Horace Grant Brother Harvey Grant-Age Gap And Family Tree

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Horace Grant’s brother Harvey Grant is a former American NBA player. Although seen as a great prospect earlier, his overall NBA career is far from memorable.

He appeared in almost eleven seasons in the NBA but left without making a significant impact.

However, his story is a happy one. All his sons, leaving the youngest one, are successful professional basketball players.

His son, Jerami, is one of the best-performing forwards in the NBA.

Horace Grant And His Twin Brother Harvey Grant
Horace Grant And His Twin Brother Harvey Grant (Source: Pinterest)

When Harvey made it to the NBA as the 12th overall pick, his identical twin brother Horace found the spot in the Chicago Bulls as the tenth overall pick.

While Horace had an incredible NBA career with four league titles, Harvey lagged.

Following his retirement, Harvey is entirely focused on investing in general people’s health cares, especially young girls’ health issues, cooperating with various philanthropic organization, including The Body Agency Collective (TBAC).

On the other hand, his twin brother, Horace, served as NBA Goodwill Ambassador after his retirement. Since 2016, he has been a special advisor for the president and CEO of Chicago Bulls, Michael Reinsdorf.

Horace And Harvey Had Hard Times Growing Up

The twin brothers, Horace and Harvey, were born on July 4, 1965, in Augusta, Georgia, United States. Their parents, Grady and Harvey Lee, were from a working-class background and had to do multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Not only they had to raise Harvey and Horace, but they also had two other children to look after.

As a result, sacrifice was a key to survival in those hard times, and everyone in the family played a part.

The Grant brother still remember they had to attend school wearing shoes with holes, and they always felt that they had to get out of that city one day to free themselves from poverty.

Twin Brothers Harvey And Horace Grant In Their Childhood
Twin Brothers Harvey And Horace Grant In Their Childhood (Source: Horace Grant)

The only escape from misery for the boys was engaging in sports in their spare time.

Being physically strong from an early age, the young boys had a strong affinity for sports, and consequently, their interest in basketball started growing while at school. 

Even though they started their college careers at Clemson University, Harvey played for two other college teams: Independence Community College and Oklahoma Sooners. 

Basketball Connects The Grant Family

As mentioned above, almost every son of Harvey Grant is a pro basketball player. His eldest son, Jerai, plays in the Lithuanian Basketball League as a center and power forward.

However, he hadn’t had any luck to play in the NBA after going undrafted in the 2011 draft.

Similarly, his second son, Jerian Grant, had an incredible start to his professional career as he was picked in the first round of the 2015 draft.

Unfortunately, he had to leave the league sooner than expected. He currently plays for the Turk Telekom in the Turkish Basketball Super Ligi.

The most successful among his sons, Jerami, debuted in the NBA in 2014 with the Philadelphia 76ers.

He plays for the Portland Trail Blazers and has consistently performed well for the past few seasons.

Harvey’s youngest son, Jaelin, is a chef. Besides, the four Grant brothers have a sister named Mikayla.

Harvey's most successful son Jerami Grant (Source: Detroit Bad Boys)
Harvey’s most successful son Jerami Grant (Source: Detroit Bad Boys)

Meanwhile, Horace Grant’s children did not follow in their father’s footsteps. All his three sons opted for career options in fields other than basketball.

Nevertheless, Horace’s children enjoy watching NBA games and always be there when it comes to cheering up their cousins.

Basketball is genuinely the connecting link between members of the Grant family.

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