Who is Joel Embiid’s Father? All about Thomas Embiid

Joel Embiid is a Cameroonian basketball player who is one of the few resilient, talented, optimistic, and determined stars in the NBA.

Although he had his portion of injuries and challenges early in his career, while striving for brilliance in the NBA, he always denied yielding to the difficulties.

He had to deal with several personal tragedies that occurred in a way. However, his family was always beside him as a proponent, which led him to overcome the gloom.

Joel Embiid and his father Thomas Embiid in the frame (Source: ClutchPoints)
Joel Embiid and his father Thomas Embiid in the frame (Source: ClutchPoints)

In his basketball journey, Joel’s father, Thomas, has been a very supportive and nurturing father to him.

He has been a massive inspiration to Joel, and we hope the bond between them will only flourish more in the future. 

We give detailed information about Joel Embiid‘s father, Thomas Embiid. But before that, let’s know briefly about him through quick facts. 

Joel Embiid Father: Quick Facts

Full NameThomas Embiid 
Nick NameThomas
Date Of BirthNot Available
Birth PlaceYaoundé, Cameroon
ResidenceYaoundé, Cameroon
AgeNot Available
Sexual OrientationStraight 
HeightNot Available
WeightNot Available
High SchoolNot Available
Father’s NameNot Available 
Mother’s NameNot Available
Hair ColourBlack 
Eye ColourDark Brown 
Skin ColourDark
Marital StatusMarried
Former PartnerChristine Embiid 
KidsThree: Joel Embiid, Muriel Embiid, and Arthur Embiid
ProfessionCameroon Military Officer
Net WorthNot Available
SalaryNot Available 
Social MediaNot Available
Grandchildren 1, Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid (grandson)
Joel Embiid MerchJersey, Rookie Card
Last UpdateDecember, 2022

Joel Embiid Father: Thomas Embiid 

Thomas Embiid, the father of Joel Embiid, is a colonel in the Cameroon military. He also was a professional handball player during his early years. He is very supportive and caring towards his children. 

Thomas is married to Christine Embiid, who initially wanted Joel to become a doctor.

However, she couldn’t help herself to stop her child’s dream and instead supported him in his passion. 

Thomas Embiid, father of Joel Embiid (Source: Lawrence journal)
Thomas Embiid, father of Joel Embiid (Source: Lawrence journal)

He has three kids together with his wife Christine, among which Joel is the eldest son. The other two children of his are one daughter named Muriel and one beloved son Arthur Embiid. 

Unfortunately, they lost their younger son Arthur in a car crash on 16 October 2014. Arthur was only 13 years old when he lost his life in the accident.

Arthur was returning from school premises and got hit by the truck. It was a massive loss for Thomas and his entire family.

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Who is Joel Embiid? 

Joel Hans Embiid, born on 16 March 1994, is a professional basketball player and currently plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA)for the Philadelphia 76ers.

After a year of college basketball with the Kansas Jayhawks, the 76ers drafted him as the third overall pick in the NBA draft in 2014.

Moreover, he is the third player selected and the highest-paid player from his native country, Cameroon. 

Unfortunately, numerous foot and knee injuries delayed his debut for two seasons until 2016–17. Despite playing only 31 games, he was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team.

Embiid has received four All-Star selections. But, in a reference from 76ers fans during the Sam Hinkie era to “trust the process,” he nicknamed himself “the Process.”

In the 2017 FIBA AfroBasket, he played for Cameroon in the Republic of Congo in the preliminary team. However, he did not compete in it. 

Joel Embiid: Early Life 

Born to a military officer, Thomas Embiid and Christine, Joel played volleyball and soccer in childhood. He initially planned to play professional volleyball in Europe.

However, fate had written something else for his life. Indeed, he started playing basketball at age 15, modeling his game after the NBA Hall of Fame center Hakeem Olajuwon. 

A fellow native of Yaounde and an NBA player Luc Mbah a Moute discovered Embiid at a basketball camp.

After that, Mbah a Moute became a mentor to him. Then, at the age of 16, Embiid moved to the United States to commit himself to becoming an extraordinary professional basketball player. 

Embiid was committed to Kansas in November 2012. Additionally, he was also a five-star recruit, according to Rivals.com.

Joel Embiid Father’s first appearance to his Game 

In 2013, Thomas Embiid landed in Kansas City on Tuesday evening. It was indeed the first time he’d seen the Midwest.

In fact, it would be the first of many firsts. Thomas arrived in Lawrence an hour later and took his first step into Allen Fieldhouse. He watched the fans pile in and the building adequately filled. 

Then he observed his son, Joel, score 16 points as No. 2 Kansas defeated Iona 86-66. Actually, it was the first time Thomas Embiid had ever seen his son play basketball.

Joel Embiid father Thomas Embiid along with his wife Christine Embiid (Source: Twitter)
Joel Embiid’s father, Thomas Embiid, along with his wife Christine Embiid (Source: Twitter)

“I am very impressed,” Thomas Embiid said afterward.

At that time, Joel had come very far away by only playing basketball for three years which Thomas wasn’t precisely that aware of. Perhaps for lack of a robust English vocabulary, Thomas Embiid could only express his reaction as “surprised.”

