Is Abedi Pele Related To Pele? Relation Explained

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Professionally known as Abedi Pele, he shares the same nickname with the late legendary athlete Pele, but the two aren’t related. 

Abedi and Pele are acclaimed sports personalities, but one acquired his nickname from the other.

Aside from the resemblance in their nickname and career field (soccer), the two players share no common ground in their bond.

Well, to explore more about the career and life of these two athletes, read the article till the end.

Abedi Pele During His Playing Days
Abedi Pele During His Playing Days (Source: Footballghana)

The Ghana-born former professional Abedi Pele is among the most prolific and greatest retired soccer players.

During his tenure, he soared to an illustrious career, spanning multiple clubs, including Real Tamale United, Al Sadd, and FC Zurich.

Abedi spent his prime years playing for the French club Marseille, forming a formidable attacking trio alongside Jean-Pierre Papin and Chris Waddle.

Moreover, with the Ghanaian as a midfielder, the team won four French league championships in a row (1989-1992).

In 1998, he transferred to Al Ain, rounding out his European career, and became one of the best foreign players in the UAE league.

Besides, the midfielder has captioned the Ghana national team during the African Championships. Nicknamed “The African Maradona,” Abedi holds the record for most appearances (73) at the African Cup of Nations.

Is Abedi Pele Related To Pele? Relation Explained

The former Brazilian soccer player, Pele, has no family relation with the ex-Ghana soccer player. The only similarity other than the nickname is their profession.

Many soccer fans might have become confused because of their shared nickname, assuming a familial link between them. However, that’s not the case here. 

The Brazil icon received the nickname “Pele” during his school days after mispronouncing the name of his favorite soccer player, Vasco da Gama goalkeeper “Bile.”

Pele Hugging His Mother
Pele Hugging His Mother (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, Abedi Pele earned the nickname “Pele” in recognition of his exceptional football ability, which surged comparisons to late Brazilian player Pele. Interestingly, Abedi considers Pele his icon and feels honored to receive the nickname.

Moreover, hailing from Kibi, Ghana, Abedi was born on November 5, 1964, to his parents (name undisclosed). The player grew up alongside his brothers, Kwame and Sola Ayew, who are former athletes.

On the other hand, Pele (October 23, 1940- December 29, 2022) is a name famous among soccer fans. He was born in Tres Coracoes, Brazil, to his parents, Dondinho and Celeste Arantes. 

While the athletes share no blood connection, their shared love for soccer reveals a bond that transcends beyond everything.

All About The Legendary Star, Pele

Regarded as the greatest player, the late Brazilian star Pele retired from the sport in 1977, having played the game for over two decades.

Pele has set a milestone in his career that remains unbeatable by any other soccer athlete.

Lauded as the GOAT, the icon played, for most of his career, for Santos FC, and upon nearing his retirement, he joined New York Cosmos, playing for three seasons.

Pele, The Brazilian Icon, Is The Best Player of The 20th Century
Pele, The Brazilian Icon, Is The Best Player of The 20th Century (Source: Wikipedia)

While with Santos FC, Pele became the team’s all-time top goal scorer with 643 goals in 659 appearances.

Besides his glorifying club career, he had an impressive international career. Throughout his international career, he clinched three FIFA World Cups- 1958, 1962, and 1970.

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