Is Theresa Plaisance Trans? Gender And Sexuality Revealed

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Is Theresa Plaisance Trans? There has been speculation surrounding Theresa Plaisance, the accomplished women’s basketball champion, with some individuals raising questions about her gender identity due to her notably muscular physique.

Plaisance, formerly of the Las Vegas Aces, has a physique that some perceive as exceptionally masculine, and her voice has been likened to that of a male basketball player.

It is important to note that Plaisance’s transgender status remains unconfirmed. Despite the speculation, she is actively involved in a show dedicated to sharing the narratives of female and non-binary athletes.

This engagement highlights her commitment to promoting diverse stories within the sports community.

As discussions unfold, it is crucial to approach the topic with sensitivity and respect for individuals’ privacy until any official statements are made.

Theresa Plaisance American Basketball Player
Theresa Plaisance American Basketball Player (Source: Senior CLASS Awards)

Theresa Plaisance was born on May 18, 1992, to Scott Plaisance and DoBee Plaisance in New Orleans, Louisiana.

At a very young age, Theresa accompanied her mother, a basketball coach, to her college camp.

Under her mother’s guidance, Plaisance received training and initiated her basketball journey at a very young age.

After attending Vanderbilt Catholic High School, she attended Louisiana State University for her education.

Furthermore, she showcased her skills playing for various teams, including the Dallas Wings, Shaanxi Red Wolves, Connecticut Sun, Washington Mystics, and Las Vegas Aces.

Is Theresa Plaisance Trans?

Given her large body physique and deep voice, people commonly infer Theresa to be transgender.

But Theresa has not personally confirmed anything about her sexual orientation, leaving it unverified.

However, Theresa is actively involved in hosting a show titled “The Syd + TP Show” with Sydney Colson, where the focus is on narrating the stories of female and non-binary athletes.

While the show roots itself in comedy, it takes on a deeper significance by featuring LGBTQ and Black voices.

Theresa And Sydney In The Show
Theresa And Sydney In The Show (Source: Outsports)

Furthermore, a completely female and non-binary team comprises the creative force behind the show.

They aim to challenge stereotypes in the professional women’s basketball world while simultaneously celebrating representation and inclusion.

Therefore, Theresa’s involvement in the series, portraying a non-binary character, has also made people think she belongs to the LGBTQ community.

Plaisance And Basketball Family

Most members of the Plaisance family are intricately linked to basketball, forming a family rich in basketball professionals.

Theresa plays for the WNBA, and her mother, DoBee, was the head coach at Nicholls State University in Louisiana.

On the other hand, Plaisance Jr., like his mother, played basketball at the University of New Orleans.

Theresa Plaisance And Parents
Theresa Plaisance And Parents (Source: Twitter or X)

It was their mother who coached them in playing during their childhood.

According to Theresa, when her mother served as a head coach, she brought Theresa and her brother to her workplace.

Their mother takes immense pride in her children, regularly attending almost every game played by the Plaisance siblings and Scott.

Expressing her immense pride, their mother also conveyed how Theresa received a standing ovation during a game in Dallas.

Theresa Injury

While sitting on the bench during practice one day, Plaisance observed that she was gradually losing feeling in her leg.

Focused entirely on her WNBA finals in China, her concentration was abruptly disrupted when she contracted COVID in the country.

Upon her return, she underwent an MRI scan that revealed an issue with her back, necessitating immediate surgical intervention.

Theresa mentioned that she nearly lost hope of making a comeback, recognizing that a back injury could pose a significant barrier in basketball.

However, following her departure in 2019 for surgery, she returned in 2021 to the WNBA better than ever.

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