Joshua Cephus Brother: Is He Related To Quintez Cephus?

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Joshua Cephus grew up in a tight-knit family, surrounded by three brother/s and a sister.

Athletics ran in their blood, with his father being a notable footballer who once played for Texas Southern.

Following the family tradition, one of Joshua’s brothers embraced his father’s legacy and pursued a career as a footballer as well.

Back-to-Back Glory: UTSA Secures Second Consecutive Conference USA Championship Victory
Back-to-Back Glory: UTSA Secures Second Consecutive Conference USA Championship Victory (Source: Instagram)

Joshua Cephus stands out as a highly-skilled wide receiver, making impactful contributions to the UTSA Roadrunners’ football team.

His remarkable achievement of becoming the program’s new career receptions leader was solidified during a triumphant game against UAB in October 2023.

This milestone marked a significant moment in Cephus’ career, surpassing the accomplished Zakhari Franklin, who had transferred to Ole Miss in the previous offseason.

Hailing from Spring, Texas, Joshua is currently in his fifth season at UTSA, showcasing his athletic prowess and his enduring commitment to the team.

Joshua Cephus’ Brother Was A Footballer

Joshua Cephus, born on March 5, 2001, is the proud son of Trenesa and Rodney Cephus.

Growing up, he shared his childhood with three brothers and a sister, surrounded by a family deeply ingrained in athleticism.

One of his brothers, Aaron Cephus, hails from Houston, Texas, and is a distinguished 2016 graduate of Dekaney High School.

Exceptional achievements marked Aaron’s high school years, as he lettered in football, basketball, baseball, and track.

His prowess earned him all-district honors in both football and basketball, showcasing his versatile athletic talents.

Taking his skills to the collegiate level, Aaron played for Rice University in Houston for two seasons.

During his time at Rice, he left an indelible mark, tallying an impressive 1,187 yards and 10 touchdowns in 22 games.

Notably, he achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the fastest player to reach 1,000 career yards at Rice.

Aaron’s outstanding performance led to his inclusion in the 2017 C-USA All-Freshman Team.

Plus, he was honored with the George R. Brown Offensive Award as the Owls’ top receiver.

Joshua Cephus' Brother Aaron Cephus
Joshua Cephus’ Brother Aaron Cephus (Source: Linkedin)

Currently, Aaron Cephus has transitioned into a role as a Lead Instructor at It Can Be Done Fitness.

Additionally, he is interning in the position of Field Operations at XFL, showcasing his commitment to the world of sports beyond the playing field.

Apart from Aaron, Joshua has maintained privacy regarding his other siblings.

Joshua has not shared their identities and details, both offline and on social media.

As a result, much remains undisclosed about his two other brothers and his sister.

Is Joshua Cephus Related To Quintez Cephus?

Despite sharing the same surname, Joshua Cephus and Quintez are often mistakenly perceived as brothers, a misconception fueled by their mutual pursuit of football careers.

In reality, there is no familial connection between them.

Quintez Cephus, the son of Lakesha and Andre Taylor, has a brother and a sister.

Raised in a central Georgia city with a population of approximately 150,000, Quintez’s upbringing was unique.

Although his father, Andre Taylor, did not reside with the family, he remained integral to his children’s lives.

Joshua Cephus Is Not Related To Quintez Cephus
Joshua Cephus Is Not Related To Quintez Cephus (Source: Instagram)

Notably, Taylor was a high-ranking member of the Westside Gangster Crips street gang, a detail acknowledged by authorities.

Despite his background, Andre Taylor ensured that his son did not succumb to the challenges of the same lifestyle.

Regrettably, tragedy struck on April 3, 2017, as attackers fatally shot his father in the head at the age of 39.

This heartbreaking event marked a profound moment in Quintez Cephus’ life, shaping his journey in ways that extend beyond the football field.

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