What happened to Joel Embiid Brother?

Siblings are one of the most essential parts of anyone’s life. You grow up together, live your childhood together and build memories. So, it is evident that everyone attaches emotionally to their siblings.

We sometimes get sad when our siblings are not around us. But, we can even think of losing them forever. Unfortunately, the Philadelphia 76ers’ center forward, Joel Embiid, faced one of the most devastating experiences in life, i.e., losing his brother forever. 

Joel’s younger brother Arthur Embiid died at a young age in 2014. It was a massive blow for Joel’s family. The Cameroonian basketball star was so devastated by his incident that he even thought of stopping his playing career. 

Joel Embiid brother
Joel Embiid brother, Arthur Embiid. (Source: Under Armour)

Joel Embiid is one of the emerging players in the NBA today. Drafted with a third overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft, the Cameroonian debuted in his NBA career from the Philadelphia 76ers. He has since then been impressive and also received four All-star selections. 

Joel was close to his brother, and he always showed his love towards his brother in every way possible. So, what happened to Joel Embiid’s brother? How did the Embiid family handle the grief? We will talk all about them in the article.

But first, let us learn some quick facts about Joel’s brother Arthur Embidd.

Joel Embiid Brother | Quick Facts

Full NameArthur Hans Embiid
Date of Birth2001
Birth PlaceYaounde, Cameroon
Nick NameNone 
Zodiac Sign Not Available
Age13 at the time of Demise
EducationNot Available
HeightNot Available
WeightNot Available
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorNot Available
Date of DeathOctober 16, 2014
Father’s NameThomas Embiid
Mother’s NameChristine Embiid
SiblingsJoel Embiid
Net WorthNot Available
Social MediaNot Available
Merch of Joel EmbiddJerseyT-shirt
Last UpdateSeptember, 2022

Arthur Embiid | Early Life

Since he died at a really young age, Joel’s brother Arthur couldn’t have much of his early life. He was born in 2001 in a city named Yaounde in Cameroon. Joel was also born in the same place on March 16, 1994. So they grew up together in their hometown. 

Arthur attended a local school in Cameroon. However, the exact school he attended is not disclosed. 

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What happened to Joel Embiid Brother Arthur Embiid?

It was 2014, the same year when Joel had been drafted in the NBA draft by the 76ers. However, he was able to debut in the NBA due to an injury. He had a knee injury, and the physio suggested that he take a break and make his debut sometime later after fully recovering.

It was not at all a good time for Joel because it is every basketball player’s dream to get drafted in the World’s most prominent basketball competition NBA, which he had gotten into, but he was not able to make a debut. 

October 16, 2014, the Cameroonian was taking rest and preparing for his recovery, but that day, he got a call from his home back in Africa. However, every call from your family back home excites you; this time, Joel had a rather opposite reaction.

It was a call for him to let him know that his brother Arthur Embiid was no more with them. It is devastating news to hear and excruciating listening that the little brother you spent your childhood with, the brother you love the most, is dead. 

No one can imagine the feeling except for those who actually had to face it. Sources reported that Joel Embiid’s brother Arthur Embiid was killed in a road accident. He was returning home after school, and he was struck by a vehicle on the way, and he died on the spot.  

Reports say that Arthur Embiid was struck down by a vehicle that had rolled down a hill. Anyone who had known that their brother had been killed would return home to be with the family, and so did Joel. He stayed with the family for quite a time.

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Relationship Between Joel Embiid and His Brother Arthur Embiid

Joel was broken and devastated by the incident that he even thought of ending his career in NBA. Moreover, he also had a knee injury going on, and his brother’s death acted as fuel in the fire. He revealed that he wanted to quit NBA in an interview. 

It is to be noted that he hadn’t even debuted in the NBA until then and wanted to quit it. From this, we can imagine how close Joel was to his brother Arthur.

Also, Joel remembers when he missed his basketball training in his new school just to play FIFA with his brother Arthur, and the training was not regular; it was a prestigious camp.

He loved his brother a lot and, the reaction regarding the decision to quit his NBA career before even starting it was justifiable. 

Joel’s Tribute to His Brother Arthur

On September 17, 2020, Joel Embiid welcomed a new family member. He had been with his girlfriend Anna De Paula, and the couple had their first child. 

When Joel and his lover had their first son on that day, there was no question as to what Joel would name the baby.

Joel wanted to keep his brother and his memories close to him, and thus, Embiid paid tribute to his dearest Late brother Arthur in the best way possible by naming his first child by his brother’s name. He named his son Arthur Embiid.  

Joel took to his Twitter to announce the birth of his son and the name.

Joel Embiid's announcement post about his son named after his brother Arthur
Joel Embiid’s announcement post about his son named after his brother Arthur (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Joel never misses a chance to remember his brother on any occasion. Likewise, in remembrance of his late brother, Joel has dedicated a new basketball court.

The Philadelphia center forward opened the Arthur Embiid Athletics Court at the Northeast Frankford Boys and Girls Club in Philadelphia. 

The Arthur Embiid and Angels Foundation

Likewise, the bigger and the most influential tribute is yet to be mentioned.

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In partnership with his team, 76ers, National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), and UNICEF USA, the 76ers star Embiid announced a holiday fundraising campaign to help disadvantaged children in Cameroon’s home country.

The campaign was inspired by the memory of his late brother, who lost his life at a very young age, and he ran the project through his charity, The Arthur Embiid & Angels Foundation.


“My foundation, the Arthur Embiid & Angels Foundation, has partnered with UNICEF to help improve the lives of at-risk youth in Cameroon. 

                                                   – Joel Embiid 

Joel Embiid Brother- Arthur Embiid | FAQs

When did Arthur Embiid die?

The younger brother of Joel Embiid, Arthur Embiid, died on October 16, 2014, when he was only the age of 13. 

How did Joel Embiid’s brother die?

Arthur Embiid, brother of 76ers center forward Joel Embiid, died in a road accident when the truck struck him that was rolling down the hill. It was a tragic moment in the Embiid family as well as NBA and the whole sports fraternity. This incident nearly caused Joel to quit his NBA career before it even took off. 

In the end, we would hope that the holy soul of Joel Embiid’s brother Arthur Embiid rests in peace, and may he get his place in heaven. 

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