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American professional tennis player Jennifer Brady does not shy away from admitting that her parents’ support and inspiration are the primary reasons behind her successful career.

Brady still vividly remembers she and her twin sister playing tennis after her dad gave them a ball and rackets before they were eight.

Initially, they played the game for fun and recreation, but she later took it seriously.

Her parents knew that she liked sports more than anything and, as a result, were happy for her when she pursued professional tennis after college in 2014.

American Professional Tennis Player Jennifer Brady
American Professional Tennis Player Jennifer Brady (Source: Essentially Sports)

The tennis athlete grew up playing all kinds of sports during her childhood. She spent most of her spare time playing tennis with her sister, but when she was not interested, Jennifer used to play basketball, baseball, and football with the boys.

Even though she always had the plan to turn professional in the back of her mind, she enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles, after graduating from school in 2012.

Brady helped her team win the Division 1 Women’s Tennis National Championship during her first year. She played the US Open a year later, marking her Grand Slam debut at 19.

The professional tennis player reached her career-high ranking in 2021, becoming the No. 13 in the world single rankings. However, she is currently not at her best and ranks at No. 584 as of this writing.

Jennifer Brady’s Childhood, Parents, And Sister

Jennifer Brady was born to her parents, Patrick and Elizabeth, on April 12, 1995, in Pennsylvania, United States. Jennifer’s identical twin sister, Jessica, was also born alongside her.

Her dad, Patrick Brady, was a former ESU football player who mainly played as a linebacker. Pat was included in the AP Little All-America Third Team in 1988 for his college football performance.

Even though he did not pursue a sports career, Jennifer’s dad did not want the same for his daughter. 

Jennifer Brady Pictured Playing Tennis As A Kid
Jennifer Brady Pictured Playing Tennis As A Kid (Source: Gossip Gist)

During a Tennis Channel podcast, Jennifer revealed that she liked extra-curricular activities, so she played any sports she came across as a kid. When she took up tennis at 7, she felt that was it.

Later, when she expressed her wish to learn tennis at an academy, her parents sent her to Boca Raton, Florida, to train tennis at the Evert Tennis Academy. 

Moreover, her mom and her sister follow her games closely. Whether she wins or loses, they feel happy when she comes to the court and plays. 

Unfortunately, the athlete keeps her family life private, so we do not have much information about her mom and sister. However, in a podcast, she said her sister attended a medical school.

Jennifer Brady Net Worth

The tennis player Jennifer Brady has an estimated net worth of around $2- $5 million.

Actively playing professional tennis since 2014, she has won eleven WTA and ITF titles, combining both doubles and singles. 

Jennifer has earned over $4.5 million as prize money throughout her career.

Jennifer Brady
Jennifer Brady (Source: Bruins Nation)

Apart from that, Jennifer made some more money through her endorsement deals with brands, including ATP Labs, Asics, and Babolat.

Jennifer could have done better and earned way more, but she has suffered from multiple injuries in the last couple of years. She has not made any Grand Slam appearances since she last played French Open in 2021.

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