Howard Cross III Parents: Mother Pia And Father Howard Cross

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Howard Cross III believes his ongoing path to glory is heavily dependent on his parents. The student-athlete has heavy burdens on his shoulders as he is also carrying his father’s legacy.

Howard Cross III is a name to look out for in the upcoming NFL draft; the defensive lineman is undoubtedly on the list of many franchises.

Moreover, he has ample support from his parents. His dad, Howard, is a former NFL champ.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Defensive Lineman Howard Cross III
Notre Dame Fighting Irish Defensive Lineman Howard Cross III (Source: Instagram)

Howard Cross III is a 22-year-old collegiate-level student-athlete who plays football for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Moreover, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Industrial and Product Design.

Cross is originally from Paramus, New Jersey, and attended Saint Joseph Regional High School. He was the captain of the football team and led them to the New Jersey State Championship in 2018.

Furthermore, Howard has been with the Fighting Irish since 2019 and has been on an upper projectile. He is the defensive general and has been improving his stats yearly, with a record number of sacks and tackles.

Moreover, with his graduate year currently in pursuit, Cross wants to make a better impression among the scouts. It’s his dream to one day appear in the elite stage of the NFL.

Meet The Parents of Howard Cross III

Howard Cross III is the son of Pia and Howard Cross. He is one of the two children of the Cross couple, with another being Howard’s twin sister, Isabella Cross.

Furthermore, they are a biracial couple. Pia is a caucasian woman, whereas Howard is an African-American man.

Pia is Howard’s second wife after his divorce in 1996.

Mother Pia Cross

Talking about his mother, Pia, there is no information regarding her online. She is not active on social media, and her professional details are very discreet.

Nonetheless, she is the moral support for Howard and his athletic life. As a mother, she will always be her son’s biggest fan.

Pia Cross And Howard Cross Jr.
Pia Cross And Her Husband Howard Cross Jr. (Source: Twitter)

Pia has appeared in public only a few times, once in a celebrity gala event with her husband. In addition, she was also seen with Howard during his Notre Dame visit back in 2018.

Moreover, Pia is a relatively silent personality who holds the family from behind the scenes. We have no information regarding her professional career and other details.

Father Howard Cross Is A Super Bowl Champion

Many fans are not aware, but Howard Cross III is the son of a former NFL athlete. Furthermore, he is the son of a Super Bowl champion.

Howard Edward Cross Jr. is a former NFL tight end, current broadcaster, and the father of our young student-athlete. He won the Super Bowl XXV with the New York Giants in 1990.

Young Howard With His Father And Twin Sister
Young Howard With His Father And Twin Sister (Source: Instagram)

Aside from being his dad, Cross Jr. is also the first coach in Howard’s life. He truly realized young Howard’s potential when he was around the age of 11.

Moreover, once he found that his son was really into the football game, he started training him regularly. Howard believes he wouldn’t be in his current position without his dad.

Even during games when he’s struggling, he looks at his father in the stands and pushes himself. For Howard, the older Cross is his unofficial sports psychologist; the father-son duo is indeed immense. 


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