Jordan Greenway Parents: James & Shannon Sullivan- Wife & Family

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Jordan Greenway’s mother raised him and his brother James as single parents. Their father, James, left the family when Jordan was only three years old.

Jordan never learned about his father or spent time with him. Even though their dad wasn’t around, Shannon made sure her sons felt loved and supported.

She always encouraged Jordan to pursue his passions, whether it was sports or anything else he was interested in.

Shannon herself loved hockey, and she passed that love on to Jordan. He started playing hockey when he was young, and his talent didn’t go unnoticed. Coaches quickly saw his potential.

Jordan Greenway During His Game
Jordan Greenway During His Game (Source: Instagram)

Before moving to Minnesota for high school, he began playing hockey in Canton, New York. Jordan was eventually drafted by the Minnesota Wild in 2015.

Nowadays, Jordan Greenway plays as an ice hockey forward for the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL.

His success is due to his hard work and the support and guidance of his mother, Shannon, who has been there for him every step of the way.

Jordan Greenway Parents: James & Shannon Sullivan

Jordan Greenway was born in Canton, New York, on February 16, 1997, to his parents, James and Shannon Sullivan.

Although Jordan’s father was part of the family initially, he left when Jordan was young, leaving Shannon to raise Jordan and his brother alone.

Shannon took on the roles of both mother and father for her sons. She was only 20 years old when Jordan was born, and she was also studying at Canton College while working as a waiter and bartender to support her family.

Jordan Greenway Parents Is His Mother
Jordan Greenway’s Childhood Picture With His Mom And Brother (Source: Sporting News)

Despite the challenges, Shannon was excited to become a parent and was determined to provide for her children.

Despite the challenges of being a single parent, Shannon never complained or felt sorry for herself.

Instead, she faced the situation head-on, determined to provide the best possible life for her children. She worked hard and sacrificed to ensure that her sons had everything they needed to succeed.

Her support and dedication helped shape Jordan into the successful NHL player he is today.

Brother JD Greenway Is Also An Ice Hockey Player

JD Greenway, Jordan’s younger brother, also pursued a career in ice hockey like his older brother.

Born in April 1998, JD is two years younger than Jordan. He graduated from Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Jordan Greenway's Brother JD Greenway
Jordan Greenway’s Brother JD Greenway (Source: Instagram)

In 2016, JD was selected in the third round, 72nd overall, by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL Draft. However, he didn’t achieve the same level of success as his brother Jordan.

Later, in 2021, JD signed a two-year deal with the AHL Bruins, where he continued his hockey career.

Jordan Greenway’s Wife And Family

Jordan Greenway isn’t married and doesn’t even have a wife.

Moreover, he is single and not in a relationship. While he may have been in previous romantic relationships that did not work out, he is not currently married or has a girlfriend.


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