Who Is Jaclyn Mascarin, Scott Moir Wife? Age And Wikipedia

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Former Canadian ice dancer and coach Scott Moir shares a tight-knit family unit with his physician wife and daughter.

Legendary ice dancer Scott Moir won multiple gold medals for Canada and is a marquee name in the nation’s sporting history.

Beyond the ice, he is also a family man who lives a peaceful life with his wife and daughter.

Former Canadian Ice Dancer Scott Moir
Former Canadian Ice Dancer Scott Moir (Source: Pinterest)

Scott Moir is a former Canadian ice dancer who won multiple titles, including two Olympic gold medals for his nation.

Subsequently, for their excellent achievements, Scott and his dancing partner, Tessa Virtue, were inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall Of Fame in 2023.

Scott Moir Wife, Jaclyn Mascarin

The legendary ice dancer married his wife Jaclyn Mascarin in 2022, and the couple also have one daughter.

Scott announced their engagement in 2019 during his Hall of Fame induction speech. Subsequently, the couple was supposed to marry in 2020, but the wedding was postponed due to COVID-19.

Before the announcement, Scott had kept his dating life under wraps from the media limelight.

His wife, Jaclyn, is reportedly 38 years old.

To begin with, she is a Physician Assistant at Bay Area Emergency Physicians and Envision. This is a company based out of Clearwater, Florida.

Jaclyn Mascarin, Scott Moir Wife
Jaclyn Mascarin, Scott Moir’s Wife (Source: LinkedIn)

Like Scott in sports, she is also busy in her field. It is a testament to the pair that they balance their hectic professional career with their personal life.

Especially with Scott going through the highs and lows of a sporting career, having a supportive partner like Jaclyn was a boon.

A fascinating fact about the couple is that they were skating partners in childhood. Jaclyn holds the distinctive accolade of being Scott’s first-ever skating partner.

Subsequently, this leads many fans to speculate that their love blossomed as childhood sweethearts.

Speaking of their family, the couple was blessed with a baby daughter in 2021. Together, they have established a heartwarming family unit along with their cherished daughter.

Jaclyn Was Also A Prominent Athlete

Like her husband, Jaclyn also played sports in her formative years. Apart from ice dancing, she also played soccer and ran track.

She enrolled for the University of South Carolina in 2003 after being a multiple sport athlete at Medway High School. At USC, she played soccer and was a significant player on their team.

Although she pursued a career in the medical field later, Jaclyn also shares a competitive DNA like her husband.

Tale Of Scott Moir And Tessa Virtue

Apart from his wife, there is another woman who plays a vital role in Scott Moir’s life. That is his long-time dancing partner, Tessa Virtue.

Their chemistry and artistry on the ice were legendary, and they went on to win multiple titles and medals.

Additionally, the pair seemed suited, and admirers consistently believed that their performances exuded an unmistakable sense of passion.

Scott Moir And Tessa Virtue Won Multiple Titles For Canada
Scott Moir And Tessa Virtue Won Multiple Titles For Canada (Source: BBC)

This led to fan speculation that the two were in a relationship in real life, but the pair constantly denied such links.

When they were seven and nine years old, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were paired by his aunt, a skating coach. She believed they would complement each other well on the ice.

She was not wrong because the couple became esteemed Hall of Fame level Olympians for Canada.

As retired dancers, Scott and Tessa have found love in real life, although not with each other. Scott talked about his fascinating chemistry with Tessa on the ice in a candid interview.

“It’s more about a friendship and our working relationship is so strong. We take so much pride in that.”

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