Jess Carter Parents: Father Chris Carter- Siblings And Family

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Jess Carter’s parents are both American and English, which has enabled the English-born player eligible to hold American citizenship.

Carter’s father is a motorcycle enthusiast and a hardcore fan of his daughter. 

Jess Carter In The Middle Of A Game
Jess Carter In The Middle Of A Game (Source: Instagram)

Jessica Leigh Carter, born October 27, 1997, is an English professional footballer. She is a defender for Chelsea FC and the England women’s national team.

She was born in Warwick of, England, but she also holds American citizenship. The player enrolled at Birmingham City Academy in June 2013.

Carter likes to test her tastebuds now; she usually wanted American foods before, but as of late Japanese food has started to grow on her. She also loves to go for Snickers. 

When talking about her favorite soccer player, the Chelsea star is a big fan of Manchester United’s legend Paul Scholes

Before getting into soccer, she played rugby, which was borderline her favorite sport. 

Her favorite place she has traveled to is Mexico, and the destinations she wants to visit are Bora Bora, the Maldives, and Hawaii.

The player also got featured in the July 2023 Pride Portfolio of the British Vogue Magazine. 

Jess Carter Parents: Father Chris Carter And Siblings

Carter’s family is of different nationalities; her father, Chris Carter, is American, and her mother is English. 

The details of her mother are not available to the public as sources state that her parents have been divorced for a while. 

Her father is a motorcycle enthusiast and has been riding one of his choppers for a long time. 

Jess Carter With Her Father After Her Win
Jess Carter With Her Father After Her Win (Source: Instagram)

Chris is originally from Ocean City, New Jersey, but resides in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

He went to Ocean City High School, which he attended from the year 1981 to 1983. 

Since June 2011, he has worked at DHL Digital Centre Milton Keynes. 
The Carter family is big into barbecues, and the family usually gets together once a year at Chris’s house for an annual barbecue.
Jess says that her father is in charge of the grill and puts out a lot of food for everyone. 

Her Sister, Mia Carter 

Mia Carter is Jess’s sister, and the pair are very close to each other.

The siblings grew up listening to a lot of Rnb music, all credit to their father, and they both are huge Rnb fans. 
The Player With Her Sister In The Stands
The Player With Her Sister In The Stands (Source: Instagram)
Mia has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Since Mia lives in New Castle, Jess wants to show solidarity with her condition. 
Hence the player cut her hair short to let her sister know she was not alone. 

Jess Carter Partner Ann-Katrin Berger Relationship Timeline

Carter is openly gay and is in a romantic relationship with her Chelsea teammate Ann-Katrin Berger. 
Berger met Jess Carter when she joined Birmingham City FC in May 2016. Despite being teammates, they spoke little during the first six months.
It was 2017 when Jess wanted to move out of her parent’s house, and at the same time, Ann was looking for a housemate.
Hence they talked it out and moved in together at Solihull.
Jess Carter And Her Partner Slash Teammate Berger
Jess Carter And Her Partner Slash Teammate Berger (Source: Instagram)
Although they shared great chemistry, Jess had not considered anything romantic as she had just broken up with her boyfriend. 
Berger took Jess out for dinner in August 2017, but Jess had no idea it would be romantic.
But things changed when Berger took the risk of kissing her one day. They didn’t talk about it for a few days but ironed it out with serious talk.
It wasn’t long after that they decided to become a couple. 
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