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Jordan Henderson is a renowned English professional footballer who is a midfielder for Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team. He made his first debut through the Sunderland Academy when he was only eight years old in 2008.

Moreover, he signed for Liverpool and succeeded in winning his first trophy with the club, League Cup, just one year later. Serving as a caption of Liverpool, he won the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA Club World Cup, and the UEFA Super Cup. The Premier League title is another achievement in 2020 being the Liverpool Caption. Two-time England Player of the Year, Henderson was the first English player to make a victory at both U-21 and senior level.

Let’s visit his top 99 quotes that will inspire you to win.

“It’s not about individuals; it’s all about team work.”― Jordan Henderson

“Whether you win or lose, you need to stay on a level platform.”― Jordan Henderson

“I love to get to Dubai. It’s an impressive place, and you can do lots of different things there – beach, shopping, and other fun things.”― Jordan Henderson

“I was still with Sunderland at the time of my first cap in 2010, and I remember getting the text to let me know that I was going to be called up to the squad – it was a Friday night, and I was in a hotel in London because we were playing Chelsea the next day.”― Jordan Henderson

“Overall strength work – if you can do it regularly – makes a massive difference on the pitch, especially when you are fatigued. If you are stronger, it helps you deal with that.”― Jordan Henderson

Football - FA Premier League - Southampton FC v Liverpool FC
Football – FA Premier League – Southampton FC v Liverpool FC

“Criticism’s healthy. It gives you that extra little bit inside you to prove people wrong, to use it as energy, to use it as fuel.”― Jordan Henderson

“When you win or lose, no-one dies: you win, or you lose.”― Jordan Henderson

“At Sunderland, if I had a bad game, it wasn’t like it was the end of the world.”― Jordan Henderson

“It’s in the DNA of Liverpool Football Club to win trophies.”― Jordan Henderson

“I don’t like reading good things about myself. With the criticism and the negative things, I always think that makes me better.”― Jordan Henderson

“I don’t like talking about myself. I find it a lot easier talking about other people.”― Jordan Henderson

“I’m not particularly into people giving me credit. It’s not something I think about. It’s not important to me. The only thing that’s important is if I’m doing my job properly on the pitch for the team and for the manager.”― Jordan Henderson

13th of 99 Jordan Henderson Quotes

“As a player, you want to win every game. That’s what footballers do: they want to play, and they want to win.”― Jordan Henderson

“At Liverpool, Jurgen pretty much does everything, and we just follow him. Of course, we’ve still got leaders within the group to implement his message, but more often than not, we listen and then just do what he says.”― Jordan Henderson

“Some people might say I’m old at 28, but I look at someone like James Milner. He’s 32 and playing like he is 25 or something.”― Jordan Henderson

“Age is not really the biggest factor, whichever end of the scale you are at. It’s how you perform, how you respond to the challenge of having good players around you competing for your place.”― Jordan Henderson

“When you come to a club like Liverpool, you need to perform straight away and consistently.”― Jordan Henderson

“I came to Liverpool wanting to stay here for the rest of my career. I certainly didn’t want to leave after a year.”― Jordan Henderson

“You will get criticism throughout your career. All the best players have had it at some stage, and they haven’t let it ruin their careers. I won’t, either.”― Jordan Henderson

“It was Osgood-Schlatters. It wasn’t good. It’s a growing pains thing, and I had to have a lot of treatment on it. I just shot up immediately and didn’t have any kind of physique to deal with it physically. I was tall, all arms and legs, and a bit gangly.”― Jordan Henderson

“A day or two before games, it’s all carb overload: pasta, rice, potatoes, stuff like that. And, straight after the game, it’s important to get as much carbohydrate on as possible. Refuel your body and get as much back in as you can. As it tails off a day or two later you, ease off on the carbs and go to more protein, vegetables, and salads.”― Jordan Henderson

“My favourite meal is probably chicken with penne pasta and pesto.”― Jordan Henderson

“If you’re exercising hard and training hard every day, you’ve got to have carbs; you can’t just cut them out. That’s how you get your energy levels up.”― Jordan Henderson

“For breakfast, I’ll have scrambled eggs or poached egg on toast… and – this is gonna sound weird – I have it with blueberries as well. Everyone says it’s weird, but try it – you’ll like it.”― Jordan Henderson

“As players, you’ve got to keep improving, keep learning, keep playing well to get your place in the team.”― Jordan Henderson

“I don’t like to look too far back into the past.”― Jordan Henderson

“I’ve always played with a high intensity anyway. That’s how I’ve always been.”― Jordan Henderson

