Jabari Blash Bio: Career, MLB, Retirement & Net Worth

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“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

This quote is cent percent true and relates to the life of Jabari Blash. 

Jabari Blash is a former American Baseball player. The athlete also played as an outfielder in Major League Baseball (MLB) with different clubs.

He has interesting career stories with lots of twists and turns. And, of course, the fact behind his mom pushed him to pursue his present career.

Jabari Blash
Jabari Blash

This article comprises tons of things about Blash: his childhood, net worth, personal life, social media presence, and so many other things.

But before we look into the deep waters, let us check quick facts related to Jabari first.

Jabari Blash | Quick Facts

Full Name Jabari Jerell Blash
Date Of Birth July 4, 1989
Place Of Birth Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Nick/Pet Name Not known
Religion Not known
Nationality American
Ethnic Belonging African-American
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Yvette Blash
Number Of Siblings 1 (Jamari)
Education Miami-Dade College
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Age 35 years old
Height ‎1.96 m/6’5″
Weight 106 kg/235 lb
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Shoe Size Unavailable
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure Athletic
Marital Status Not Sure
Girlfriend Yes (Dignailis Sanchez)
Children One Boy ( Jibril)
Outfielder, Left fielder, Right fielder
Net worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Salary 507,500 USD (2016)
Active Since 2016
Pets Not Available
Current works Retired 
Social Handle Instagram, Twitter
Merch  Autographed Baseball, Rookie Card
Last Update July, 2024

Jabari Blash | Age, Height, and Body Measurements 

Blash was born on the 4th of July 1989, which makes him 35 years old in 2024. Did you know that the 4th of July is also celebrated as Independence Day in his home country?

Jabari is 1.96 meters tall, which is quite a height for the average male population in the United States of America. He weighs around 106 kg and has quite a sculpted body.

The toned and chiseled body of Jabari might have contributed to global warming as well. If we ask the fans, they will surely agree with this statement!

Blash has deep brown eyes that turn almost honey in the sunlight. His bald style with facial hair has been a prominent fashion trend of the new era.

Close resemblance to Actor Will Smith

Many of his fans admit that he actually resembles a famous African- American actor Will Smith.

With such a magnetic aura, this player has earned many admirers throughout his career. But to be honest, his admirers care way more about his gameplay rather than the looks.

And like an ideal celebrity icon, he never disappoints his fans.

Jabari Blash
Jabari Blash

According to his date of birth, he lies on the Cancerian list with Uranus as its ruling planet.

Cancerians have specific traits like being loyal, shielding, instinctive and kind. They also have some bad traits like being overly sensitive and temperamental.

Among all the other things Blash is, the most attractive thing about him is discipline and kindness.

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Jabari Blash | Early Life and Education

Blash was born and raised in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. It was the age of a financial struggle and gradual technological progression.

According to some records, Jabari was a mischievous child. He grew up with his younger Brother Jamori Blash and another one whose name is not known.

The name-unknown proud father and loving mother, Yvette Blash, tried giving the boys the best childhood they can.

Shortly after, the Blash couple split up, and Mrs. Blash ended up being a single mother to three boys.

A Mother’s Love

Kid Jabari wasn’t very interested in Baseball and did everything he could to avoid getting into the classes. He would intentionally leave his bag at home, which had the gear needed for the practice class.

Moreover, Blash also applied many strategies to fool his mom, but Mrs. Blash was too cunning for all that. She knew her son very well.

His mom would find the gear bag and secretly keep it in the trunk of the car. So when Jabari would start making excuses for not joining the practice class, she would calmly tell him otherwise.

Mrs. Blash worked extra hours to collect funds for the education, trips, and practice classes of Blash and his siblings. Likewise, Jabari came to realize all that later in his life and gave all the credits to her, which actually is the right move.


Jabari went to Charlotte Amalie high school in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Even as a high schooler, Chicago White Sox drafted him in the 28th round of MLB in 2007, but he didn’t sign up.

Later he went to Alcorn state university, but he transferred to Miami- Dade College due to his academic transcript issues.

Jabari Blash | Career

He made a .353 score in batting with 19 home runs and 102 at-bats for Miami-Dade’s baseball team in his college career.

After that, Texas Rangers drafted Jabari in the 9th round, but he did not contract with them just like the previous time but returned to his college.

