Joe Gibbs Decision On Denny Hamlin- “He Will Be Back Next Year”

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In a thrilling announcement that has set NASCAR fans abuzz, the legendary NFL coach turned NASCAR team owner, Joe Gibbs, revealed his exciting plan for the veteran driver, Denny Hamlin.

As one of the most prominent team owners in NASCAR, Gibbs made it clear that despite Hamlin‘s current contract situation, he is an integral part of their team’s future.

With confidence, Gibbs assured fans that Hamlin will be back on track next year, leaving no doubt about his commitment to retaining the skilled driver’s services.

Hamlin’s illustrious career is a testament to his remarkable talent and achievements in the world of motorsports.

Joe Gibbs Decision
Joe Gibbs (Source: Sports Business Journal)

His proven track record and unparalleled experience make it no surprise that Joe Gibbs Racing is eager to have him continue with them in the 2024 season.

As the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series season reaches its climactic stages, anticipation builds, and the racing community eagerly awaits the exhilarating events that will unfold in August and beyond.

With Hamlin’s incredible skills and the support of Joe Gibbs Racing, the upcoming seasons promise to be a spectacle for racing enthusiasts worldwide.

Joe Gibbs Decision On Denny Hamlin- “He Will Be Back Next Year”

In the 2023 NASCAR season, Denny Hamlin started with a 17th-place finish at the Daytona 500.

He faced controversy when he admitted to intentionally wrecking Chastain during a race, resulting in a points deduction and a fine.

Despite the setback, Hamlin’s illustrious career was celebrated as he was named one of NASCAR’s 75 Greatest Drivers in April.

In the course of the season, he achieved remarkable victories, notably winning at Kansas after a tense battle with Kyle Larson.

Denny Hamlin, A Professional Stock Car Racer
Denny Hamlin, A Professional Stock Car Racer (Source: Instagram)

On July 23, Hamlin added to his impressive track record by securing a win at Pocono, marking his second win of the 2023 season and his seventh win at Pocono Raceway.

This victory also became a significant milestone, as it was his 50th career win in the Cup Series.

Additionally, the race marked the first win for sponsor Mavis Brakes & Tires, who had recently started sponsoring Hamlin.

Overall, despite the initial controversy, Denny Hamlin’s 2023 season showcased his talent, experience, and tenacity as he continued to make his mark as one of NASCAR’s most accomplished drivers.

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