“It’s about doing what the team needs me to do, not what I want to do or what I think I can do.”― Jordan Henderson

“There are always those moments in football – and life in general – which can decide the path and the route you go down.”― Jordan Henderson

30th of 99 Jordan Henderson Quotes

“For me, Raheem Sterling is a fantastic player, and he’s been brilliant for England. I hope he will stay at Liverpool.”― Jordan Henderson

“I’ve always been athletic – did the 100 metres and 1500 m at school, cross-country races – and did well in them.”― Jordan Henderson

“When I was very young, coming into the Sunderland side, if we got beaten, I’d be very down. I’d go home, and it would drag on for days, I’d be thinking about the game. I was from Sunderland, felt things like a fan, and got really down.”― Jordan Henderson

“I’m probably my biggest critic.”― Jordan Henderson

“It’s quite hard at times to take my mind off football, but it’s very important. I’ll watch something on television, anything, whatever the missus wants to watch.”― Jordan Henderson

“Of course, people are going to criticise when things aren’t going well. As players, we have to take on responsibility and prove people wrong.”― Jordan Henderson

“You are always having to prove something in football whether you are flying or not.”― Jordan Henderson

“In my opinion, there is no better place to be for a footballer than Liverpool.”― Jordan Henderson

“I want to improve and learn and get better. To do that, I have to keep putting in good performances and help my team-mates around me.”― Jordan Henderson

“I knew I had to try and win trophies and be successful and be a big player for Liverpool.”― Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson during his victory
Jordan Henderson during his victory

“I don’t think you need motivation to win a league or a trophy. It’s every footballer’s dream. It’s why you play football. You enjoy and love the game, but you play to win and be the best.”― Jordan Henderson

“When you’re on the pitch, you give 100 percent to win the game.”― Jordan Henderson

“You will always be judged as a Liverpool player but, as a captain, you will be judged on what you win, basically. If you’re doing well, and the team is winning everything, you become a very good captain.”― Jordan Henderson

“I have just been a bit inconsistent when I have played. That happens in football, especially when you have been out for a long period.”― Jordan Henderson

“If you’re winning games, the confidence flows, and you gain a rhythm, which I’ve experienced before.”― Jordan Henderson

“It is about winning a trophy. It doesn’t make any difference to me who lifts it; I would just rather win.”― Jordan Henderson

“I do whatever the manager tells us to do, really.”― Jordan Henderson

“When you’re not playing, it is difficult to feel that you are the leader of the team.”― Jordan Henderson

“United have some world-class players with a world-class manager.”― Jordan Henderson

“United are capable of setting up a low block and making it difficult, but they’re also capable of coming out and pressing high.”― Jordan Henderson

“I’ve played with Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard for England, and they are top players.”― Jordan Henderson

“Everything on the pitch is to help the team.”― Jordan Henderson

“There are going to be highs and lows throughout a career, and you have to try and level it out. Don’t get too high and carried away when things are going well, but don’t get too low when things aren’t happening.”― Jordan Henderson

“There are different pressures when you come to a club like Liverpool. You have to perform well each week, or people start to question you, and I discovered that as soon as I got here. It was a difficult time, but I hope I got stronger from coping with it.”― Jordan Henderson

“When it comes to football, I think it’s vital you always enjoy playing, and when I arrived at Anfield, I was determined to do just that, whatever anyone else said.”― Jordan Henderson

55th of 99 Jordan Henderson Quotes

“I get in the gym and put the work in with the fitness coaches so I can be the best shape I can be in.”― Jordan Henderson

“Coventry was a big part of my career, and I had a great time there.”― Jordan Henderson

“Sometimes I can be a little bit cautious in keeping the ball, playing a safe pass rather than an adventurous one.”― Jordan Henderson

“Football always changes. There are always new players coming in at your club or young players coming through with your club or England. You have to be ready, given 100%, improve, and get better.”― Jordan Henderson

“At Liverpool and England, it’s about moving forward and going in the right direction, and you don’t want to be left behind by any means.”― Jordan Henderson

“I want to improve every season, every training session. I’ll continue that until I finish my career.”― Jordan Henderson

“I am a bit boring.”― Jordan Henderson

“I don’t really go out. I stay in and watch TV.”― Jordan Henderson

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“Ryan Giggs and David Beckham were the two players I’ve always looked up to.”― Jordan Henderson

“It’s everyone’s dream to play for their country.”― Jordan Henderson

“You will get criticised, you will get praised – that’s the way football goes. I’ve learned over a few years now that it can change within an instant.”― Jordan Henderson

