Is Kelly Van Slyke Related To Andy Van Slyke? Family Tree Explored

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After Brian Harman won his first major at The Open Championship, fans are curious about his wife and her family. The question on their mind is, “Is Kelly Van Slyke related to Andy Van Slyke?”

Both Kelly and Andy share the same family name, Van Slyke, this has left the fans confused about their relationship. 

Kelly works in radiation therapy, whereas Andy is a former baseball player, we did some digging to find out if there are really related.

Kelly Van Slyke(Right) In her Fishing Trip And Andy Van Slyke(Left) In His Baseball Match
Kelly Van Slyke(Right) In her Fishing Trip And Andy Van Slyke(Left) In His Baseball Match (Source: Twitter And Instagram)

On December 21, 1960, a baseball legend was born in Utica, New York. He is Andrew James Van Slyke, who is a former center fielder in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Andy went to the New Hartford Central High School in New Hartford, New York, for his basic schooling where he was named an All-American in baseball during his senior year.

He completed high school in 1979, after which he went on to play baseball.

The St. Louis Cardinals selected him with the sixth overall pick in the first round of the 1979 Major League Baseball amateur draft.

Additionally, Kelly Van Slyke Harman is married to the PGA golfer Brian Harman. She is originally from Syracuse, New York.

Kelly studied at SUNY Geneseo and SUNY Upstate Medical University. She graduated in 2010 with a degree in radiation therapy.

She has also worked as a radiation therapist at the UC San Diego Radiation Oncology Center.

Is Kelly Van Slyke Related To Andy Van Slyke?

Son of the principal of his school, Andy, is married to the beautiful Lauri Van Slyke.

The couple has four handsome sons, and three of them chose to follow in the footsteps of their father, playing college or professional sports. 

His son Scott has played for the Doosan Bears of the KBO league and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Additionally, Jared played collegiate football for the University of Michigan. He was a defensive line back in those days and is said to be a very good one too.

Kelly Van Slyke (Right) Holding A Giant Catfish And Andy Van Slyke (Left) In Baseball Grounds
Kelly Van Slyke (Right) Holding A Giant Catfish And Andy Van Slyke (Left) In Baseball Grounds (Source: Instagram)

A. J. Van Slyke is the third baseball player of the family after his father and brother.

He played baseball for the University of Kansas for four seasons in the St. Louis Cardinals minor league system.

Andy lives with all four of his sons and five of his grandchildren in the St.Louis area. 

Talking about Kelly, it appears like she likes to keep her family away from the eyes and ears of the public. 

Although there is not much information on her parents, her father-in-law is Eric Harman, and her mother-in-law is Nancy Harman.

She and her husband are the parents of three lovely children. 

So, we cannot see any sort of linkage between Andy and Kelly’s family. However, it is very interesting to note that both of them hail from New York.

Even though Kelly and Andy share similar family names, they are not related in any way.

Who is Kelly Van Slyke Husband, Brian Harman? 

Kelly is married to Brian Eric Harman, who is a professional golfer from Savannah, Georgia. He was born on January 19, 1987.

As mentioned earlier, He competes on the PGA Tour, where he has won three events, including the 2023 Open Championship, a major championship.

Additionally, he placed second at the 2017 U.S. Open. Brian is a very romantic husband, and he had a very creative way of proposing to Kelly.

In 2014, Van Slyke and Harman announced their engagement after the latter conceptualized a proposal in which his beau would discover the ring in the pocket of her brand-new pants.

Kelly Van Slyke With Her Husband Brian Harman
Kelly Van Slyke With Her Husband Brian Harman (Source: Instagram)

Brian says that he has video tapped the whole thing of Kelly trying on the new pants and getting shocked to find the ring in her pockets. 

Due to a college football game, the couple had to delay their wedding scheduled in November 2014.

They finally got married a month later, and in 2016, Copper Marie, their first child, saw the lights of the world.

They had their son Walter in 2019 and then quickly had their third kid, Jack.

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