Is Kris Statlander Deaf? Reason For Using Sign Language Explored

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As Kris Statlander has ingeniously integrated sign language as a medium for communication, rumors have surged suggesting she might be deaf.

However, she has denied the rumors in several interviews. The wrestler uses sign language before and after matches in AEW, creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

Through her expressive gestures, she can reach out to every person, regardless of their hearing abilities. Nevertheless, her generous act has garnered appreciation from many people.

Kris Statlander Winning Moment
Kris Statlander Winning Moment (Source: Instagram)

American professional wrestler Kristen Statlander, best known as Kris Statlander, is currently under contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Under the guidance of Pat Buck and Curt Hawking, she initially trained at the Create A Pro Wrestling Academy. She achieved a remarkable feat, graduating as the academy’s inaugural female wrestler.

Kris began her professional career in 2016, wrestling on the independent circuits before debuting for WWE in 2019.

However, after some months, she joined AEW, competing in a tag team match alongside Big Swole. During her rookie years, she experienced several defeats but eventually improved.

Unfortunately, the wrestler endured a torn ACL in 2022 and remained sidelined for the whole season. A year later, she rebounded to winning form, earning the AEW TBS Championship title by defeating the then-champion, Jade Cargill.

Is Kris Statlander Deaf?

To answer it straightforwardly, Kris Statlander is not deaf, however, she does use sign language to communicate on-screen.

She has incorporated sign language as a unique way to connect with her audience. During an interview with Jaychele Nicole, she revealed she learned ASL as she thought it was helpful and cool to know.

“There is not a story. I thought it would be something different, and you don’t see it often. That’s really all there is to it. I don’t know anyone who is deaf. I didn’t really have a reason to learn it.”, Kris added.

Kris Statlander During The Match
Kris Statlander During The Match (Source: Instagram)

Although Kris isn’t fluent in it, she can speak some basic sentences like, ”Are you hungry? Do you want water? My name is Kris.”

She believes it is an underappreciated language, so using it is a meaningful way to reach out to the deaf community.

Despite not being deaf, her decision to incorporate ASL (American Sign Language) has promoted inclusivity within the sports community.

Her thoughtful act has undoubtedly broken down the communication barriers, fostering an inviting atmosphere for deaf audiences.

Who Are Kris Statlander Parents?

Kris Statlander was born on August 7, 1995, to her parents (name undisclosed) in West Islip, New York.

Despite her renowned career, Kris has managed to maintain a private persona, refraining from disclosing her family life. Neither has she stated the whereabouts of her parents and possible siblings on her Instagram handle.

Kris Statlander With Her Pets
Kris Statlander With Her Pets (Source: Instagram)

Although, she has revealed that her parents are her ultimate support system, as they have been with her since her early days. The wrestler’s parents are always there, encouraging and rooting for her betterment.

Nonetheless, Kris’s parents must be proud of the heights she has reached in her career. Their unwavering commitment and dedication have been a driving force for Kris. Later, with time, her parents might appear publicly with their daughter.

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