10 Most Premier League Titles Winner Till Now

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Since 1992, the premier league has been around. Since its founding, the league has been one of the favorite leagues for avid soccer fans.

It is the most watched sports league in the world. Fifty clubs have competed since the league’s inception, but in present-day, 20 clubs contest with each other to take the Premier League title home.

Soccer Players (Source: Instagram)

Which clubs have bagged the most premier league titles with such a long history and devoted fan base?

To answer this query, we have prepared just the list for you. Here, we list the top ten clubs with the most wins in the Premier League.

So, let us get right into the list without any further delay, shall we?

10 Most Premier League Titles Winner Till Now

We have compiled the list below with the help of various trusted sources from the internet like PremierLeague, Statista, etc. But first, let us take a quick preview of the ranking below.

Club Name Title Wins
10. Sheffield Wednesday FC 4
9. Newcastle United FC 4
8. Chelsea FC 6
7. Sunderland AFC 6
6. Aston Villa 7
5. Manchester City 7
4. Everton FC 9
3. Arsenal FC 13
2. Liverpool FC 19
1. Manchester United FC 20

10. Sheffield Wednesday FC

The first club with four wins of the premier title, we have Sheffield Wednesday on our number 10. It’s one of the oldest clubs, founded 154 years ago in 1867.

Wednesday is also known as “The Owls.” It is England’s second-oldest professional association football club. In 1992, the club became a founding member of the Premier League.

Initially founded under the name Wednesday Football club, the club name was changed to Sheffield Wednesday in 1929. They won their four Premier League titles in 1903, 1904, 1929, and 1930.

Sheffield Wednesday players
Sheffield Wednesday players (Source: Instagram)

The Owls are one of the top football clubs in the league’s history. Some of the famous players who have played for the team include Bailey Peacock-Farrel, Liam Palmer, Jaden Brown, and Lewis Gibson.

Similarly, the club has won three FA Cup titles and one Football League Club title. Since its founding, the club has played its home games in blue and white shirts, but they have used many colors for its change trip over the years.   

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9. Newcastle United FC

The next soccer club is Newcastle United FC. The club shares the same number of Premier League titles as Sheffield Wednesday. The club was founded in 1892 after merging the Newcastle East End and the West End.

Since entering the Football League in 1893, the club has never dropped below the second tier in English football. It has been part of the Premier League for all except three years.

The club won the Premier League title in 1905, 1907, 1909, and 1927. Between 1904 and 1910, the club had the most successful era. The club won three of its four Premier League titles and an FA Cup during this period.

Newcastle United players on the field
Newcastle United players on the field (Source: Instagram)

Nicknamed “The Magpies,” the club has spent 88 seasons in the top flight. In addition, they have the ninth-highest total of major honors won by an English club.

Some of the notable athletes who have been part of the team are Alan Shearer, Shay Given, Gavin Peacock, Leek Clark, and many others. The club’s away colors have changed several times, but their home colors are black and white striped shirts.

8. Chelsea FC

Number 8 of the most Premier League titles winner is Chelsea FC. Nicknamed “The Blues” or “The Pensioners,” the club was founded in 1905. Chelsea is among the most successful clubs in England.

For the past twenty-five years, the club has enjoyed a lot of success. For example, it has won six Premier League titles over the years. Similarly, the club also has won seven FA Cups, four League Cups, two UEFA Champions League titles, one FIFA Club World Cup, etc.

Chelsea is the London-based club and the only club to win all three major European competitions twice. The club has a historic rivalry with Leeds United and neighboring teams Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

Fans of Chelsea FC
Fans of Chelsea FC (Source: Instagram)

The club’s list of notable players includes Graham Roberts, John Hollins, Frank Lampard, Eden Hazard, etc. One fun fact about Chelsea is that it had a long-running association with the music halls up until the 1950s.

The players of the club have always worn blue shirts. Initially, the players wore the Eton blue but were replaced in 1912.

As a result, its away color is usually all yellow or white with blue trim. The club has had black or dark blue away kits that alternate every year in recent years.

7. Sunderland AFC

Sunderland AFC is tied with Chelsea on the number of Premier League titles. The club is based in Sunderland, Tyne, and Wear, and was founded in 1879.

The club has a history of back-to-back relegations and ownership changes. However, it has always had a historically significant and passionate following. The fans know them by their nickname “The Black Cats.”

Sunderland has a long-standing rivalry with Newcastle United. Both the club has been contesting in the Tyne-Wear derby since 1898. The club won its six Premier League titles in 1892, 1893, 1895, 1902, 1913, and 1936.

Sunderland AFC players celbrating their goal
Sunderland AFC players celebrating their goal (Source: Instagram)

Aside from their six Premier League titles, they have been runner-up for the title twice. Similarly, they have also won the FA Cup twice, EFL Trophy, and FA Charity Shield.

The club has played in red and white striped shirts and black shorts for nearly their entire history. However, their crest has changed over the years. Their away color is yellow shirts with blue shorts and socks.

6. Aston Villa

The Aston Villa was founded in 1874 and is based in Aston, Birmingham. The club is one of the founder members of the Football League in 1888 and the Premier League in 1992.

Fans of Aston know them by several nicknames like “The Villans,” “The Lions,” and “The Claret & Blue Army.” Similarly, they are one of the five English clubs that won the European Cup in 1981-82.

The club has a total of seven Premier League titles. Additionally, it has also won the FA Cup seven times, the League Cup five times, and the UEFA Super Cup one time.

