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Winner of 7 Grand Slam Titles, John McEnroe is a former tennis player with a net worth of $100 million. 

John was born on 16th February 1959 in the town of Wiesbaden, Germany, to American parents. However, his parents’ occupational backgrounds are unknown at the moment.

In the 1980s, this former tennis player was ranked as World No.1 Tennis player for four years straight. 

John McEnroe, the former No. 1 Tennis player
John McEnroe, the former No. 1 Tennis player

This article will focus more on John McEnroe‘s net Worth, endorsements, house, television, film appearances, book publications, charity works, and many more. 

Before heading on, let us look at the quick facts below. 

Quick Facts

Full Name John Patrick McEnroe Jr.
Birth Date 16th February 1959
Age 65 years old
Place of Birth Wiesbaden, Germany
Birth sign Aquarius
Nickname McGrath, SuperBrat, Johnny Mac
Nationality American
Profession Former Professional Tennis Player, Commentator, Actor
Education Stanford University
Father’s Name John McEnroe Sr.
Mother’s Name Kay McEnroe
Siblings Patrick McEnroe and Mark McEnroe
Marital Status Married
Spouse Tatum O’Neal (Divorced), Patty Smyth (Present)
Children Ava McEnroe, Anna McEnroe, Emily McEnroe, Sean McEnroe
Height 180 cm/ 5’11”
Weight 165 lb/75 kgs
Social Media Facebook
Net Worth $100 million
Merch  But Seriously(Book), Tennis Card, Autographed Tennis Balls
Last Update June, 2024

John McEnroe Net Worth & Income 

The world’s top-ranked player at a time made most of his fortune by winning numerous championships around the world.

However, being a top player brought opportunities to grow his wealth in different ways.

Likewise, John started from his earnings through match fees and championship-winning prizes.

Early in his career, he made most of his fortune from winning prizes from Wimbledon and US Open.

The champion won seven Grand Slam Singles titles and nine Grand Slams Doubles titles, adding a great deal to his already impressive net worth. 

Moreover, with his success, McEnroe was able to grab several endorsements deals with different brands, one of them being Dunlop.

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Other Income Sources & Ventures 

The other part of John’s income came from the small music career after retiring from Tennis.

Of course, few tours and small gigs here and there didn’t earn him much, but in one way or other, it helped him in building the gigantic net worth he possesses today.

Likewise, McEnroe is also respected as a top commentator. He has commentated on several games at Wimbledon and US Open on  BBC, CNBC, NBC, or ESPN.

The media houses had to pay a hefty fee for McEnroe to speak on their channel. It is assumed his fees started at as high as $50,000.

Additionally, it is believed that the reputed former player and commentator charges as high as $1 million, which wouldn’t only include commentating.

But also includes autograph signing, public relations events, and other media duties.

Book Publications

Moving forward, John has an autobiography of him published called “You Cannot Be Serious.” The book was on New York Times bestseller list; thus, one can assume he must have made a good fortune out of it.

You cannot be serious: An Autobiography
You cannot be serious: An Autobiography

McEnroe has also made guest appearances in several TV shows and some of Adam Sandler’s movies.

Likewise, John must have charged a good amount of money just to be featured in those shows.

Tennis Academy, Art Gallery, and Estates 

Aside from being a tennis champ himself, McEnroe also has his own Tennis Academy.

The academy has some big brands associated with them like Head, Nike, Hourglass, Gold Coast, UTR, and Solinco.

Besides all these, an interesting source of his income is from the art gallery in New York. He had bought the art gallery in 1994 and named it John McEnroe Gallery.

He also has many endorsement deals with some of the leading racket manufacturer brands like Head.

On top of all, the major part of his net worth is due to his long-time investments in real estate.

He owns a handful of properties around the country with an investment of over $50 million.

John McEnroe Net Worth: Houses

The former tennis player spends his millions on many other investments and houses as well. He owns several expensive and luxury properties throughout the United States.

Other than that, McEnroe owns a handful of valuable homes within California, Malibu, Los Angeles, and also New York. 

