Jeff Medders Resigns From Cowboy Channel? Rumour Or Reality

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The rumors are true as Jeff Medders resigns from the Cowboy channel, marking the end of an era.

Medders took up the chair as the president of the Cowboy channels in 201,0, and now he is set to leave by New Year’s Eve. 

Jeff Medders Shooting In The Last Road To NFR Show
Jeff Medders Shooting In The Last Road To NFR Show (Source: Instagram)

Jeff Medders, a native of southeastern Oklahoma, spent his formative years on a cattle ranch, fostering a deep-rooted love for rodeo from an early age.

Earning recognition as an all-state football player in 1981, Jeff set his sights on a career in television sports broadcasting.

Pursuing his passion, he enrolled at Oklahoma State University and diligently pursued a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Radio/TV/Film from 1983 to 1985.

Jeff’s journey took a pivotal turn in 1989 when a Tulsa-based business approached him to host “America’s Horse,” the AQHA’s groundbreaking ESPN television show.

This opportunity marked the beginning of a remarkable chapter in his career.

Before this, Jeff had already made a name for himself as a Sports Anchor at KJRH, showcasing his expertise and charisma.

His role expanded significantly when he took on hosting responsibilities for “Wrangler World of Rodeo” and the prestigious National Finals Rodeo, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in sports broadcasting.

Jeff Medders Resigns From Cowboy Channel: End Of An Era 

The rumors are true: Jeff Medders has declared his resignation from the Cowboy channel.

As confirmed by Jeff Medders himself, the recent rumors hold as he officially announces his resignation from the Cowboy Channel.

The revelation unfolded during an episode of Luke Branquino’s podcast, recorded amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Cowboy Christmas near Las Vegas.

Effective December 31st, Jeff will be stepping down from his role as the president of the Cowboy Channel, a position he has held since 2019.

With over three decades of unwavering commitment, he has stood as one of the most enduring voices and recognizable faces in professional rodeo.

However, he has assured the fans that this does not mean they will not hear from him anymore. 

Jeff Medders In The Set Of Cowboys Channel
Jeff Medders In The Set Of Cowboys Channel (Source: Instagram)

Jeff has several projects lined up,p which he will be announcing after his effective withdrawal from the Cowboys channel. 

But nobody knows what will happen next, and it is tough to predict what will happen.

In 2016, the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame inducted him. Medders has contributed his skills and expertise to the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame. 

In an era where so many broadcasters put themselves on an equal footing with the event, Medders’ relaxed approach draws the viewer to join in.

While he is qualified to cover stick and ball sports as well as Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, his first love is the cowboy lifestyle.

Meet His Wifee Diana Medders 

Jeff is happily married to his wife, Diana Medders, who shares his love of sports journalism with him. 

Diana obtained her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism-Public Relations from the University of Oklahoma. She was Jeff’s junior in college, and she attended from 1986 to 1987.

Later, she continued her educational endeavours at the University of Southern California, concentrating on Cinematography and Film/Video Production from 1983 to 1985.

Since January 2001, she has also worked as the Co-Owner of Geronimo Productions, LLC, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Jeff Medders With His Wife Dianne Medders
Jeff Medders With His Wife Dianne Medders (Source: Instagram)Beforeo her current position, Diana worked as a Consultant for The Detrick Companies from 1995 to 2012.

After that, she assumed the role of Executive Director at the Tulsa Sports Commission within the Tulsa Regional Chamber from 1990 to 1994.

Medders and his wife Diana live with their four children in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Medders runs a cattle ranch in Talihina, Oklahoma, where he grew up.

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