Is Joey Or Nick Bosa Racist? Old Tweets Resurfaces

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The words Nick Bosa and racist seem to be always trending on the site, renamed to X. Bosa was reminded of his old tweets, once again after he modeled for the brand Skims.

When the photos of him looking like a handsome hunk first dropped, many began complimenting Bosa and his muscular physique. But soon, the campaign post was filled with tweets written by him in 2016.

The tweets range from Bosa calling out the former NFL player Kaepernick and showing he is a loyal supporter of Donald Trump. These tweets didn’t sit well with the Twitter users, who dragged him. 

Nick Bosa Pictured Earlier This Year During The 49ers Training Session
Nick Bosa Pictured Earlier This Year During The 49ers Training Session (Source: Instagram)

Bosa has previously apologized for his tweets, saying he was immature and didn’t mean those tweets negatively. There has also been question raised in the company he shares. 

His former girlfriend was also called out for her several racist tweets, which she never apologized for. In all of this chaos, his older brother, Joey Bosa, has maintained a clean profile and has never had racist allegations brought against him on social media. 

Is Joey Or Nick Bosa Racist? Old Tweets Resurfaces

There have been several allegations made against Nick Bosa for racism by hundreds of Twitter users. His old tweets started resurfacing after he modeled for Kim Kardashian’s underwear and shapewear brand Skims. 

Many rushed to show love to Bosa and his hot physique. But soon, the internet police got hold of the 49ers defensive end’s old tweets, which doesn’t paint a good picture for him. 

One of his tweets from 2016 reads, “Kaepernick is a clown.” As many might know, Colin Kaepernick became an overnight hot topic in 2016 when he knelt during the start of the national anthem. 

Nick Bosa's Tweet About Colin Kaepernick From 2016 Resurfaced After The Skims Campaign
Nick Bosa’s Tweet About Colin Kaepernick From 2016 Resurfaced After The Skims Campaign (Source: Twitter)

He did so to shine a light on police brutality and racial inequality in the US. Others got hold of his tweet in which he praises the former President Donald Trump. 

While sharing a video of Donald Trump, Bosa wrote, “Love this man.” It also didn’t sit well with many Twitter users that Nick Bosa had shaded Beyonce and said her music was complete trash. 

He again voiced his opinion during an interview, saying he doesn’t like Beyonce because she makes everything political. In the same interview, he praised Donald Trump and said he brings charisma to the table. 

But three years after making the “Kaepernick is a clown” tweet, Bosa apologized, saying the tweet wasn’t directed towards Kaepernick’s stance or what he was doing.

The 49ers player said it was a poor decision and respects what Kaepernick stands for. Those who support Bosa believe he was young and immature when making those tweets and shouldn’t be classified as a racist. 

Nick’s older brother, Joey, remains away from such controversies. There have been no tweets about Joey showing any racist behaviors. But due to his younger brother’s past fusses, many doubt him too.

Nick Bosa Ex-Girlfriend Racist Tweets 

In 2021, Nick Bosa’s then-girlfriend Jenna Berman came under fire as her racist tweets resurfaced, which made her delete her account. Berman never apologized for those tweets. 

In one of the tweets from 2013, Berman wrote, “I swear to you I’m a [n-word] magnet.” Many tweet users also shared that she would regularly like racist content. 

In many of her tweets, Jenna tried to assert that her ancestry results showed she has “African American in me” and that she “knew” she was “half black.”

Not only was Berman using racist slurs, but homophobic ones as well. She once wrote, “One direction is a bunch of f*gs.”

Nick Bosa's Ex-Girlfriend, Jenna Berman Also Came Under Fire For Her Tweets In 2021
Nick Bosa’s Ex-Girlfriend, Jenna Berman, Also Came Under Fire For Her Tweets In 2021 (Source: Twitter)

After those tweets resurfaced, one Twitter user quoted the post, “She is dating Nick Bosa. What did people expect? They are both trash.”

Nick and Jenna started dating in 2020, and their relationship came to an end two years later in November 2022. It was Jenna who went public about their breakup.

She posted a video of herself blowing a kiss to the camera, and captioned in the video, “When he gives you the silent treatment but does not know you can play that game 10x better. Bye forever.”

Since then, it is believed that the NFL star, Nick Bosa, has remained single. 

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