Is Mya Lesnar Trans? Brock Lesnar Daughter Gender And Sexuality

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Brock Lesnar daughter breaks records at Colorado State, dominating the shot put with an impressive 18.5 meters.

With that, the internet is buzzing with rumors about Mya Lesnar being transgender. Is it true?

Keep reading to find out if Mya Lesnar is actually a part of the LGBTQ community. Stay tuned with us!

WWE Star Brock Lesnar
WWE Star Brock Lesnar (Source: Instagram)

Brock Lesnar is a notable professional wrestler and mixed martial artist who found success in both fields.

In the world of pro wrestling, he became famous in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He joined WWE in 2002 and quickly became a star, winning the WWE Championship multiple times.

Beyond wrestling, Lesnar also ventured into mixed martial arts (MMA). He competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and secured the UFC Heavyweight Champion in 2008 by defeating Randy Couture.

Even though Lesnar retired from MMA in 2011, he made a brief comeback in 2016.

Is Mya Lesnar Trans? Brock Lesnar Daughter Gender And Sexuality

In the world of fame and wrestling rumors, attention is now on Mya Lesnar, daughter of the legendary Brock Lesnar.

People are talking about how she not only shares her father’s strong genes but also has her own unique identity.

Many notice the strong family resemblance between Mya and her dad. Both of them have similar features and intense gazes.

Furthermore, she proudly embraces her albinism, resembling her father in both appearance and muscular strength.

Mya Lesnar Is Not A Transgender But Resembles Her Father Brock Lesnar
Mya Lesnar Is Not A Transgender But Resembles Her Father Brock Lesnar (Source: Reddit)

Amidst all the speculation, there is a gentle rumor floating around that Mya might be transgender.

Mya Lesnar represents mystery, strength, and individuality in a world where the spotlight often blurs the truth.

Beyond the wrestling scene, she faces assumptions and challenges societal norms, refusing to be confined.

As rumors swirl, Mya’s true story is still unfolding, showcasing the diverse experiences of human life.

Who Is Mya Lesnar?

Just like her dad, Brock Lesnar, Mya Lynn Lesnar is really good at sports. Even though she’s made headlines for her achievements, she might not be focusing on wrestling like her dad.

Mya, born on April 10, 2002, is 21 years old and is Brock Lesnar’s daughter with Nicole McClain.

Currently, in her junior season at Colorado State University, she recently stood out at the Mines Alumni Classic in track and field.

In the weight throw, she claimed first place with an impressive 21.11m mark. But in the indoor shot put, she truly excelled, breaking her school’s record with an outstanding throw of 18.5m, surpassing the previous record of 17.55m.

Track and Field Roster Mya Lynn Lesnar
Track and Field Roster Mya Lynn Lesnar (Source: X)

This remarkable performance catapulted Mya to the top spot in Colorado State’s top 20 for indoor shot put, and she’s now leading the nation in women’s indoor shot put.

Recognized as the Women’s Field Athlete of the Week, Mya expressed her satisfaction on Instagram, sharing a video of her record-breaking moment.

Having transferred to Colorado State from Arizona State University, where she competed for two years, Mya is determined to build on her success.

It’s known that Brock Lesnar wasn’t keen on his wife, Sable, returning to WWE after he left the promotion, and Mya might be following a different path.

Apart from Mya, Brock Lesnar has three other kids. Mya’s twin, Luke Lesnar, plays ice hockey, and after Brock and Sable got married, they had two more kids named Turk and Duke.

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