Is Patrick McEnroe Related To John McEnroe? Are They Brothers?

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Yes, Patrick McEnroe is related to John McEnroe. The two athletes are brothers and have supported each other immensely throughout their careers.

The McEnroe siblings are a brand in the tennis world. Just like the Williams sisters they represented the USA globally.

Patrick is the younger brother of John McEnroe. Moreover, we will discuss the brotherhood below in brief.

Former Tennis Player Patrick McEnroe
Former Tennis Player Patrick McEnroe (Source: People)

Patrick William McEnroe is a 57-year-old former tennis player from Manhasset, New York.

Patrick comes from a family of tennis, with both his father and big brother playing. Thus, he started training at a young age and won the French Junior Doubles.

Eventually, he joined Stanford University and led the collegiate team to the NCAA Championships. Patrick started his professional tour after graduation and accumulated healthy success.

Moreover, he won the French Open in the doubles category and played in the quarter-finals of the US Open and Wimbledon. In addition, he achieved a career-high rank of 3.

In the singles, the younger McEnroe did not register any wins. Nonetheless, he reached the semis of the Australia Open and the quarters of the US Open.

Patrick McEnroe Is Related To John McEnroe

To make it clear once again, Patrick the younger brother of tennis hero John McEnroe. He is 7 years younger than John and the siblings made a name for themselves as athletes.

Unlike his younger brother, John was born in Wiesbaden in West Germany. In addition, his parents moved back to the States after 9 months.

Moreover, the two brothers trained together at Port Washington Tennis Academy in Long Island. If we look at their careers, it is pretty evident that John has been more successful than his younger brother.

Brothers Patrick And John McEnroe
Brothers Patrick And John McEnroe (Source: TennisNet)

The older McEnroe won over 70 titles in both the categories, being the only male player to do so. Moreover, he won the Wimbledon thrice, and the US Open four times.

In 1980, John recorded his career-high rank of no.1. In addition, for his achievements the International Tennis Hall of Fame inducted him in 1999.

Moreover, McEnroe is a legendary name in the US tennis scene as well. Both John and Patrick were once the captains of the US tennis team.

John served as the captain in the Davis Cup, whereas Patrick served in the Davis Cup and the Olympics.

More On The McEnroe Family

The McEnroe family was led by the patriarch John McEnroe Sr and matriarch Katherine Tresham. Both of the heads of the family are no longer with us.

John Sr and Kay died back in 2017 within months, as the former died in February and the latter in August.

They were the perfect parents to three wonderful and successful sons, John Jr, Mark, and Patrick McEnroe.

The McEnroe Family
The McEnroe Family (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, the McEnroes are descendants of Irish immigrants. John Sr was an army man and his wife Kay was a housewife. Through their support, the two brothers could succeed in such a way.

Regarding the culture of tennis, dad John instilled his love for the game in his sons. In addition, he used to play and was the pioneer of straight shots in the McEnroe household.

Along with that, he was a constant presence in his son’s game. He used to give advice and support his two champions in times of need.




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