Is Patrick Cantlay Jewish? Religion & Ethnicity Revealed

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Patrick Cantlay is not a new name for those who follow international golf. While people know everything about his professional life, his personal life, including his religion and ethnicity, has always been a matter of curiosity among fans.

Even though many websites mention he is Jewish, Patrick has never said anything refuting or supporting the claim. He simply seems indifferent regarding the matter.

Nevertheless, his fans seem interested in knowing whether he is Jewish. So, is there any way to find this out? Has he ever given any clue? Read this article further to find out!

American Professional Golfer Patrick Cantlay
American Professional Golfer Patrick Cantlay (Source: Essentially Golf)

Patrick Cantlay is an American-born professional golfer who has played international golf tournaments worldwide since turning professional in 2012.

Raised in California, Cantlay attended Servite High School, where he emerged as one of the best young golfers in the nation. He won the California State High School Championship as a senior in 2010.

After graduating, he enrolled at UCLA, initially intending to finish college, but left his studies midway as he started progressing on the golf course.

During his two years at UCLA, he won several awards, including the Haskins Award as the most outstanding college golfer in 2011. 

Currently ranked no. 5 in the world rankings, Patrick has registered nine professional wins, including eight PGA tour wins. He is also the winner of the 2021 FedEx Cup.

Patrick Cantlay Religion And Ethnicity: Is He Jewish?

Patrick Cantlay was born to his parents, Steve and Colleen Cantlay, on March 17, 1992, in Long Beach, California. Both his parents are White American.

Furthermore, the renowned golfer has never said anything about his religion. Although many websites have labelled him Jewish, it has never been officially confirmed.

Patrick Cantlay
Patrick Cantlay (Source: Instagram)

Born and raised with three siblings, he attended an all-boys catholic high school in Anaheim, California. So, he might be a Christian. Yet, his schooling in a catholic institution does not necessarily prove that he is one.

Moreover, going through his social media profile and overviewing his overall presence outside the golf course, one can conclude he is uninterested in discussing religion-related matters.

While he respects people of all faiths, he does not want to associate himself with any sect, at least publicly. Because of this, there is no way to tell which religion he follows.

Patrick Cantlay’s Siblings Are Also Golfers

Patrick Cantlay is the oldest son of his parents, Steve and Colleen Cantlay. Besides, they have three kids- two sons and a daughter.

Both their parents are USC graduates and own a real estate company named Westport Escrow based in California.

Steve has been a member of the Virginia Country Club and has enjoyed playing golf since his early years.

Patrick Cantlay's Brother Nick
Patrick Cantlay’s Brother, Nick (Source: Celebrities InfoSeeMedia)

Inheriting their dad’s love for the game, Patrick and his siblings became golfers. His brother, Nick, is also a professional golfer. He initially played both basketball and golf for Servite High School.

After graduating, he later enrolled in the Long Beach State University, pursuing a degree in consumer affairs, alongside continuing his golfing career. He turned professional in 2019.

Likewise, Cantlay’s younger sister, Caroline, played collegiate golf for the California Polytechnic State University. An agricultural business and management graduate, she is currently a tournament coordinator at Pebble Beach Resorts, California.

Lastly, Patrick’s youngest brother, Jack, is also a promising young golfer. He is a sophomore at Long Beach State and has been playing collegiate tournaments for them since 2022.



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