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Jim Paxson is an American former professional basketball player. He is a two-time All-star guard who played for 12 seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers and the Boston Celtics.

Born on July 9, 1957, Paxson is the son of the former NBA basketball player, Jim Paxson Sr. He was the first-round draft pick in the 1979 NBA Draft by the Portland Trail Blazers.

Jim had an impressive 11-year long professional basketball career as a forward and guard. His amazing basketball skills earned him several awards and honors. He truly carried the legacy of his father.

Jim Paxson[Source: NBA.com]
Paxson not only followed the footsteps of his father but also made a name for himself in the world of basketball. Thus, he has impressive career stats.

What is Jim Paxson doing now that he has retired from basketball? To get the answer to this and other such questions, do scroll down further.

Quick Facts

Name Jim Joseph Paxson
Birthdate July 9, 1957
Age 67 years
Birthplace Ohio, United States of America
Sunsign Cancer
Nationality American
Occupation Professional Basketball Player
  • Jim Paxson Sr. (Father)
  • Jackie (Mother)
Height 6’6″/198 cm
Weight 91 kg/200 lb
Position Shooting guard, Small forward
Social Media Not Available
Net Worth $1.5 million
Merch  Autographed Trading Card
Last Update July, 2024

Jim Paxson: Early Life and Family

Jim Paxson, the NBA star, was born on July 9, 1957, in Ohio. He was born as the eldest son of the star basketball player Jim Paxson Sr.

Jim attended the Archbishop Alter High School. Later, he went to the University of Dayton.

Paxson had a great interest in basketball, and he was amazingly good at it too. However, when he wanted to join the Dayton Flyers, he couldn’t afford a pair of proper athletic shoes. So, the athletic director Thomas Frericks lent him a pair.

Likewise, Jim earned his All-American honor during his senior year. Again, he had an average of more than 23 points per game.

So, Paxson was already in the process of becoming a star player. He was inspired by his father’s legacy and wanted to continue it. So, when talent met with determination, it too didn’t become impossible.

Jim Paxson Sr. (Father)

Jim’s father was a star basketball player himself. He was born on December 19, 1932, in Ohio, USA.

Similarly, Paxson attended the University of Dayton, where he helped his team achieve two consecutive runner-up positions in the National Invitation Tournament.

Paxson Sr. was also sent into the Army as it was the time of the Korean War. Even there, he showed his amazing basketball skills and played with the Armed Force All-stars.

Jim Paxson Sr. [Source: Wikipedia]
After graduating, he was selected by the Minneapolis Lakers. He was the third pick of the NBA draft. Paxon Sr. played two seasons in the NBA.

He also played for Cincinnati Royales during that time. After his retirement, he made his career in the insurance sector.

The star basketball player passed away on October 28, 2014, leaving all of his fans heartbroken.

Jim Paxson’s mother’s name is Jackie.

John Paxson (Brother)

On September 29, 1960, John was born as the younger son of Jim Paxson Sr. He was an All-American college basketball player at the University of Notre Dame.

He received his high school education from Archbishop Alter High School, just like his elder brother Jim.

John earned his first All-American title as a junior in 1981-82. He also was in the Fighting Irish in his sophomore year.

He received his second All-American title after leading Notre Dame to an impressive 19-10 record. His four-year average was 12.2 per game.

John Paxson[Source: Hoops Habit]
John graduated from Notre Dame University with majors in Business Administration. The San Antonio Spurs later selected him as the 19th overall pick of the 1983 NBA draft.

After his retirement, John worked as an assistant coach of The Bulls. Later, he became the General Manager for The Bulls.

Michael (Brother), Mollie, and Maggie (Sisters)

Michael is the youngest brother of Jim. He also played college basketball.

Jim lived with his family in a house at the end of a cul-de-sac. The house had five bedrooms.

John took his elder brother as his role model. He even changed his jersey number from 23 to 4 out of respect for his brother. This was because 4 was Jim’s number in Portland. John always said, 

“I never had to look very far to find a hero.”

His brother, too, always made sure John was on the right track to follow his dream.

Jim Paxson: Age, Height, Weight

Jim Paxson was born on July 9, 1957. So, as of 2024, he is 67 years old.

