Jack Squirek Illness And Health Update: What Was His Death Cause?

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A former American football player, Jack Sqirek, died on Friday at the age of 64. As per the reports, he was suffering from an illness for about 10 months.

Squirek, who left his football career many years back, suddenly became the topic of news headlines when he died on 5 January 2024.

His untimely demise is the worst thing that the sports world is going through at the moment. Many media outlets, as well as his former team, are mourning his death.

Jack’s health issues and treatment are something that nobody had any idea about before the announcement of his demise. What illness he was suffering from, let’s find out below:

Late Football Player, Jack Squirek During His Young Days
Late Football Player, Jack Squirek During His Young Days (Source: Instagram)

Jack Squirek is a former football player who started his professional career in the early 1980s. He played his high school career at Cuyahoga Heights (Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio). 

Later, the linebacker played collegiate football at Illinois. Similarly, his NFL Draft happened in 1982. He is more famous for his Los Angeles Raiders stint from 1982–1985.

Likewise, the late footballer played for the Miami Dolphins in 1986. Talking about his career highlights and awards, he won the title of Super Bowl champion (XVIII) with the Raiders.

Jack Squirek Illness & Health Update

The 6 feet 4 inches tall football player, Squirek, was reportedly going through the worst phase of his health. He underwent treatment for about 10 months before taking his last breath on 5 January 2024. 

Currently, the media outlets are busy covering the updates on his death and illness. The media and the team he remained part of mourned his death. 

 Jack Squirek With His Family
Jack Squirek With His Family (Source: Instagram)

People worldwide are giving sympathy to the bereaved family and praying for more power to them.

Squirek left behind his wife, Penny, and their two kids, Jacob and Cassandra. They used to reside in Cleveland, where Jack ran a cleaning and janitorial service.

What Was His Death Cause?

Despite the efforts of the media outlets, the exact cause of his death is still under the curtain. His family may reveal his health update and illness soon.

Currently, the family is not in a condition to explain anything about Jack’s death cause. They are going through the toughest time and might take some time to speak up about the death.

Jack Squirek Is No More
Jack Squirek Illness Took His Life (Source: Instagram)

It seems like the former Raiders player had a chronic disease that eventually took his life. Though the name of the illness, as well as the hospital where his treatment was going, are yet to be out, one thing is sure: the Super Bowl Champion battled with illness for quite a long time.

As he maintained a private life and less social media presence during the past months, there is no clue about his health issues and treatment.

Jack Squirek’s illness made him choose a private life. His life and whereabouts just before his death may remain a mystery. 



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