Jake Diebler Wife Jordyn: Married Life & Daughters Jaymes And Jessa

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Jake Diebler’s wife, Jordyn, adds a touch of Buckeye spirit to their home, being an Ohio State University alum.

Jordyn supports her husband’s coaching journey and shares in the excitement of Ohio State basketball.

Together, they navigate the highs and lows of the coaching journey, creating a home filled with the joy of their two daughters, Jaymes and Jessa, and their son, Jackson.

Jake Diebler, Is An American Basketball Coach And Former Player
Jake Diebler, Is An American Basketball Coach And Former Player (Source: Instagram)

Jake Diebler is an American basketball coach and former player from small-town Ohio. He rocked the high school scene, scoring big with a State Championship win alongside his brother and under his dad’s coaching.

College at Valparaiso started slow, but his senior year was a slam dunk with an average of 33.8 minutes per game.

Then came coaching, not his first choice, but he aced it. From a student assistant to helping his team win big at Ohio State, Jake knows the game inside out.

He then joined Ohio State as an assistant coach, significantly getting them to the NCAA Tournament and bringing in top players like Darius Garland.

Now, he’s the Interim Head Coach at Ohio State, and on Valentine’s Day 2024, he led the team to a victory against #2 ranked Purdue.

Jake Diebler Wife Jordyn: Married Life And Kids

In Jake Diebler’s world, his wife, Jordyn, is not just his life partner. She’s a big part of their Buckeye-loving family.

Jordyn, a proud Ohio State University alum, brings both brains and Buckeye spirit to their Columbus, Ohio, home.

Beyond the court, Jake and Jordyn share a beautiful married life. They enjoy simple moments and cheer for Ohio State basketball together.

Their home is filled with the warmth of shared moments, especially during Ohio State basketball games.

Jordyn With Daughters, Jaymes And Jessa, Along With son, Jackson
Jordyn With Daughters, Jaymes, And Jessa, Along With Son Jackson (Source: Instagram)

After Jake’s coaching day, he often finds Jordyn watching the Buckeyes play on the Big Ten Network.

As parents, they cherish the laughter and love that echo through their home, where two adorable daughters, Jaymes and Jessa, along with their son, Jackson, create a lively and loving atmosphere.

Whether watching Buckeye games or enjoying family time, Jake and Jordyn navigate the incredible journey of parenthood, savoring every magical moment with their delightful trio.

Leading the Buckeyes with Heart and Legacy

Jake Diebler, currently in his fifth season on the Ohio State bench, is more than just an interim head coach.

Diebler orchestrated a spectacular upset in a jaw-dropping debut as interim head coach, leading the Buckeyes to a thrilling 73-69 victory against No. 2 Purdue.

But Jake’s story goes beyond coaching; it’s a journey deeply rooted in Ohio’s basketball heart.

Back in high school at Upper Sandusky, Diebler, alongside his dad Keith and brother Jon, secured a Division II state title in an undefeated 2005 season.

His high school career was indelible, making him Ohio’s all-time leader in assists (835) and steals (578). This success paved the way for a remarkable college career, with Valparaiso setting the stage.

Jake Diebler Is An Interim Head Coach Of Ohio State Basketball Team
Jake Diebler Is An Interim Head Coach Of Ohio State Basketball Team (Source: Cleveland)

Diebler’s connection with Ohio State is more than professional. Starting as a video coordinator under Thad Matta in 2014, he paved the way for his coaching career.

After a stint at Vanderbilt, Diebler returned to Ohio State in 2019. He contributed to two NCAA Tournaments and guided the Buckeyes to back-to-back 20-win seasons.

From a solid 21-10 record in his debut year to a challenging 2022-23 season where crucial building blocks were laid, Jake is steering the team through a rollercoaster of seasons.

Similarly, the 2021-22 season marked a turning point with 20 wins, a second-round NCAA Tournament appearance, and standout performances from E.J. Liddell and NBA first-round pick Malaki Branham.

Liddell’s All-American season and Branham’s rise to Big Ten Freshman of the Year exemplify Diebler’s impact on player development.

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