on bodybuilding? Do you think you can get a name, fame, and wealth through bodybuilding? If you are wondering you can’t, let us clarify that people earn names and fame from bodybuilding; one example is Helmut Strebl. 

Helmut Strebl is an Austrian bodybuilder, motivational speaker, and fitness model renowned as the most shredded man worldwide because of his well-defined body muscles. 

Bodybuilder And Model Helmut Strebl
Bodybuilder And Model Helmut Strebl (Source: Greatest Physiques)

To achieve an ideal body, one needs to have a lot of patience, consistency, and dedication. And with all these attributes, Helmut has established himself as the top dog of the game, be it in bodybuilding competitions.

His ripped physique is exemplary, and everyone in the fitness industry labels him as a fitness guru. Helmut currently has many high-profile clients that pay him well. As of 2024, he has a net worth between $1 million-$5 million. 

Today, we dive deep into the life of Helmut Strebl. We will discuss his early life, career, net worth, and more.

But before anything, let us glance at the quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Helmut Strebl 
Birth Date November 6, 1968
Birth Place Austria
Nickname  The Muscle Machine
Age 55 Years Old
Nationality Austrian
Ethnicity White 
Religion  Catholic 
Education N/A
Horoscope Scorpio
Height 6’3″/ 1.90 m/ 190 cm
Weight 93 kg/ 215 lbs. 
Shoe Size 10 (U.S.)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black 
Build Athletic 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Profession Professional Bodybuilder 
Active since 2000-Present
Net Worth $1 Million 
Social Media Instagram 
Merch Resistance Band, Rowing Machine
Last Update April 2024

Early Life & Education

Strebl was born in Austria on November 6, 1968. Unfortunately, we know nothing about his parents and education, but we will update you when we find any information.

Growing up, Helmut was a skinny kid who was easy prey for bullies in school. His thin body was more noticeable because most of his schoolmates were muscle machines. 

Helmut Strebl Working Out
Helmut Strebl Working Out (Source: Twitter)

To get over those bullies, Helmut decided to start bodybuilding. It all started as a self-protection technique which later turned into a passion. Later, he realized bodybuilding is not just for defense purposes.

His first weight lift was two bottles filled with water. Then, when he turned 16, he joined the local team; the urge to become a professional started.


For almost two decades, Helmut has been active in bodybuilding. Even though it started as a method to avoid bullying, it became his passion.

Today, Helmut is #1 on the list of the Most Shredded Man In The World. He has won various tournaments and awards throughout his career. Besides, Helmut is an influencer, a model, a motivational speaker, and a bodybuilder.

Helmut’s true motivation is to inspire everyone with his story, and he is constantly working for it. Furthermore, he is doing his best to be an exemplary person.


  • United Nations Military Skills Winner
  • 1995 MountainRace Cycling Winner
  • Mr. World 1996, eleventh position
  • Winner of Mr. Austria
  • European Model, Thrice
  • Miami Pro World Champion, thrice
  • 1998, Mr. Fitness

How Does Helmut Strebl Train Himself?

It takes years of hard work, training, and dedication, along with a strong mindset, to have the perfect body. 

The first thing Strebl does is he breathes in and out five times before anything.

The second step is lifting; however, the weight he wants to raise that day is totally from his instinct; he doesn’t decide it a day before.

But when he has to go for a tournament, he makes a Calendar where Helmut lists everything he will be doing for practice. Helmut feels one has to know his body first, capability, and limitations before giving it extreme pressure.

Workout Routine

Helmut’s workout routine is not the same; each day is dedicated to a different body part.

Likewise, Monday is allocated for his Back, Shoulders, Calves, and Abs, where he does wide grip lat pulldown and leg raises, DB Rows, Chin-ups close grip, standing BB upright row, and standing calf raises.

Helmut works on his chest and triceps on Tuesday and does bench presses, butterfly machines, and dips. 

His Wednesdays are for his biceps, hamstrings, and abs, where he does seat BB preaches lying leg curls, seated leg curls, incline bench crunch, and bench crunches. 