Likewise, a year later, the Seattle Mariners chose Blash in their 8th round for the ongoing 2010 Major League Baseball Draft, and then he signed in. Pulaski Mariners is the official team he debuted MLB with.

He began to show his talents by hitting 25 home runs with .915 on-base plus slugging (OPS).

Jabari Blash
Jabari Blash

Jabari played for High desert Mavericks and Jackson Generals, but eventually, he saw a promotion due to his skilled gameplay. The club promoted him to Tacoma Rainiers.

Moreover, San Diego Padres acquired Blash after Oakland Athletics traded him. At first, He was a ‘player to be named later but made San Diego’s opening day roster.

Demotion and Comeback

Even though Jabari performed well, he was on the list of ‘designation for assignment.’ He tried going back to his previous club, but the marines declined him.  

So Blash went for the same club’s minor league gameplay, and eventually, San Diego promoted him again to Major League.

Similarly, in 2017, this player left the club as New York Yankees took him in. Due to some fault in the system and lack of a seat.

Also, Los Angeles Angels contracted him, but they released him after a year due to his low scores.

Tohuku Rakuten Golden Eagles took him in for a whopping 120 million dollar contract. They even extended a year so that Jabari can remain with them.

After two years with the eagle, Blash became a free agent and eventually retired from baseball in 2021.

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Jabari Blash | Net Worth & Income 

Blash, no doubt, has made some handsome money through his baseball career. Before his retirement, the amount a club paid for him was made publically known.

He was a highly paid professional, and baseball was his primary income until earlier this year. Talking of his secondary earnings comes from investment, sponsorship, and brand promotion.

The estimated net worth of his player is around 1 million dollars to 5 million dollars. This salary in 2016 was 507,500 USD.

Many Television programs and conferences invite him to be a part of it, which is actually a great honor.

Jabari Blash | Personal Life

The recent turn dad of little boy Jamari Blash is enjoying the joy of fatherhood. Even though he has a kid, it is not sure whether he is married or not.

There is absolutely no information about his wedding, but our sources have confirmed that he is currently dating model Dignailis Sanchez.

Likewise, Sanchez is the baby mama of their kid who works for famous brands like Fashion Nova. She is also seen in music videos featuring different artists. Dignailis is of Latin origin.

Blash’s brother Jamori is also active in baseball like him. He was a 23rd round draft pick for the Washington Nationals organization.

His mom recalls why she was so consistent with kid Jabari. Mrs. Blash said that she saw the talent in his elder one. But another equally strong reason was that the baseball group was like a family to her.

Jabari Blash
Jabari Blash

When Blash was growing up, his friends chose directions that were necessarily not good for themselves. His mom wanted all of his sons to go in the right direction.

And now Jabari is a reputed person renowned for being self-made.

Social Activism

Also, Jabari is a social activist. He hosts many camps in his hometown for kids interested in baseball. Blash is also actively involved in Ballers event where the tickets are free for youth, parents, and coaches.

Similarly, it is a four-day learning camp where pro baseball players come and talk about their careers and stuff.

Jabari decently believes in giving back to the community.

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Jabari Blash | Social Media Presence

Blash lives a happy and lux life, as he has all the resources to live like that, and we can see this on his Instagram.

His feed is filled with baby pictures recently. To our surprise, there is no picture of him and his girlfriend together, not even one!

Similarly, Jabari’s appreciation for his mom is seen in his posts, proving that he is a perfect son with unconditional love for his mom. Other than family pictures, there are pictures of his gameplays and still from the court.

Blash is often seen vacationing in exotic places, often alone, as his picture suggests, as we don’t know who is behind the camera.

Moreover, Jabari has an expensive taste in fashion; he especially owes branded shoes and watches.

His Twitter is filled with the news of baseball and other sports.

Find him on – Instagram, Twitter.

Jabari Blash | FAQs

Is Blash a vegetarian, non-drinker, and non-smoker?

He is in no way a vegetarian as there is a sizzling picture of barbecued meat for his dinner dating back 302 weeks.

But it is an exception if he has adopted a new lifestyle recently. Blash, as our courses have confirmed, is a non-drinker and a non-smoker.

Part of the reason could be, it affects his ability in the games. These intoxicants are proved to reduce a person’s wellbeing and energy level.

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Sanjib Sah
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