Is Kirby Smart Leaving Georgia Bulldogs In 2024?

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Rumors have circulated for some time regarding Kirby Smart leaving the Georgia Bulldogs. Is he truly leaving Georgia?

Under head coach Kirby Smart‘s leadership, Georgia has successfully secured a top position in the recruiting class 2024 rankings.

Georgia Bulldogs Head Coach Kirby Smart
Georgia Bulldogs Head Coach Kirby Smart (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Kirby Paul Smart was born in Montgomery, Alabama, on December 23, 1975, but grew up in Bainbridge, Georgia.

Starting his career at the Bainbridge High School, Smart played college football at the University of Georgia.

Furthermore, Smart earned four-year letterman status as a defensive back at Georgia. He also achieved first-team All-SEC selection during his senior year.

Graduating from Florida State University, he initiated his coaching career with the University of Georgia in 1999, assuming the role of an administrative assistant.

Likewise, having served as an assistant coach for Alabama since 2007, Smart returned to Georgia in 2015 to take on their head coach role.

In July 2022, Smart and Georgia agreed on a 10-year contract extension valued at $112.5 million. It made him the highest-paid coach in college football.

Kirby Smart Is Leaving Georgia Bulldogs? Is It True?

As Georgia Bulldogs started its 2024 recruiting session, some individuals joined while others began to leave.

Similarly, one of the famous teams, Texas A&M, is said to be searching for a potential head coach, with numerous coaches rumored to be on the list of candidates.

Among the rumors surrounding the Aggies coaching search, Georgia coach Kirby Smart is frequently mentioned as one of the potential candidates.

However, it appears unlikely that Smart will leave Georgia anytime soon, given his significant financial and influential position within the Bulldogs.

He receives one of the highest payments to any coaches in the United States from the contract with the Bulldogs.

Kirby Smart With Georgia Bulldogs Team
Kirby Smart With Georgia Bulldogs Team (Source: Facebook)

Similarly, under Smart’s guidance, Georgia has transformed from once underachieving in the Southeastern Conference to becoming a serial winner.

Moreover, Kirby has recently discussed the No. 1 recruitment of the Bulldogs in 2024.

By signing 28 recruits, Georgia secured the No. 1 signing class in the country for the 2024 season.

Kirby Take On Previous Players Of Bulldogs Leave:

As more players depart from the Bulldogs, coach Smart addresses the reality of the situation in Georgia Bulldogs Football.

Kirby said, “The day age we’re in, kids feel like the grass is greener and sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not. And we don’t control those decisions.”

Moreover, considering the situation, the head coach acknowledged that players have the right and the autonomy to leave a program if they believe they’ll be a better fit elsewhere.

Kirby Smart 2024 Recruitment Interview
Kirby Smart 2024 Recruitment Interview (Source: YouTube)

Similarly, when questioned about concerns arising from a significant number of players entering the portal, he responded that such situations are beyond one’s control.

He emphasized the importance of bringing in the right individuals to the team.

However, as Smart pointed out, life is unpredictable, and some of these transfers may achieve success.

Meanwhile, some individuals may not achieve the same level of fortune as their counterparts.

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