Paxson is 6’6″ tall, which is 1.98 meters. Do we need to wonder how he took such unbelievable shots now? With a whopping 6’6” height, Jim definitely had an added advantage in basketball.

His listed weight is 200lb, which is 91 kg. Tall and lean, Jim, no doubt, had an athletic built.

Professional Career

Jim Paxson is a well-known basketball player. He was an NBA All-star in 1983 and 1984.

Jim played with Portland Trail Blazers and spent 9 seasons with the team. He was the all-time leading scorer for Portland and stayed in the team from 1979-1988.

Paxson was then traded to the Boston Celtics. He spent two full seasons in the Celtics.

He did appreciable work while he was on the team. Jim helped his team achieve wonderful results in various matches.

The most remarkable part about Jim playing for the Celtics was his association with Larry Bird. Jim Paxson got to play with the Hall of Fame forward Larry Bird.

However, the relationship these two players shared wasn’t particularly amicable. As Paxson himself admitted, he and Larry were never close.

He even said that he felt Larry could never truly respect someone he hadn’t won a title with.

To know more about Larry Bird, Click Here.

However, after he left the Celtics, Paxson commented that playing with the Celtics was a dream come true. He said, 

“Playing for the Boston Celtics was and is the ultimate dream of any basketball player.”

To this added,

“I not only played alongside players with unique talent, but made a lot of friends along the way.  I am now looking forward to new career challenges.”

Post Career

Jim Paxson retired in 1990, after leaving the Celtics. The player was only 32 years old when he retired.

So, Paxson joined Portland’s front- office as the assistant general manager. Then, in September 1998, he was appointed as the vice-president of basketball operations for Cleaveland Cavaliers.

Likewise, Paxson was promoted to the role of General Manager in 1999. He served in that role for six years until he was fired in April 2005.

The reason for his dismissal from the role was the poor performance of the basketball team. In fact, the Cavaliers had failed to qualify for the NBA playoffs for seven consecutive years. 

Unfortunately, however, the news of Jim being fired came just one day after the fateful match. During Jim’s tenure, the team had won only 185 games and lost 307 games.

Afterward, in July 2006, Paxson was hired as the consultant of the Bulls. It is the same team where Jim’s younger brother is the executive vice-president of the basketball operations.

He is, to date, working in the same position.

Jim Paxson: Girlfriends, Wife, and Kids

Jim Paxson is married to Candice Brusse Paxson. They were happily married for a long time.

Sadly, Candice passed away in 2004. She was diagnosed with central nervous system lymphoma for four years. Paxson’s wife finally succumbed to the disease on September 10, 2004.

Paxson has remained single since, and he hasn’t remarried. So Jim perhaps finds comfort in the memories he made with his loving wife.

Moreover, Jim Paxson has two sons Aaron Paxson and Brett Paxson. He also has grandchildren.

Jim Paxson: Net Worth

Jim Paxson is a famous basketball player. Therefore, he is included in the list of famous basketball players as well.

So, the majority of income that Jim Paxson earns is from his career as a basketball player.

However, he has also taken various other responsibilities like, in recent years, that of vice-president and general manager. So, he also has other sources of income.

The salaries of players vary from thousands to millions of dollars per year. For example, professional NBA players earn around USD 2 million, while outside NBA, the amount can be as little as USD 20,000.

The net worth of Jim Paxson is estimated to be around USD 1.5 million.

He purchased a house in Paradise Valley, Arizona, worth USD 1,144,600.


Is Jim Paxson married?

He was married to Candice Brusse Paxson. However, she succumbed to a four-year-old central nervous system lymphoma. She sadly passed away in 2004. Since then, Jim has remained single.

Are Jim Paxson and John Paxson related?

Yes, Jim Paxson and John Paxson are related. In fact, they are biological brothers. Jim is the elder brother to John. They are only three years apart.

What is Jim Paxson doing now?

Jim worked as a General Manager in the Cavaliers after he retired from basketball at 32. However, he was fired after working in the same position for six years.

Since July 2004, he is working as a counselor in the Bulls. It is where his younger brother, John, is the executive vice-president.

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