Is MJF Leaving AEW In 2024 Or Has He Been Fired?

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In the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, rumors and speculations often run rampant, and one of the hottest topics currently circulating is whether MJF is leaving AEW in 2024 or has been fired. 

Rumors of MJF leaving AEW have circulated after the world championship loss and removal from the All Elite Wrestling roster.

MJF Is A Former AEW World Champion
MJF Is A Former AEW World Champion (Source: Facebook)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, better known as MJF, has been a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). 

Since his debut, MJF has undeniably become one of the most polarizing and captivating figures in AEW.

Similarly, MJF has made a name for himself as a skilled professional wrestler and charismatic actor.

His accomplishments include being a one-time AEW World Champion with the longest reign in AEW World title history.

In addition, The Salt of the Earth is the current holder of the AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring. He has achieved the feat for five consecutive years.

Before his time in AEW, MJF gained experience in other promotions. Notably, he held various championships in Major League Wrestling (MLW) and Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW).

Is MJF Leaving AEW?

Speculation about MJF’s departure from AEW has gained traction, especially after AEW removed him from the roster page on their official website.

Rumors intensified following MJF’s loss to Samoa Joe at the Worlds End pay-per-view. The defeat marked the end of his remarkable 406-day reign as the AEW Champion.

Interestingly, MJF abstained from the post-event media scrum, raising questions about his future with the company.

Tony Khan, the president of AEW, has been evasive when questioned about MJF’s contract status, refusing to divulge specific details.

Khan expressed that, after five years in the company, MJF would always be welcome. His statements further added a layer of mystery to the situation.

MJF's Contract With AEW Expired On January 1, 2024
MJF’s Contract With AEW Expired On January 1, 2024 (Source: Facebook)

MJF himself had previously denied signing a new deal with AEW, hinting at a potential bidding war between AEW and WWE in 2024.

This narrative was initially introduced into AEW storylines in the fall of 2021, with MJF expressing frustrations with his current employer.

The ROH World Tag Team Champion had previously announced that his contract with the organization would expire on January 1.

Despite previous reports of a new deal, MJF insisted he had not re-signed, leaving the wrestling community in suspense.

MJF Was Set For AEW Absence

Adding to the uncertainty, reports suggested that MJF was set for a hiatus from AEW.

This break was initially expected due to the toll of several injuries he sustained during his AEW World Title reign.

Notably, MJF even competed in the AEW World Championship match with a sling supporting his taped-up left shoulder.

Nonetheless, his sudden absence from the roster indicated a more extended break than initially anticipated.

Possible WWE Move Or Another Storyline?

Many rumors have linked MJF to a potential move to WWE amidst his chaotic AEW contract situation.  

The Haus Of Wrestling claimed that there have been ‘zero talks’ between MJF and WWE.

The notion of MJF entering free agency was labeled a ‘false narrative,’ described as a ‘completely in his head storyline.’

MJF Pictured With WWE Legend John Cena
MJF Pictured With WWE Legend John Cena (Source: Facebook)

Despite MJF’s insistence that he had not signed a new deal with AEW, insiders within the company believed otherwise.

It not only asserts that MJF had re-signed but also would continue a new storyline with AEW.

Wrestling insider Boozer, also known as BWE, has already confirmed that MJF is not leaving AEW, providing a glimmer of reassurance to concerned fans.

However, the recent removal of MJF from the official roster page introduces an element of mystery.

As a result, it has left the wrestling community eagerly awaiting confirmation of MJF’s future plans.

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