Is Jason Brown Figure Skater Married? Partner In 2024

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There has been a lot of speculation on the internet regarding whether renowned figure skater Jason Brown is married.

Olympic medalist American athlete Jason Brown is a well-recognized name in figure skating.

Aside from his professional success, his personal life, marital status, and sexuality are also distinctive and deserve a deep dive.

American Figure Skater Jason Brown
American Figure Skater Jason Brown (Source: Instagram)

Jason Brown is a multiple-time Olympic medal-winning figure skater representing the United States.

Born in California to a Jewish Family, he started skating at the age of three when his mother admitted him to lessons.

The highlight of his career came in the Olympics Winter Games 2014 when he won the bronze medal with the US in a team event.

Is Jason Brown Figure Skater Married?

Irrespective of rumors or speculation, the exceptionally talented figure skater Jason Brown is unmarried as of January 2024.

Furthermore, he has openly come out as gay and lives his life authentically. On top of this, he chooses to keep information regarding his partner and dating life under wraps.

Perhaps recognizing the hazards that unwanted media attention can bring to one’s dating life, Jason puts things under a lid.

Jason Is Not Married As Of 2024
Jason Is Not Married As Of 2024 (Source: Instagram)

This allows him to excel in his craft, and the results are there for everyone to see. He quickly ascended the hill of figure skating and is one of the decorated athletes of the sport.

Regardless, as his popularity keeps growing, his admirers will be curious to learn about his partner and dating life.

Consequently, it will be interesting to see if Jason shares more regarding these matters in the future.

He Came Out As Gay In 2021

As aforementioned, the Olympic medalist figure skater came out as gay in 2021 through his Instagram account.

Subsequently, this decision was widely appreciated by the sporting world, and everyone praised him for his bravery and courage.

In the said post, he acknowledged the contributions of LGBTQ+ role models in his life and mentioned he was proud of being himself.

Moreover, he said the decision to come out was easy, and he did not think twice about the matter.

In a heart-warming statement, he thanked his family for being inclusive and accepting.

“I have the most insanely loving and accepting family in the entire world and the people that I’ve grown up with, and I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by. The LGBTQ+ community has always been a part of my life.”

What was positive was the worldwide support Jason got for his decision to come out. In subsequent events, he got a louder crowd support, which motivated him towards even more success.

Jason Came Out As Gay In 2021
Jason Came Out As Gay In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he mentioned he was happy that the media’s attitude towards people in his community has changed and that people are more accepting.

“The representation in film and media was growing. For me, it was just normal. Growing up, I didn’t ever question my sexuality. I didn’t think about it one way or the other. I liked who I liked, and it was just ever-evolving.”

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