Aston Villa players celebrating
Aston Villa players celebrating (Source: Instagram)

Aston has a fierce local rivalry with Birmingham City. Both the teams have been contesting in Second City Derby since 1879. Some of the notable players that have been part of Aston are Gordon Cowans, Paul McGrath, George Ramsay, Peter Withe, Billy Walker, etc.

The club’s traditional colors are claret shirts with sky blue sleeves, white shorts, and sky blue socks. Aston players originally wore the claret and blue color, which changed into several ones to the present-day ones.

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5. Manchester City

Manchester City is another club tied with Aston Villa with seven Premier League titles. Initially, the club was founded as At. Marks in 1880; however, over the years, it was after 1894 that the name was officially changed into Manchester City.

The club is England’s one of the most successful football clubs. It first became a member of the Football League in 1892. In the late 1960s, the club enjoyed a major success period. The club won the European Cup Winners Cup, FA Cup, and League Cup during this time.

After that period, the City struggled, but in 2001, the club again gained momentum. Similarly, since 2002-03, they have remained a fixture in the Premier League.

Manchester City celebrating
Manchester City players celebrating (Source: Wikimedia.org)

Three were won under Pep Guardiola’s coaching era among the seven Premier League titles. Over the years, some of the prominent players who have played for the club are Richard Dunne, Carlos Tevez, Michael Brown, Shaub Wright-Philips, etc.

The City has been wearing sky blue and white as its home colors. Although traditionally, the kit colors have been either maroon or red and black, several colors have been used. 

4. Everton FC

On number 4 of the most Premier League titles winner is Everton. Fans call Everton by various names like “The Blues,” “The Toffees,” “The People’s Club,” and “The School of Science.”

The club was first founded in 1878 and is the second-largest continuous serving club in English top-tier football. The Blues was a founder member of the Football League in 1888.

Aside from the nine Premier League titles, Everton also has five FA Cups, one European Cup Winners’Cup and nine Charity Shields. The Toffees won their first Premier League title in the 1890-91 season.

Everton FC logo
Everton FC logo (Source: Instagram)

Some of the notable athletes who have been part of the club in its long history include Jack Sharp, Sam Chedgzoy, Ted Sagar, and Howard Kendall, among many others. The club’s main rival over the year has been Liverpool.

Everton’s home colors are royal blue shirts with white shorts and socks. However, the club had several kit colors in its first decade. Occasionally, the club has played in lighter shades of blue. 

3. Arsenal FC

We have reached our top three teams with the most Premier Leagues title win. Nicknamed “The Gunners,” Arsenal has won the Premier League thirteen times. The club was founded in 1886.

The club was the first one from South England to join the Football league in 1893. They have the longest streak in the top division. Similarly, Arsenal has won the second-most-top-flight matches in English football history.

Aside from their thirteen Premier League titles, the club has also won FA Cups fourteen times, FA Community Shield sixteen times, one UEFA Cup, etc. The club has the highest number of FA Cup trophies in history.

Arsenal players on the field
Arsenal players on the field (Source: Instagram)

During its long history, the person who changed the club’s fortune was Herbert Chapman. With his help, the club dominated the 1930s. Arsenal’s longest and deepest rival is known to be Tottenham Hotspur.

Over the year, the club’s crest has changed several times, and so has the kit. However, the club’s home color has been bright red shirts with white sleeves and white shorts for much of its history. 

2. Liverpool FC

The second place with nineteen Premier League titles goes to Liverpool. The club is based in Liverpool and was founded in 1892. The club joined the Football League in 1893.

Liverpool is one of the major top-tier football clubs in English history. However, in the 1970s and 1980s, the club established itself as a major powerhouse in English football.

It must be why the club is one of the most widely supported and valuable clubs globally. Additional to its nineteen Premier League titles, the club has won six European Cups, four UEFA Super Cups, three UEFA Cups, and one FIFA Club World Cup.

Liverpool players celebrating after the win
Liverpool players celebrating after the win (Source: Instagram)

There has been a long-standing contest between Manchester United and Everton. Some of the notable players who have been part of the team are Kenny Dalglish, John Barnes, Steven Gerrad, Kevin Keegan, etc.

Initially, their kit was similar to the contemporary Everton kit. However, it was after 1894 the club adopted the red color kit.

Since then, red shirts and white shorts to an all-red home strip have been used. Similarly, the club’s badge is based on the city’s liver bird symbol. 

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1. Manchester United

And we have the top winner of the Premier League title, Manchester United. The club was founded in 1878 under Newton Heath and later changed into Manchester United in 1902.

Nicknamed “The Red Devils,” the club has the joint-most trophies in English club football history. Additional to their twenty Premier League titles, the club has won twelve FA Cups, five League Cups, and a record twenty-one FA Community Shields.

Given its success, the club is one of the most popular football clubs globally. Similarly, it also has one of the highest average home attendances in Europe and has millions of fans worldwide.

Manchester United player Antonio Valencia with Premier League's trophy
Manchester United player Antonio Valencia with Premier League trophy (Source: Instagram)

Manchester United has long-standing rivalries with Liverpool, Arsenal, Leeds United, and Manchester City. Some of the players who have played with the club are Ryan Giggs, Sir Bobby Charlton, George Best, Paul Scholes, etc.

The club’s original crest was different from the present. Their nickname comes from the present crest’s devil stems. The kit was also changed after the name change in 1902. The present home kit is a red shirt with three stripes.


With so many powerful English clubs competing against each other, no wonder Premier League is one of the most-watched sports leagues. It’s a treat for any soccer fans around the world.

As one of the top-ranked leagues that garner some of the biggest watches, it is always fun to see which club will be winning the title of the Premier League next.

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