Jon Olsson New Girlfriend Annette Haga Is Mom Of Two

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Jon Olsson’s new girlfriend, Annette Haga, is a famous Norwegian social media influencer. Annette, like Jon, was previously married and shares two kids.

The Swedish freeskier Jon Olsson has created a massive social media influence by documenting his everyday life on YouTube. He has more than two million followers on YouTube and Instagram combined.

Jon Olsson Has Cultivated Millions In Following Through His Vlogs
Jon Olsson Has Cultivated Millions Of Following Through His Vlogs (Source: Instagram)

Like any big-time social media influencer, Jon’s life is inspected through magnifying glasses. So, when he and his long-time partner, Janni Deler, divorced last year, it became big news. 

Since their divorce, the couple has been co-parenting their two kids. And now it looks like Jon is ready to move on with Annette. 

The new couple made their relationship public, with Annette sharing a romantic photo with Jon on her Instagram. The Swede has reshared the picture on his social media page, and fans are already sharing their personal opinion in the comment section. 

Jon Olsson New Girlfriend, Annette Haga

Jon Olsson’s new girlfriend, Annette Haga, is of Norwegian descent and one of the country’s star bloggers. 

Annette graduated from Oslo and Akershus University in 2014 with a degree in media and communication. But even before her graduation, Annette had become a top blogger in Norway.

She began her blogging website in 2008, earning thousands of online readers. In an interview, Annette shared she started blogging after seeing many Swedish bloggers do it. 

Jon Olsson's New Girlfriend, Annette Haga, Has A Following Of 100k On Instagram
Jon Olsson’s New Girlfriend, Annette Haga, Has A Following Of 100k On Instagram (Source: Instagram)

At the time, Annette was one of the few ones blogging in Norway. Her content focused on fashion and outfit photos, and in the late 2010s, she transitioned into the world of social media. 

In 2010, Annette worked for the Media House Nettavisen and later was a co-founder and creative director of NuVentures. In 2016, Annette decided to take a break from becoming a social media influence and focus all her energy on fashion. 

She became a fashion manager for Bonnier Media Norway and later became Head of Bonnier Creative Studio. Annette has 104k followers on Instagram and continues to share her fashion outfits, which are popular among youngsters. 

Annette Haga Previous Relationship And Two Kids

The Norwegian social media influencer was previously in a relationship with Emil Løvstad. Annette and Emil tied the knot in August 2017 and share two kids.

The couple’s first child, Sander, was born in March 2018, and in 2019, the couple had their second child, Matheo.

The two were also raising Emil’s first child from a previous relationship. And though their relationship looked fine from the outside, cracks had started to appear.

Annette Shares Two Boys From Her Previous Relationship With Emil Løvstad
Annette Shares Two Boys From Her Previous Relationship With Emil Løvstad (Source: Instagram)

The couple filed for divorce in 2020, with Annette sharing the news to her followers on Instagram. In her post, Annette wrote life had been difficult recently, and she had been self-isolating herself. 

Annette confirmed in the post that she and Emil broke up on mutual terms, and there wasn’t any bad blood between the two. She also wrote they would be co-parenting together of their two beautiful sons. 

Annette’s two boys frequently appear on her Instagram handle, with Annette recently sharing a picture of her taking her boys to the Tusenfryd amusement park. 

Jon Olsson And Ex-Wife Janni Delér Broke Up In 2022

After ten years of being together, the famous social media couple. Jon and Janni announced to their supporters they were getting divorced. 

In September 2022, Jon, on his YouTube channel, shared a video titled “Why We Got Divorced,” in which he and Janni explained the reason for their separation.

It was shocking news to their followers as the couple seemed pretty much in love. They had tied the knot in 2018 after being engaged for over a year. The couple also shares two kids, Leon and Leia.

In the video, the couple cleared the air, stating they had tried several times to make their relationship work, but it didn’t click.

Jon Olsso And Janni Deler Pictured With Their Kids Having Fun In Snow In Sweden
Jon Olsson And Janni Deler Pictured With Their Kids Having Fun In Snow In Sweden (Source: Instagram)

The couple sat on the beach of Cyprus, talking about their divorce and how their trip to Cyprus had made them realize they were more friends than a couple. 

Like Annette and Emil, Jon and Janni also said they would continue to have an amicable relationship and co-parent their kids. 

Janni first gained fame while appearing on Jon’s vlogs but later created a strong fanbase with her fashion posts and currently boasts 1.2 million subscribers on Instagram. 

Earlier this year, in March, Janni shared a video of her and her kids moving to Sweden. Jon also made a short appearance in the video with the couple, as they talked about trying their best to co-parent for their kids. 

Janni also requested her viewers to reserve their judgments on her and Jon’s relationship, ending the video by saying, “You do you, and let us live the way we want.”

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