Is Wes Miller Related To Sean Miller? Family Tree Explored

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Wes Miller is not related to Sean Miller. The two basketball coaches are one of many cases of famous people sharing the same last name. 

One was born and raised in North Carolina, and the other in Pennsylvania. One’s father has no connection with basketball, whereas the other has his father and brother in the sport. 

The University of Cincinnati Coach, Wes Miller, Pictured On The Sidelines Discussing With His Team
The University of Cincinnati Coach, Wes Miller, Pictured On The Sidelines Discussing With His Team (Source: Twitter)

Recently, Wes Millers’ Bearcats faced off against Sean Miller’s Musketeers, and Musketeers came out victorious. Xavier Musketeers beat the Cincinnati Bearcats, 84-79. 

And it was probably due to this game that many believed Wes and Sean to be brothers. But things probably would’ve been different if Sean and his team came up against Rhode Island Rams, a side managed by his brother, Archie Miller.  

Is Wes Miller Related To Sean Miller? Family Tree Explored

The University of Cincinnati basketball coach, Wes Miller, has no family relation with Xavier University’s basketball coach, Sean Miller. The only common thing other than the last name between the two is their profession.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Wes Miller is the son of Wake Forest alumnus Kenneth D Miller and his wife Susan Miller. In an interview with The Enquirer, Susan talked about her son’s childhood. 

Wes Miller Pictured With His Half-Brother, Walker Miller At The Cincinnati Basketball Court
Wes Miller Pictured With His Half-Brother, Walker Miller, At The Cincinnati Basketball Court (Source: Twitter)

Wes’ love for basketball began when he was a child. He asked his parents to buy him an adjustable basketball hoop as a Christmas gift. But Susan made sure her son was setting himself up for failure.

Kenneth was 5’10, and Susan was 5’4. So, she told her son he might not be tall enough to play the sport professionally. But Wes always gave Muggsy Bogues as an example. 

But as he grew older, Wes began realizing it was the coaching side of the game he loved more. Wes has four siblings, but they try to keep themselves out of the limelight.

But his youngest sibling, his half-brother, Walker Miller, made headlines in 2022. Walker and Wes have a 14-year age gap and never lived together, but there were occasions when they would spend summers together. 

Unlike Wes, Walker stands at 6’11 and played for the University of North Carolina for four seasons, and later played at Monmouth University as a graduate transfer. 

His other siblings, Matthew and Lo, keep a low profile, and Wes rarely shares a family post on his social media handle

Sean Miller Family Tree: Basketball Is His Family Legacy

The Xavier Musketeers head coach, Sean Miller, grew up in Pennsylvania. He is the son of the famous high school basketball coach, John Miller. 

During his time as a head coach at Blackhawk High, which spanned 29 seasons, John won 650 games. He coached Sean as well as his other son, Archie. John claimed four state titles, and the two titles came with Archie playing point guard. 

Archie Miller is the only brother of Sean Miller and is currently the head coach for the Rhode Island Rams. The two brothers have an age gap of ten years but still maintain a strong bond. 

Sean Miller Pictured With His Brother, Archie Miller On The Sidelines In 2011
Sean Miller Pictured With His Brother, Archie Miller, On The Sidelines In 2011 (Source: Twitter)

Despite their age gap, the two brothers have a similar coaching style. Sean is a strict coach, and one time, he summoned his team for a 6:30 a.m. session of 100 free throws after noticing they were lacking at the line.

Archie began his career at Western Kentucky as an assistant, a decade later than his brother. He worked at NC State, Arizona State, Ohio State, and Arizona as an assistant before taking up the head coach’s role at Dayton. 

He worked there for seven seasons before joining Indiana and began working for Rhode Island in 2022. The brotherly bond between the two was stronger than ever in 2018. At the time, Sean was investigated by the FBI in the NCAA scandal. 

The Xavier’s coach is married to Amy Miller, with whom he shares three children, Austin, Cameron, and Braden. Archie is also a married man, and shares a daughter, Leah, with his spouse, Morgan Nicole Cruse Miller. 

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