Is Elijah Adebayo Related To Emmanuel Adebayor? Relationship Explained

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Elijah Adebayo is not related to the former Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor. The two soccer players are likely to have not even met each other. 

The Luton striker is currently playing his first Premier League season. He began his soccer journey with Fulham and played for several clubs during his loan spell before finally moving to Luton permanently in 2021. 

The Luton Town Striker Elijah Adebayo Celebrated His Side Reaching Premier League Earlier This Year
The Luton Town Striker Elijah Adebayo Celebrated His Side Reaching Premier League Earlier This Year (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Adebayor is a name famous among soccer fans, whether it be for wrong or right reasons. The former Tottenham player retired from the sport in 2023, having played the game for two decades. 

Recently, Elijah scored a goal against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. But the goal wasn’t enough to seal the victory, as Bernando Silva and Jack Grealish scored within three minutes each to keep City in contention for the Premier League trophy. 

Is Elijah Adebayo Related To Emmanuel Adebayor?

The Luton Town striker Elijah Adebayo hasn’t revealed much about his family details. But there’s no doubt that the English player has no relation with the former Premier League player Emmanuel Adebayor.

Many soccer fans might’ve simply become confused because of their similar-sounding last names and thought they were siblings. That is not the case. 

The 25-year-old Elijah was born and raised in Brent, England. He began his soccer career with Fulham in 2007 and stayed there until 2019. During his time with Fulham, Elijah was loaned to several teams, including Slough Town, Bognor Regis Town, Cheltenham, and Swindon Town.

Elijah Adebayo (L) Pictured With One Of His Friend Isaac Olorunfemi In 2019
Elijah Adebayo (L) Pictured With One Of His Friends/Cousin Isaac Olorunfemi In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

In his last loan spell, in 2019, Elijah was sent to Stevenage, for whom he played only two games. After being unable to secure a long-term career with Fulham, Elijah transferred to Walsall in 2019.

He played 55 games for the fourth-tier English side and scored 18 goals during that time frame. In 2021, Adebayo moved to Luton Town, and till now, he has managed to score 32 goals for the side, and with the Luton side, Elijah managed to break into the Premier League. 

Previously, in an interview taken before Luton’s promotion, Elijah talked about his return from an injury and how excited he was to see his side reach dreamland. 

On his Instagram, Elijah hasn’t shared many family posts. He has previously posted a picture of him with Isaac Olorunfemi, likely to be his cousin or a close friend. Isaac is currently a player for Hanwell Town and plays as a full-back.

Emmanuel Adebayor Family: Troublesome History With His Siblings 

The former Manchester City player Emmanuel Adebayor has certainly cemented himself as one of the notorious players of the game. No PL fan will ever forget his celebration against Arsenal.

But as troublesome as Adebayor was on the pitch, his life off the pitch also grabbed many headlines. In 2017, Adebayor revealed he was driven to suicidal thoughts because of his family. 

The former Arsenal player always wanted his family to climb out of poverty, but they opposed him despite his efforts. During the interview, he said he often changed his phone number so his family couldn’t contact him. 

Adebayor said they often called him not to ask how he was but to demand money. He said one of his brothers, Rotimi, demanded he build each of his siblings a house and pay them a wage just for existing.

Emmanuel Adebayor Pictured With His Nephew Whom He Adopted In 2018
Emmanuel Adebayor Pictured With His Nephew Whom He Adopted In 2018 (Source: Instagram)

He also said his older brothers, Kola and Peter, would often visit him and demand money for him to open a business. But a certain situation in 2018 might have led Adebayor to forgive his siblings.

In 2018, the former City striker adopted his brother, Peter’s son, naming him Junior Emmanuel Adebayor, and claimed him as his first son. Peter passed away in 2013, and the former soccer player shared the news on his Instagram handle.

Since then, there hasn’t been any news about the former soccer player’s family. Earlier this year, Adebayor announced his retirement from soccer and is nowadays seen promoting the sport in various countries and working for charities. 

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  1. Adebayor is actually originally Nigerian. Both of them are of Yoruba Nigerian descent and Adebayo is a common name. The ‘r’ behind Emmanuel’s is due to the French Togo influence.


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