Does Ilia Topuria Have Sister? Brother Aleksandre & Parents

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During the illustrious career of the renowned Ilia Topuria, his family bonds, particularly with his sister and brother, have garnered public interest.

Ilia, the undefeated UFC Featherweight Champion, is widely regarded as a prime example of the strength found in family bonds.

The Undefeated UFC Featherweight Champion Ilia Tuporia
The Undefeated UFC Featherweight Champion Ilia Topuria (Source: UFC)

Ilia Topuria is a Georgian and Spanish professional mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC’s featherweight division.

Officially representing his homeland, Georgia, he is the reigning UFC Featherweight Champion as of February 2024.

In 2018, Ilia debuted in an international competition at Cage MMA Finland and became the first Georgian recipient of a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Additionally, he earned the Performance of the Night award thrice in the UFC, along with securing a Fight of the Night accolade.

Furthermore, he won the MFE Featherweight Championship, showcasing his dominance within Mix Fight Events.

Does Ilia Topuri Have A Brother Or Sister? 

Yes, Ilia Topuria has three siblings. The undefeated UFC Featherweight Champion has two sisters, Mari Tlashadze and Ana Tlashadze.

Unfortunately, not much has been revealed about his sisters besides their names.

Furthermore, he has an older brother whose name is Aleksandre Topuria.

Interestingly, Aleksandre shares a striking physical resemblance with Ilia.

However, like him, his brother Aleksandre is also a talented mixed martial artist.

The Topuria brothers have trained in martial arts since they were young, and their dedication has paid off in their careers.

In May 2018, Ilia and Aleksandre became the first Georgians to receive a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

This achievement highlights their exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.

Ilia Topuria Brother Aleksandre Topuria
Ilia Topuria Brother Aleksandre Topuria (Source: Yahoo Sports)

The brothers’ bond is evident, with Aleksandre often present in Ilia’s corner during fights.

Additionally, Aleksandre is forging his path in professional fighting, with a notable record of five wins and one loss in 6 fights.

He debuted in the regional Spanish MMA circuit in April 2015, gaining victory against Andres Braulio Lazaro Chiguano.

After securing another victory against Alejandro Rumin, Topuria suffered his first and only loss to Ivo Ivanov.

Having secured three consecutive victories, one annually, through technical knockouts, he stands on the verge of signing with the UFC.

Aleksandre has competed in weight classes from bantamweight to featherweight throughout his career.

Furthermore, he recently signed a contract with the UFC suggesting promising prospects for the Topuria family in the MMA.

In a 2023 interview, Ilia Topuria confirmed his brother’s UFC contract, stating he would compete in March 2024.

Who Are The Parents Of Ilia Topuri? 

Zaza Topuria and InGa Topuria are the parents of Ilia. He was raised by Georgian parents on January 21, 1997, in Halle Westfalen, Germany.

Ilia Topuria’s journey in mixed martial arts is deeply influenced by his parents.

At age 15, Ilia experienced a pivotal moment when his family moved to Spain, prompted by economic circumstances.

Ilia Topuria Wishing His Father On Fathers Day
Ilia Topuria Wishing His Father On Father’s Day (Source: Instagram)

This relocation played a crucial role in molding Ilia’s trajectory, as it was in Alicante, Spain, where he uncovered his passion for mixed martial arts.

Ilia Topuria’s parents have played a significant role in his development as they encouraged his passion for the sport and supported his training from a young age.

Although much information about his parents remains undisclosed, it is apparent that they have significantly influenced his success.

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