“It’s about being focused on what you want to achieve. That’s all I do.”― Jordan Henderson

“You give everything; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you always have to move on quickly.”― Jordan Henderson

“There are a lot of players that want to go to the World Cup, so you have to be the player that goes out and performs and shows how much you want to go.”― Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson with his family
Jordan Henderson with his family

“I don’t think I’ll ever be another Steven Gerrard, to be honest!”― Jordan Henderson

“I suppose when people are criticising you and saying that you are not really worthy of going to such a club as Liverpool, it gives you a little bit more drive and more desire to prove them wrong. And that can only help you in the long run: make you a little bit tougher mentally.”― Jordan Henderson

“The physical part of football has always been a massive part of my game so I can cover the ground during games.”― Jordan Henderson

“The way we play at Liverpool is with high-intensity football, pressing high up the pitch, winning the ball back quickly, and counter-pressing.”― Jordan Henderson

“I tend to focus on core work most of all in the gym.”― Jordan Henderson

“I would say I am more comfortable in the centre of midfield. But when you are at a big club like Liverpool, you maybe get played in positions with which you might not be so familiar. But you have got to learn the different roles, because it gives you a better opportunity to play.”― Jordan Henderson

“You have got to get to know people, and moving down to Liverpool from the North East was a huge change for me. But, at the same time, you have just got to get on with it, and that is part and parcel of being a footballer.”― Jordan Henderson

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“Obviously, it was an amazing feeling to play for Liverpool for the first time. It was a little bit funny to be playing against Sunderland, but it is still an amazing feeling every time I put on the Liverpool shirt.”― Jordan Henderson

“When you are very young and come through at a club, like I did at Sunderland, I suppose people do not expect as much and have not really heard much about you. Whereas, when you sign for a club, the expectations are higher.”― Jordan Henderson

“It’s important everyone knows their roles individually and collectively as a group.”― Jordan Henderson

“It is nice to be playing, being on the pitch, and contributing to the team.”― Jordan Henderson

“Real Madrid are a team of winners.”― Jordan Henderson

81st of 99 Jordan Henderson Quotes

“You never know what will happen in football.”― Jordan Henderson

“Now and again, you may be picking a pass or two in behind, making something happen, but when we’re attacking – especially at Liverpool – I’m focusing on protection, being disciplined, being careful, worrying about counter-attacks, things like that.”― Jordan Henderson

“In club football, Jurgen very much does everything, and we follow. We listen, and we follow him.”― Jordan Henderson

“Spain are a fantastic team and fantastic squad of players.”― Jordan Henderson

“When you play for Liverpool, there’s always pressure, pressure to perform, expectation. Of course, that’s the reason why you want to go there.”― Jordan Henderson

“When you play for Liverpool and England, you have good players around you, and you want to compete with the best.”― Jordan Henderson

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“I have always wanted to fight no matter what position I am in, and whether that is Liverpool or England, I need to do more, and I need to do better because you have younger players, or players get signed for the club who push you and want to take your place, and you have to be better than them.”― Jordan Henderson

“You need people who are vocal on the pitch to give information at different times of the game.”― Jordan Henderson

“It is hard to leave your local club. All my family are Sunderland fans, and it is pretty tough because I have had some great years there, but I am looking forward to playing for Liverpool now.”― Jordan Henderson

“When I finish my career, I can look back and then decide if it was good or not.”― Jordan Henderson

“I always say, whether it’s Liverpool or England, it’s not just me who is a leader.”― Jordan Henderson

“Whether I’m captain or not, I always like to think that I lead by example anyway. I do the same things as I always do and try to help the group out.”― Jordan Henderson

“I’m a big believer in having to go through hard times to get to where you want to be. Nothing comes easy. You have to work.”― Jordan Henderson

“You can’t keep having the pressure on your goal all of the time because, eventually, a team will get through.”― Jordan Henderson

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“I have been in tournaments before where people would say, ‘England should win this game,’ and we didn’t.”― Jordan Henderson

“People have to fear England and not want to play us. The only way of doing that is to play at a high tempo and win games.”― Jordan Henderson

“Football is a lot to do with mentality.”― Jordan Henderson

98th of 99 Jordan Henderson Quotes

“It was football for me always.”― Jordan Henderson

“I’m definitely not a karaoke man, but I like to try stuff, so I’d get up on stage and give it a go. It would have to be something cheesy – karaoke always is – so maybe R. Kelly, ‘The World’s Greatest.’”― Jordan Henderson

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