Is Brock Bowers Leaving UGA In 2024? When Will He Declare For The Draft?

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Brock Bowers is likely leaving UGA and will forego his remaining eligibility. The tight end is projected to be a top-five pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Bowers missed the Orange Bowl due to his ankle injury. He suffered the lingering high ankle injury in October and missed a month of the season before returning for three of Georgia’s final four games. 

The youngster’s collegiate career has been nothing but grand. In his three years, Bowers caught 175 passes for 2,538 yards and 26 touchdowns. His 175 catches became the third-most in Georgia history. 

The Three-Time All-America Brock Bowers Is Likely To Declare For The NFL Draft In The Coming Days
The Three-Time All-America Brock Bowers Is Likely To Declare For The NFL Draft In The Coming Days (Source: Instagram)

In his ten games, Bowers had 56 catches for 714 yards. He became a unanimous first-team All-American and won the John Mackey Award, given to the nation’s top tight end for a second consecutive year. 

Coaches and teammates have always praised the tight end and his work ethic. The Georgia coach, Kirby Smart, said Bowers’ legacy will be that of a tremendous athlete. So, any NFL team that drafts Bowers isn’t going to regret their choice. 

Is Brock Bowers Leaving UGA In 2024?

The star tight end Brock Bowers hasn’t announced he is leaving UGA. But many believe he is done with his college career. 

After Georgia demolished Florida State, and though he didn’t play, Bowers was there to support his side. He posed for pictures and took selfies with the fans after the game. 

Before the game, the tight end coach Todd Hartley said it was related to the nagging ankle injury the tight end suffered against Vanderbilt on October 14.

After the game, the Georgia coach, Kirby Smart, said, “He came out of the SEC Championship game really beat up, banged up, and did all kinds of work to get healed and healthy.”

The Tight End Wants His UGA Legacy To Be Remembered As That Of A Hard Worker
The Tight End Wants His UGA Legacy To Be Remembered As That Of A Hard Worker (Source: Instagram)

Smart said the same thing for Amarius Mims, who has already declared for the draft. Smart further praised the two players and thanked them for contributing to every single practice. 

During the post-celebration, the tight end was asked how he wanted to be remembered by the Georgia fans. A man of few words, Bowers said, “I guess I want to be remembered as hard-working. That might be my thing. Hard-working and always doing the right thing.”

If this isn’t the biggest hint that the tight end is ready to declare for the NFL Draft, then what is? 

When Will Brock Bowers Declare For The Draft?

Brock Bowers is likely to follow the suit of his teammate Amarius Mims. One of the top offensive tackles in the nation, Mims declared for the NFL Draft on December 31.

Mims took to his Instagram handle to make the announcement. He thanked the fans, coaches, family, and teammates for helping him reach his goal. 

Bowers’ Instagram followers are also likely to see a similar post in the coming days. Bowers is the consensus top tight end prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft. ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. has Bowers as the No.5 overall prospect.

In October, The Athletic ranked Bowers as the fourth choice in the upcoming draft. Diante Lee added that though the tight ends are easy to project in the NFL, Bowers should easily be the top five choice. 

In December, The Saints Wire said, as they were slotted for the No.12 overall pick, Bowers should be their first choice. But the latest mock draft predicts Bowers to be the No.6 choice as a Chargers player.

The news has excited the Chargers fans on social media sites. Many want their team to draft Bowers, and one fan even wrote that they can place Bowers anywhere and expect him to be at his best. They have already called him a generational talent.

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