In 1999, John brought a two-acre property in Southhampton, New York, which cost him around $4.2 million. Later in 2018, he sold this property for $11.25 million. 

Property sold in New York
Property sold in New York.

Likewise, McEnroe also invested in a beautiful house in Malibu just near the ocean. This property cost him around $3.3 million. 

Similarly, he owns many properties in Los Angeles, known to be a very luxurious city. And in this luxurious area, McEnroe possesses $50 million worth of properties.

John McEnroe: Lifestyle and Vacations

We all know that McEnroe spends most of his time being around tennis and media. Even after having such a fortune, he tends to invest it rather than spending it on anything less. 

However, John does love traveling. Often, he takes his family on exclusive vacations. 

In an interview with Nick McGrath, he shared his favorite holiday activity. Disclaimer! It’s safari. He stated, 

“The safari. It’s the combination of seeing something that we very rarely see, and being with friends we had invited who love sports.”

Moreover, John also took his children, wife to this amazing destination in South Africa. McEnroe said he loves teaching his children about different cultures and cultural changes. 

The former tennis player was most recently seen with his family on a vacation trip across the border in the Caribbean.

In addition, he was seen swimming and bodysurfing on a beach in St.Barths. 

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John McEnroe: Charity Works 

Besides adding to his net worth, John is known for giving back to the community and the less fortunate. Nevertheless, the former player hasn’t disappointed anyone with his philanthropy works.

The tennis player has been involved in several charity works to help needy people like Alliance for Lupus Research, All Stars Helping Kids, Bicycle for a day, Bone Marrow Foundation, habitat for humanity, etc.

These organizations support Cancer patients, Environment projects, Creative Arts, organized disaster relief programs, homeless people, organ donation campaigns, and AIDS & HIV patients. 

Likewise, McEnroe is on the Board of Directors for the conservation of Riverkeeper. He is also a member of Laureus World Sports Academy.

John McEnroe: Movies & Television Shows 

A known celebrity and deserving champion, John has appeared in many movies and TV shows.

In addition, he made guest appearances in Frasier, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Similarly, in movies like Mr.Deeds, Anger Management, and Jack and Jill, he was seen acting alongside Adam Sandler, one of the most successful actors in Hollywood.

He also appeared in another one called You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. 

Scene from Mr. Deeds
Scene from Mr. Deeds

Moreover, in 2002, John hosted a game show on ABC called ‘The Chair’ followed by another called ‘McEnroe’ on CNBC in 2004.

Recently, in 2020, John McEnroe was the narrator of the Netflix original show, Never Have I Ever.

In the show, the main character Devi’s father was a big fan of John McEnroe. Thus, he narrated the show. 

John McEnroe: Career

The former tennis player started his career in 1978 during ATP Tour and won five titles that year.

Moving forward, just a year after he kick-started his professional career, he managed to bag 10 singles titles along with the US Open title.

There, John also won seventeen double titles in the same year, including the Wimbledon Doubles title, which took his title tally to 27 in a year.

In addition to that, John won several other major mix doubles titles and tour finals.

Sadly, in 1992, McEnroe retired from the game as one of the greatest and successful players in Tennis history.

Some Facts about John McEnroe

Some of the amazing facts about the Tennis maestro are:

  • After retiring from Tennis, John formed a music band and did many tours with them.
  • John owns an art gallery in New York named after himself, John McEnroe Gallery.


  • The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose. Life is a learning process, and you have to try to learn what’s best for you. Let me tell you; life is not fun when you’re banging your head against a brick wall all the time”.
  • “We should reach out to people to try to go after the fans the way other sports do. Because we can’t just depend on the fact that it is a great game.”
  • Everybody loves success, but they hate successful people.” 

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Is John McEnroe the most hated tennis player of all time? 

The former tennis player has indeed won many titles and tournaments in his playing years. However, aside from all of this, he is known for his bad behavior and criticizing other tennis players. 

There have been many occasions where he insulted the Umpire, his opponents, and also other players. For this, he had to pay heavy fines. 

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