For Thursday, he does incline leg presses, seated leg extensions, seated calf raises, and standing calf raises, primarily for his quads and calves.

Helmut Strebl and his body
Helmut Strebl Flaunting His Back (Source: Instagram)

Friday is for glutes and chest, where he does decline close drip, lying-down machine glutes extension, and standing machine glutes extension.

Saturday is a rest day. On Sunday, Helmut starts his workout with a seated row, reverse grip lat pulldown, and standing calf raises for his back and calves.

Helmut’s workout routine proves how dedicated and focused he is on his work. Indeed, it makes him an inspiration for a lot of people.

What Does Helmut Strebl Eat?

Helmut’s diet is prepared with full planning. He eats around five to seven meals daily, including egg whites, turkey, chicken, beef, and whitefish.

But if he has to prepare his body for a tournament, there is a different diet plan; he consumes more carbs than brown rice and sweet potatoes. But in the evenings, Helmut doesn’t consume any carbs.

For meal one, Helmut eats egg white, including the yolk, three beagles with jam, chicken, coffee, mustard, and low-fat spread. Likewise, he eats fifty grams of protein shakes and eighty grams of carbs for meal two.

Meal three usually consists of basmati rice with either chicken or turkey. Meal four is the same as meal five: basmati rice with chicken, turkey, or fish. 

For the sixth meal of the day, he has ten to twelve egg whites without yolks and four slices of brown toast.

Undoubtedly, Helmut got his body because of his strict diet plan and rationing plans, and indeed he deserves all the success; not everyone can change their lifestyle this way.

Helmut Strebl Carb Cycling Routine

Carb cycling is one essential part of Helmut’s exercise routine. If you wonder how carb cycling helps you get an ideal body, then your wait is, we are mentioning it here, a secret exercise tip from Helmut.

He usually does this when a tournament or a championship is near. For months he intakes carbs except for nights.

Besides, Helmut’s carb cycling generally lasts for four days. So the first three days, he will consume between 150-200 grams of carbs, then divide it over six meals daily.

Height & Measurements 

Helmut is 55 years old in 2024 and still looks so young. It is all because of the diet he follows.

Regarding his body measurements, he stands at 6’3″/1.90 m and weighs around 93 kg/215 lbs.

Helmut Strebl Showcasing His Shredded Body (Source: Facebook)

His upper arm is 21 inches, his chest size is 55 inches, and his thigh size is 28 inches. Likewise, his waist size is 34, and his calf size is 21 inches. 

Net Worth & Income 

Helmut has been active in bodybuilding for two decades, has participated in many competitions, and has won many awards.

His net worth is expected to be between $1 million-$5 million in 2024. 

Besides, nothing about Helmut’s career earnings is public. But we will post an update if we get any information.

Personal Life

Unfortunately, Helmut has kept his personal life private. So nobody knows if he is married, has kids, or is single. 

This is sad for his fans, who are eager to know more about him, but it is his personal life, and if he feels like keeping it away from the public’s eye, we should respect it.

Social Media Presence

Helmut has an Instagram account, but he does not use it often. To date, he has only posted eleven pictures, and all the pictures are about his body.

Instagram: 13.7k followers


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Helmut Strebl (@helmutstrebl0)

It proves how much Helmut wants his family to be away from the eye of the public.

Therefore, if you want to know Helmut better, the only option is to go through his interviews or read many articles on him all over the internet.


Helmut is an Austrian bodybuilder and model considered the most shredded man in the world. 

Helmut Strebl Search Trend 2023
Helmut Strebl Search Trend 2023 (Source: Google Trend)

 The graph shows his search trend for 12 months. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has Helmut Strebl retired?

No, he has not. Even in his fifties, he is still active in his career and participating in many tournaments.

What motivates Helmut Strebl the most?

Everything around Helmut motivates him. However, he believes motivation should come from within rather than making anyone your inspiration, so he follows his instinct and does whatever he wants.

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