Jimmy Horn Jr Parents: Kendra Lewis And Jimmy Horn Sr

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Jimmy Horn Jr.’s parents, Kendra Lewis and Jimmy Horn Sr, raised their son in Sanford, Florida. But the two have divorced, with Jimmy being raised by his dad since childhood. 

The Colorado Buffaloes standout receiver, Jimmy Horn Jr., has started to get shouts for the Heisman Trophy. In his interview with Yahoo Sports, Jimmy even said Colorado has become America’s Team.

Jimmy Horn Jr. Poses In His University of Colorado Gear For The 2023 Season
Jimmy Horn Jr. Poses In His University of Colorado Gear For The 2023 Season (Source: Instagram)

The young wide receiver has formed a strong bond with his coach, Deion Sanders. He hails Sanders as a father figure in his life. Jimmy Horn Sr., his dad, is incarcerated and hasn’t been able to watch him.

But Jimmy Sr. talked to Coach Sanders after their recent win against Texas. The father-son duo trusts Coach Sanders and is grateful to him. 

Jimmy Horn Jr. Parents: Kendra Lewis, And Jimmy Horn Sr

Jimmy Horn Jr’s parents, Kendra Lewis and Jimmy Horn Sr went their separate ways when the football player was young. The wide receiver was raised singlehandedly by his dad, Jimmy Horn Sr.

Unlike some of his teammates, Jimmy has no family members with a trace of collegiate football. In fact, as said by his father in an interview in 2020, Jimmy is the first male in his family to go to college. 

In the interview with Orlando Sentinel, Horn Sr said he has always been a tough dad and wanted his son to do better. And his son has granted his wish as he is now one of the most sought-after football players in the nation. 

Jimmy Horn Jr's Parents, Jimmy Horn Sr, And Kendra Lewis Pictured Above
Jimmy Horn Jr’s Parents, Jimmy Horn Sr, And Kendra Lewis Pictured Above (Source: Facebook)

Since separating from Jimmy’s father, Kendra Lewis has moved on with another man, who uses the name Deniro on Facebook. On her Facebook handle, Kendra Lewis can be seen celebrating her son’s victory.

With her son’s birthday approaching on the weekend, Kendra shared she will be in Colorado to watch Jimmy take on Nebraska and celebrate his special day. Recently, after Jimmy played a vital role in helping his side win against Texas, his father, Horn Sr, and his coach, Deion Sanders, shared a short phone call. 

With Horn Sr behind bars, he thanked Coach Sanders for looking after his son. The two shared excitement over Jimmy’s performance. In Coach Prime’s Playbook with Romi Bean show, Jimmy was the special guest and said he trusts Coach Sanders as much as his dad. 

Since Jimmy transferred to Colorado, his dad hasn’t been able to watch him perform. So, when Jimmy Sr gets out of prison, the father-son duo will certainly share an emotional moment. 

Is Jimmy Horn Jr. Related To Joe Horn?

So, there might be confusion among some football fans on whether the Colorado wide receiver is related to former NFL wide receiver Joe Horn. The answer is no. 

Jimmy has no relation to Joe Horn and has probably never met the former Atlanta Falcons player. Joe Horn does have six kids, but Jimmy isn’t one of them. 

Joe’s oldest son, Joe Horn Jr., tried his luck in the NFL. He went undrafted in 2019 and was signed as a free agent by the Baltimore Ravens. But unfortunately, he couldn’t make a single appearance after being waived during final roster cuts.

The Carolina Panthers Cornerback, Jaycee Horn Has No Relation With Jimmy Horn Jr
The Carolina Panthers Cornerback Jaycee Horn Has No Relation With Jimmy Horn Jr. (Source: Instagram)

Joe Horn Jr. signed for Houston Roughnecks and the New York Guardian in the XFL league but hasn’t appeared for any football program since 2020. Joe Horn’s second son, Jaycee Horn, plays for the Carolina Panthers.

After being drafted as the eighth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Jaycee has started in only 16 games for the Panthers. The cornerback’s first two seasons in the NFL have been riddled with injuries. 

Soon, Jimmy might join Jaycee in the NFL, creating confusion about whether he shares any relation to the Panthers’ cornerback. 

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