Is Maxx Crosby Related To Mason Crosby? Relationship Explained

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Maxx Crosby is not related to Mason Crosby in any way. Although the athletes have the same last name, they come from different backgrounds.

In this era, many siblings share the grand stage of the NFL, playing together or competing as rivals: the Kelce brothers, Griffin brothers, Manning brothers, and many more.

So, it is normal speculation that the two Crosbys in the league are probably related somehow. However, that is not the case; Maxx and Mason Crosby come from separate families.

Raiders Defensive End Maxx Crosby
Raiders Defensive End Maxx Crosby (Source: Instagram)

Maxx Robert Crosby is a 26-year-old professional football player from Colleyville. He is a defensive end and has played in the NFL since 2019.

Maxx was a large kid, so he started football at a young age. He later joined Eastern Michigan University to play for the Eagles.

Furthermore, as a college athlete, Crosby was a huge doubt initially. Nonetheless, he showed his class and was among the First Team All-MAC in 2017 and 2018.

Subsequently, in 2019, the Raiders, who were Oakland Raiders then, drafted Crosby in the 4th round. Since then, he has been with the team and is their best defensive end.

He signed a new contract in 2022, a 4-year deal worth whooping $98.98 million.

Is Maxx Crosby Related To Mason Crosby?

What Is Their Relationship

The straight answer to the relationship between Maxx and Mason Crosby is, no, they are not at all related.

It is a common trend in the NFL to have brothers, cousins, or any form of family. However, in this case, the two Crobys are not related in any manner.

Moreover, they come from two completely different families and ethnic heritage as well.

More On Their Relationship

At the moment, the only thing common between Maxx and Mason is their last name and their state of birth.

Maxx is from Colleyville, Texas, whereas Mason is from Lubbock, Texas. The Texas boys surely have confused a lot of fans with the same surname.

Furthermore, their playing style and position do nothing to match. Maxx is a defensive end, while Mason is a placekicker.

Where Is Mason Crosby Now?

Mason Crosby attended the University of Colorado Boulder and found his true talents as a placekicker. Mason was a one-team man in the NFL and played for the Packers for 15 years.

Mason Crosby
Mason Crosby (Source: Pinterest)

He is a one-time Super Bowl Champ and the scoring leader of the 2007 season. However, the forgotten Crosby is currently a free agent.

Mason is already 39-year old and is way past his prime already. He might retire or come back to the league; that decision is up to him.

Maxx Crosby: Origin And Heritage

Delving deeper into Maxx Crosby’s heritage will make it clear that he has no familial ties in the NFL.

Maxx’s maternal side has its origins in the Balkan region of Europe, in particular, Serbia and Albania. His maternal grandfather was from the Ulaj clan of the Albanian tribal region of Koja e Kucit.

Furthermore, he is also very proud of his roots and has shown it through his social media.

Maxx Had A Drinking Problem

The Raider’s defensive end had a huge drinking problem that lasted up to 2020. Crosby sought help and came back after getting rehabilitation.

After being sober, he got married to Rachel Washburn. Maxx became a dad for the first time in 2022; he has a daughter named Ella.


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