Later, Embid also said that he didn’t only play better because his father was present there. 

This was a first for Joel Embiid too. His father said Joel came to America to improve and uplift himself.

And after many years forward of that statement by his father, we can undoubtedly say that he genuinely has grown himself as the best basketball player. 

Thomas Embiid as an Inspiration to Joel Embiid

As growing up, Thomas has always been an enormous inspiration to Joel Embiid. He also confessed that he saw his father’s success, so he wanted to be better than his father. 

During his childhood, Joel was more into volleyball. In addition, Embiid’s family, specifically his father, strongly encouraged him to stick with volleyball.

Thomas even told him that Cameroon people don’t play basketball. Instead, volleyball was a more popular sport with a competitive ranking in the country. During that point, Embiid had only played basketball for three months.

In September, Joel himself became a father and welcomed his son Arthur Embiid into the world.

After the birth of his son, he understood the importance of being idle for his son, just like his father Thomas was for him. 

Joel wants his son to see him at the pinnacle of his game and as the best in the game when he grows up. In addition, he also wants his son to watch his father win titles and know him as the Hall of Famer. 

Joel wants to set the bar high for his son to gain more success and abundance. 

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Thomas Embiid: Grandson Arthur Embiid

Thomas Embidd’s son Joel and his girlfriend Anne De Paula gave birth to Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid, making Thomas the proud grandfather.

The little boy was named after his departed uncle Arthur who was struck by accident and died. The small boy is the greatest gift to both Joel and Thanos Embiid. 

Joel Embiid with his newborn son in the hand (Source: Instagram)
Joel Embiid with his newborn son Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid in hand (Source: Instagram)

We are very familiar with Joel’s sarcastic nature, and he mentioned that it’s just the beginning, and he would welcome 11 new babies. This statement can be great news for Joel’s father to raise so many grandchildren. 

Joel wants his son to be better than him, just like he wants to be better than his father, Thomas, and achieve tremendous success than his father already had. 

Thomas Embiid: Wife and Kids 

Thomas Embiid is married to Christine Embiid, with whom he shares three children Joel Embiid, Muriel Embiid, and Arthur Embiid (who is already passed away). 

Joel’s brother’s death came just months after the Philadelphia 76ers selected him with the No. 3 pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

The NBA superstar has stayed on the 76ers all his career to this point.

Likewise, now he has a son to go with his two All-NBA selections and three All-Star appearances. But, unfortunately, there are not many details about his wife, Christine Embiid. 

Joel Embiid: Girlfriend 

Joel Embiid has been in a relationship with a successful Brazilian swimsuit model, Anne de Paula, since 2018. However, the duo admits that their relationship has been unexpected.

They coincidentally met at a New York City dinner in 2018 via a mutual friend. Later, they eventually started face-timing and motivating each other.  

Joel Embiid along with his girlfriend (Source: Instagram)
Joel Embiid along with his girlfriend Anne de Paula (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, they both have common likes that the couple loves soccer, and spoke French. One part of being a lover is to stand by with your love interest, no matter what.

This is the reason why Joel Embiid’s father, a former handball player, happily accepts their relationship.

Furthermore, they even hoped to start a family one day which has come to life already as they are both blessed with an adorable son. 

Joel Embiid: Social Media

Joel Embiid is impressive on the court, but his social media are also equally fun to keep an update on.

As his Instagram bio suggests, he is one hell of a comedian who loves sharing and making memes and trolls. But, likewise, he is also known as the king of trolling. 

He has a huge fan following on his social media. You can stalk his social media; below are the details;

Instagram 4.9 million followers

Twitter 1.9 million followers

Thomas Embiid: Net Worth 

Thomas Embiid’s net worth is not revealed on the internet. We will discuss the net worth of Joel Embidd. 

Joel earns the most as a professional basketball player. However, he also makes an additional amount of wealth from endorsements of popular brands. 

In total, Joel’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $31.2 million, which will soar in his popularity and more significant achievements.

Unknown Facts about Joel Embiid’s Father 

There is not very much information about 7-foot NBA superstar Joel Embiid‘s father, Thomas. However, we have collected some lesser-known facts about him, which are below;

  • Thomas Embiid lost his younger son Arthur Embiid in an accident, who was only 13 years old. 
  • Embiid’s elder son Joel is a famous NBA professional basketball player who is widely known worldwide. 
  • Thomas saw his son Joel play basketball for the first time in 2013 in Kansas City. 
  • Thomas is a Cameroon military officer and was a competitive handball player. 
  • He is married to Christine Embiid, with whom he has three children. 

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Frequently Asked Questions  

Who is Joel Embiid’s biological father?

Joel Embiid’s biological father, Thomas Embiid, is a Cameroon military colonel. In addition, he also was a professional handball player. 

What happened to Joel Embiid’s brother?

Joel Embiid‘s brother Arthur died at the age of 13 due to an accident struck by a truck. He was returning from school premises back home, but unfortunately, he met with an accident. 

Joel also named his newborn son on his late brother Arthur, giving him tribute and respect. 

It was a significant loss for the entire Embiid family. Joel even thought of quitting his basketball journey due to the tragic incident. However, he perpetuated his journey and only accomplished tremendous success. 

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