Isaiah Simmons Brother Victor: Sister And Parents

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Isaiah Simmons of the Arizona Cardinals has fulfilled his NFL dream, and fans are now curious about his brother, Victor Simmons Jr., Whether he is also pursuing a similar path.

Victor and Isaiah Simmons share a deep football passion, with Isaiah becoming a fulfilled NFL player.

Isaiah Simmons has played with players like Chase Edmonds in the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL.

Isaiah Simmons
Isaiah Simmons, Arizona Linebacker (Source: Instagram)

Hailing from Nebraska, the brothers have consistently supported one another throughout their respective journeys in the world of football.

Despite Victor Simmons being unable to make it to the prestigious NFL league himself, he encouraged his younger brother, Isaiah Simmons, to strive for greatness and be his best version.

Isaiah Simmons Brother: Sister

Victor Simmons’ success in high school and college football served as an inspiration for his younger brother, Isaiah Simmons.

Victor’s experience and accomplishments provided a blueprint for Isaiah to follow as he pursued his football career.

While Victor played for Olathe North HS and Kansas University, Isaiah observed his brother’s dedication and determination, witnessing the hard work required to excel in the sport.

Following his time at Kansas from 2011 to 2014, Victor earned a minicamp invitation from the Seahawks, becoming the 11th Jayhawk to enter the professional ranks.

Later, Victor Simmons, a versatile player in college, joined three other Kansas players drafted in 2015 (Heeney, Shepherd, McDonald) and eight Jayhawk NFL free agents at mini camps.

Isaiah With His Brother Victor Jr. & Father Victor Sr.
Isaiah With His Brother Victor Jr. & Father Victor Sr. (Source: Instagram)

This influence guided Isaiah’s decision to attend the same high school as Victor, recognizing the opportunities it could provide for his development as a player.

With their father’s background as a collegiate track athlete, the Simmons brothers inherited a strong athletic foundation.

Their father’s athletic ability gave them a competitive spirit and a desire to maximize their potential on the football field.

The Simmons brothers’ passion for football and their parents’ support has undoubtedly contributed to their impressive collegiate achievements.

Bound by a brotherly bond, they always wanted the presence of a cherished sister to experience the joy and companionship she would bring.

Isaiah Simmons Parents: Denise & Victor Simmons Sr.

Victor and Denise were married on December 13, 1993, and have been together since 30 years.

As per Isaiah’s interview, his mother, Denise, went to Creighton and got her masters from Bowling Green.

His father was a collegiate track athlete and passed his skills to his sons. 

Their supportive parents were seen attending their younger son Isaiah’s graduation in December 2019 with a degree in sports communication.

Moreover, they were even present when Isaiah, their younger son, received the 2019 Butkus Award.

Their parents strengthened the Simmons brothers with steady support and close relationships that shaped their lives.

Victor Is A Proud Older Brother Of Isaiah

This is the story of Isaiah Simmons, a naturally fast and talented athlete.

Even as a child, he displayed exceptional speed, outpacing kids much older than him in track meets and backyard football games.

Over the years, Simmons excelled in track and field but disliked the rigorous training, especially during Thursday practices when runners had to match their best times in the 400 meters.

Despite disliking rigorous workouts, Simmons consistently pushed himself to meet the standard.

Isaiah Simmons Brother Victor Simmons Jr.
Isaiah Simmons Brother Victor Simmons Jr. (Source: Instagram)

Simmons grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Victor, and they would often engage in pickup football games on their way home from school.

There is a memorable incident where Isaiah, as a young child, realized that Victor had been tricking him during video game sessions.

Frustrated, Isaiah took matters into his own hands and retaliated by hitting Victor with a golf club.

As Isaiah’s football career progresses, his older brother Victor sees the same fierce determination in him that he witnessed during their childhood.

Victor knew from early on that Isaiah would become a force, just as he is now a standout player on the field.

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