Jay Johnson Wife Maureen Marshall Is Former Collegiate Athlete

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LSU coach Jay Johnson is happily married to his wife, Maureen Marshall. Just like Jay, Maureen has a passion for sports and was a former soccer player at the University of Arizona.

Jay and Maureen first crossed paths when Maureen was serving as the director of compliance for the Wolf Pack in Nevada University.

In 2016, Jay and Maureen decided to commit to each other for a lifetime. They were surrounded by their loved ones.

They exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony, marking the beginning of their journey as a married couple.

Jay Johnson
Coach Jay Johnson (Source: Instagram)

Jay Bradley Johnson is a former second baseman and baseball coach who was born and raised in Oroville, California.

He currently holds the position of head baseball coach for the LSU Tigers.

Recently, LSU has won the 1st College World Series title since 2009, with star players like Dylan Crews, Gavin Guidry, Jordan Thompson, and many more. 

Jay Johnson Wife: Maureen Marshall

Jay Johnson’s wife, Maureen Marshall, originally from South Bend, Indiana, was a passionate Notre Dame fan since childhood. During her time in the early 2000s in Arizona, she participated in soccer.

After she graduated from the University of Arizona, Marshall pursued a law degree from the University of Dayton.

She even successfully passed the Indiana bar exam and started working at a law firm where she worked for eight months.

Maureen Marshall Smiling
Maureen Marshall Smiling (Source: Tiger dropping)

She later relocated to Salt Lake City and eventually secured a position at Utah Valley State as a compliance coordinator and academic coordinator.

Marshall moved to Oklahoma after her time in Utah. In 2011, she took on the responsibility of overseeing the compliance department at the University of Nevada, Wolf Pack.

Maureen is thankful for discovering her calling in compliance. Initially, she didn’t anticipate staying long-term when she landed her job at Utah Valley State.

She also didn’t expect it to be enjoyable as it was just a way to earn money at the time. However, her perspective has changed since then.

Nevada’s Top Compliance Officer

Marshall was an important person at Nevada University who makes sure the Wolf Pack follows the rules set by the NCAA.

She served as a crucial figure on campus, championing the welfare of student-athletes, a role acknowledged and praised by former Wolf Pack football coach Brian Polian, who refers to her as “the single-biggest advocate on our campus for our student-athletes.”

Jay Johnson Wife Maureen
Jay Johnson’s Wife Maureen (Source: Tiger dropping)

She took care of things like financial aid, eligibility, and academic progress for student-athletes. Her job was very important for keeping student-athletes successful in Nevada.

Johnson And Maureen Met In Wolf Pack 

While the exact timeline of Jay Johnson and Maureen Marshall’s relationship is not known, it is believed that they met during their time working at Wolf Pack.

Jay was hired as the head coach by Nevada athletic director Doug Knuth in April 2013, making him one of the first coaches appointed after Knuth took over the athletic department.

Meanwhile, Maureen served as the director of compliance for the Wolf Pack.

It is believed Jay Johnson and Maureen Marshall, who worked together in the same department, developed a relationship and eventually got married in 2016.

Despite being married for several years, the couple has not had children together. 

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