John Tenta Wife: Was The Former Wrestler Married?

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A late American wrestler cum sumo John Tenta was married to a beautiful wife named Josephine Tenta. 

John Tenta and his Philippino wife married after dating for a few years. This marriage resulted in the birth of three adorable kids.

Sadly, their family life didn’t last too long, as the wrestler died on June 7, 2006, after bladder cancer. Throughout his life, he remained a lovely husband and a responsible father.

John Tenta Is A Late Wrestler
John Tenta Is A Late Wrestler (Source: Instagram)

John Anthony Tenta Jr., famous as John Tenta (June 22, 1963 – June 7, 2006), was a well-known Canadian wrestler who competed in sumo wrestling.

He grabbed fame in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as Earthquake, previously known as Canadian Earthquake, after transitioning from sumo wrestling, where he was called Kototenzan.

In WWF, the late wrestler became famous for his rivalries with Hulk Hogan and for winning the WWF Tag Team Championship as part of The Natural Disasters with his friend Typhoon.

Also, Tenta wrestled in other promotions like World Championship Wrestling (WCW), Avalanche The Shark, and All Japan Pro Wrestling. He returned to WWF as Golga later on. 

Who Is John Tenta’s Wife?

John Tenta was a happily married man who tied the knot with his beautiful wife, Josephine Oyaan Tenta, many years back.

His wife, Josephine, is a Manila, Philippines-born woman who graduated from Ateneo de Manila High School in 1979.

After spending her young days in her birthplace with her parents and family, the lady moved to the United States.

John Tenta With His Wife And Kids
John Tenta With His Wife And Kids (Source: Reddit)

Currently, she resides in Friendswood, Texas, with her children. Sadly, there isn’t any information about her professional life on social media platforms.

Also, the lady barely appears on media platforms. She has a Facebook page but doesn’t have an active status.

Neither the celebrity wife ever appeared on shows or events talking about her past life with her late husband, John.

Despite her connection to the celebrity, she prefers a private life. Also, the lady seems single now. She hasn’t remarried after the death of her spouse in 2006.

Married Life And Kids

John Tenta had a blissful married life with his wife, Josephine. Though he never disclpublicly osed much about his married life and relationship publwas a lovely husband.

They gave birth to two sons, one of whom is John Kenta Jr, and a daughter, Joanna Tenta Sowards.

Josephine Tenta With Her Kids
John Tenta’s Wife Josephine Tenta With Her Kids (Source: FaceBook)

Their son, Kenta Jr, is a grown-up man married to Cara Michelle Smith. He is an active social media user and often updates his life to the public.

Likewise, daughter Joanna is also a married woman named Joanna Tenta Sowards after her marriage.

These days, Josephine lives a happy life with her kids. As a responsible mother, she has already witnessed her children’s educational and professional journey.

Her kids are close to her, and they often remember their late dad, John Tenta, on various occasions. Even the wrestler cum sumo remained a loving father to his kids.

Sadly, none of the three kids have tried their luck in wrestling or other sports, following in their father’s footsteps.



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