Is Dillon Danis In UFC 4? Find Out!

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Dillion Danis, a Welterweight fighter in Bellator MMA, is not staying after his recent defeat.

Danis, following his disqualification against Logan Paul, is making noise on social media with a surprising “UFC next” announcement.

Dillon Danis Got Disqualified In The Last Round At AO Arena In Manchester, England
Dillon Danis Got Disqualified In The Last Round At AO Arena In Manchester, England (Source: Instagram)

Although both fighters didn’t shine in the six-round boxing match, Dillion’s shots left a mark on former UFC double-champion Conor McGregor despite his loss.

Is Dillon Danis In UFC 4? Find Out!

Dillon Danis was disqualified in the final round at AO Arena, Manchester, England.

On Saturday, Bellator MMA veteran failed to box and resorted to takedowns and chokes, causing his disqualification in the Misfits Boxing co-main event against Logan Paul.

It is extremely rare to see boxing over 20 security guards in the ring.

Logan Paul’s odd victory over disqualified Danis brought unique quirks to the social media personality co-main card in Manchester, England.

Even though he got disqualified, Danis agreed that someone should have been kicked out during his first boxing match.

He pointed out that Paul’s team entered the ring when he attempted an illegal takedown.

Dillon Danis Response To His Loss Against Logan Paul
Dillon Danis’ Response To His Loss Against Logan Paul (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Dillon said he might appeal to the athletic commission, accusing Paul of multiple offenses, but it’s not clear what they are, and we’re not sure how serious he is about it.

Both fighters failed to impress in the six-round boxing match. However, Logan Paul officially emerged as the winner, pending the result’s confirmation.

Dillon Danis, on the other hand, boldly claimed on social media that he did more harm to Paul by hitting him with a microphone before the fight than Paul did during the actual match.

After the fight, Danis didn’t hold back, taking jabs at several figures in combat sports, including former UFC fighter Nate Diaz, and dropping hints about potentially joining the UFC in the future.

McGregor’s Thoughts On Dillon Danis Vs Logan Paul Fight

Conor McGregor, a former UFC double-champion, discussed Dillon Danis’ fight against Logan Paul after a long hiatus due to a leg injury.

McGregor, who is Danis’ teammate, praised Danis for his performance and had some harsh words for Paul.

He criticized Logan, saying,

“You were in a dark spot? Guess what mate, you’re back in a dark spot now, back into the locker room, thinking about all the stuff you’ve been through. You’ve done nothing. Up the crew!”

McGregor also mentioned that the fight was closer than people might remember, encouraging Danis to have more confidence in his shots.

He stated,

“Are you not entertained,” McGregor asked. “I was impressed, good shots, [Danis] needs to believe in his shots more and more and let them go, some of them were alright.”

McGregor’s Octagon return remains uncertain, but a potential date of April 2024 for UFC 300 holds significance in his career.

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