Julia Hart Parents: Is She Related To Brian Pillman Jr And Griff Garrison?

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The AEW wrestler Julia Hart has kept the details about her parents away from the media. Harts has never dived deep into her family relationships in her interviews.

When she first came into the spotlight with Varsity Blondes, many thought she was part of the Hart dynasty. Some even thought she had a family connection with her ring partners, Brian Pillman Jr and Griff Garrison. 

Julia Hart Pictured During The Recent AEW Collision
Julia Hart Pictured During The Recent AEW Collision (Source: Instagram)

But Hart has no blood relation with the two of them. In fact, she might not even have a friendly connection with the two, something she talked about in her interview after the Varsity Blonded ended in 2021. 

Recently, Hart was a guest on the Busted Open Radio podcast and talked about her goals for 2024. The reigning TBS Champion expressed she would like to have a match at this year’s AEW All In London pay-per-view event. 

Julia Hart Parents: Sibling To Brian And Griff?

The AEW wrestler Julia Hart has kept the details of her parents a secret. There isn’t much known about Julia’s family, but one thing is for sure, the wrestler has no family connection with Brian Pillman Jr and Griff Garrison. 

Many might already know that Brian Pillman Jr is the son of the famous wrestler of the 80s and 90s, Brian Pillman. Brian has a sister, but she isn’t Julia.

His sister is Skylar King, and the NXT star also has step-siblings. Pillman’s parents, Brian and Melanie, had two kids each from their previous relationship. 

Like Julia, not much is known about Griff Garrison’s family. The three of them- Brian, Griff, and Julie became famous after they formed the group Varsity Blondes. 

Formation Of Varsity Blondes

Previously, Griff talked about Varsity Blondes’ formation on The A2theK Wrestling Show. He said their personalities just gelled well. Pillman Jr also said something similar in his interview back in 2021.

Pillman Jr, also known as Lexis King, said, “Yeah, she just fell into our pockets. It’s like someone dropped a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.”

At the time, it was only Julia’s second week at work, and Pillman Jr went up to his manager and asked him if Julia would be interested in being part of Varsity Blondes. She was only assigned to be used on his and Griff’s entrance. 

Julia Pictured During Her Time As Varsity Blondes In 021
Julia Pictured During Her Time As Varsity Blondes In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

But then Julia slowly started to play a significant role in the group. Pillman Jr says it was the collaborative effort that helped their team become successful. Everything seemed to have been going well for the group, but in December 2021, Varsity Blondes ended.

Pillman Jr said he was against letting Julia go and wanted her to stick with the group. In an interview, Brian said Julia was an integral part of their act, and with her gone, it was only just a couple of guys. 

And if Brian showed disappointment, Julia said she didn’t regret her decision. After breaking up with Varsity Blondes, Julia signed with House of Black.

In her interview, Julia said, “There’s not one part of me that regrets it at all. [Am I] still friends with them? I don’t know. I don’t really talk to them much.”

Is Julia Hart Related To The Hart Family?

The AEW wrestler and cheerleader has no connection to the Hart wrestling family/dynasty. The Hart family legacy began with Stu Hart, and all his eight sons became professional wrestlers.

But most notably, his two sons, Bret and Owen, received huge fame and success in the wrestling entertainment industry.

Julia Hart Tied The Knot With Lee Johnson Last Year In October
Julia Hart Tied The Knot With Lee Johnson Last Year In October (Source: Instagram)

With how large the Hart family is, it isn’t shocking that many wrestling fans would’ve thought Julia was part of the Hart dynasty. In an interview, Julia talked a bit about her family.

The interview was before her wedding, and Julia said her mom and her little sister were helping her during the tiring time.

On October 13, 2023, Julia tied the knot with the professional wrestler Lee Johnson. The two had been engaged for a year before their wedding. 

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