Joey Wendle And Wife Lindsey Wendle Are Raising Three Kids

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The MLB player Joey Wendle enjoys the perks of baseball success & a happy family. Wendle is the father of three kids with his wife Lindsey Wendle.

Joey Wendle is an American professional baseball infielder, who is famous for not wearing gloves when he bats, which is rare among MLB players.

Currently, he plays for the Miami Marlins after joining in 2018. Earlier, he used to play for the Oakland Athletics in 2016 and 2017 and then for the Tampa Bay Rays from 2018 to 2021.

In 2012 the Cleveland Indians chose Wendle in the sixth round of the MLB draft. He received the Lou Boudreau Award for being the best player in the Cleveland Indians minor league.

Joey Wendle with the Baseball bat
                   The Baseball Player, Joey Wendle (Source: Instagram)

Wendle played his first game in the Major League on August 31, 2016. He played 36 games for the Oakland Athletics for one season and part of another. Wendle got 29 hits out of 109 times he tried to hit the ball.

Besides baseball, Joey Wendle liked to do wrestling when he was in high school. Frank McCue, the coach of his wrestling team, says he is an outstanding wrestler.

In his last year of high school, he fought in the 140-pound category. Like many wrestlers, he wanted to compete in a lower-weight class, so he lost weight during the wrestling season.

Joey Wendle Wife Lindsey Wendle & Three Kids

Joey Wendle is married to Lindsey Wendle. The couple married in North Carolina, Edenton, on October 25, 2014.

Lindsey was born to Karen and Paul Miller on January 1, 1990. She loves her husband and is proud of him. She helps him and believes in him.

                                      The Wendle Family (Source: Twitter)

The pair has three sons, Jack, Luke, and Noel. Jack was born in May 2018, Luke in January 2020, and Noel in 2022.

Lindsey shared a family picture on Twitter in Christmas 2022 to announce the arrival of Noel.

Parents & Family Background Of The MLB Star

Joey Wendle was born on April 26, 1990, in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, to Scott Wendle and Carol Wendle. He has two elder brothers, Andy and Ben.

Wendle was raised in a very religious family and attended church often as a child. He brought him to the Church, showed him how to pray, and encouraged him to be kind.

Joey played and had fun with his big brothers regularly. Andy and Ben Wendle did well in baseball over their lives.

Andy played for three years at Villanova, and Ben was a good outfielder at St. Joseph’s. The Wendle family has many memories of their boys playing baseball when they were young.

In high school, Tim Rector was the coach who taught the Wendle brothers how to play baseball.

He says that the oldest of the Wendle siblings, Andy, is good at catching the ball and has solid arms for throwing it. Ben was good at hitting, but Andy was even better at it.

Joey Wendle was good at baseball from a very young age. He was good at playing any role in a game. Most importantly, he was good at playing in a particular position on the baseball field called the middle infield and had very gentle hands.

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