Julian Wallace Bio: Wife, MMA, Career, Assault & Record

As per the word ‘Taboo’ has introduced, people are giving their opinion carelessly and judging whatever about the related person as per they like. And the whole life of this MMA fighter Julian Wallace was dragged out of his uplifting and peak point of his career when he was assaulted for domestic violence on his ex-girlfriend Jessy.

Julian Wallace is a simple being who earned all of his fame and earnings from his hard work and his love for his work. But sometimes, our mindset gets distracted and leads us to do something silly. For his action, Wallace got banished from the MMA community.

MMA fighter Julian Wallace
MMA fighter Julian Wallace

Starting life from being a barber and building self-confidence and love from his fan to becoming a role model, Julian is still in the eye of thousands of MMA lovers.

Although he claims himself guilty of the incident and ready for the charges, it was reported that he had no time for jail for being a person of good character.

So, let’s look deeper into the detail of this banished but so infamous MMA fighter Julian Wallace’s career, allegations, fights, and achievement. At first, let’s have a look at his quick facts.

Quick Facts

Full Name Julian Rabaud
Known as Julz the Jackal
Nickname ‘Julz the Jackal’ Julian Wallace
Birth Date N/A
Birth Place Logan City, Queensland, Australia
Residence United States 
Religion Christian
Nationality Australian 
Ethnicity White
Education N/A
Horoscope N/A
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Age 32 Years
Height 5’8″ (172.72 cm)
Weight 61.23 kg (135 lbs)
Weight Class Bantamweight Division
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Body type Athletic
Profession MMA Fighter
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse N/A
Children None
Beginning of Professional Career 2010
Retirement 2016
Fighting Out of Brisbane, Queensland
Coach Roy Luxton
Association Five Rings Dojo
Victory 6 wins ( 4 KO/TKO), 2 SUBMISSION AND 0 DECISIONS
Last Fight August 27, 2016, in XFC
Current Professional MMA Record 6-4-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Current Professional MMA Streak 1 loss
Social Media Instagram, Facebook
Merch MMA Gear, MMA Gloves

Julian Wallace | Early Life & Career

Julian Rabaud, aka ‘Julez the Jackel,’ is well-known among all MMA fighter lovers, also remembered as a tattooed guy. As said, he has tattoos all over his body and face.

Also, he is originally from Brisbane, Australia. Starting his career in 2010, he has reached over the top in the world of MMA fighters.

This 5’8″ guy who belongs to the Bantamweight Division in weight class had to fight against mostly with Nitro MMA and XFC. And in between them, he was quite fast to keep up his name in this short period of time of 6 years. Similarly, Wallace has collected quite a lot of honors as well. 

Still, every period has its specific time; Julian’s career could not stay for too long as his personal issue with his fiancee was a bit in on and off condition. It made him perform violence against her.

And unfortunately, at the age of his late 20s, he immediately got banished from being an MMA fighter.

Hence, with too much-unintended media attention, ‘Julz the Jackal’ Julian Wallace’s career got conclude in such a way.

Julian Wallace | Guilty on Domestic Violence Charges

On April 28th, Jessica-Rose Clark reported that she just became a domestic violence victim from Julian Rabaud. And the news was reported on Sunday by The Daily Telegraph.

Jessica, also named Jessy, reported that she was 15 minutes late from her work to home on that day. It was because Jess had to stop and pick up noodles for Wallace. 

But when she reached home, the MMA fighter attacked her for bringing the wrong food. Jess recalls the painful events, “He started attacking me, it went on for about 20 minutes, he kicked me in the head with timberland boots on.” 

“Julian got me in a muay Thai headlock in the kitchen and was elbowing me in the face,” she continued, “He was holding my head in one hand and hitting me with the other.” 

Julian Wallace and Jessy Jess
Julian Wallace assaults Jessy Jess.

During that attempt, Wallace also tried to tear off her engagement ring while threatening to break her fingers. If Jess herself was not an MMA fighter, then the situation could have been worse. 

However, the victim was still left with bruises all over her neck and face.

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Statements based on Jessica Rose Clark

The assault on Jess lasted for 20 minutes straight. Furthermore, Jessy shared her puffed-up face with the media.

Jessica explained,

“A muay Thai headlock assaulted me in the kitchen area, elbowing me in the face; I also got hit by him with those fighter fists directly and got kicked on my head while he was wearing leather boots throwing me to the ground and chocked me.”

Later, she added that all of that kind of incident was already happening several times, but she felt it exceeded the limit. Hence, Jessy brought her gut on herself and found the courage to bring up all of these matters publicly.

Clark added that the reason behind Jess came out was cause she felt terrified with thoughts of how the same things happen to other women. Jessy thought they could not escape from such a horrendous condition. 

However, Jess tried her best to keep their relation work to last long. He further claimed that she is from MMA professional that the outcome was not that drastic that it could be.

With a very heavy heart, Jessy described to Daily Mail Australia that, “I remembered seeing starts and getting me dropped onto the bed, those days haunts me where I could feel myself losing consciousness slowly day by day.

While to the Daily Telegraph, she explained how desperate she was to break free herself from those large clutches of her fiance. Also, once in a while, she thought of it could be the end of her life.

Similarly, there was also the situation where she completely blacked out and, in a desperate attempt, kept tapping him on the arm to stop.

Statements on assault by Julian Wallace

After airing all of Jessy Clark’s statements, the news was all over the television. This famous tattooed MMA fighter involved in such assault became the hot topic immediately. 

Further, Julian Wallace stated and agreed to the assault posting a long statement in his Facebook account, claiming that their relationship was not good.

The Australian fighter then pleaded guilty to the charges that had to happen because of their present financial condition; for which he wanted Clark to get out of his life as soon as possible.

Additionally, he made people and judges believe that he was often the victim. Nonetheless, he admitted that the relationship was going through a hard time. From both posts on Facebook and to the media publically, Mr. Wallace didn’t deny his mistake.

Also, he preferred to live separately and peacefully. And pleaded with people to leave him as he is.

Julian Wallance’s Facebook post after getting assault on domestic violence

Aside from that, the judge of Newtown Local Court added, “There’s no Jail time for Julian Wallace as he is a person of good character.” However, he got banished from the MMA. 

Julian Wallace was handed two suspended sentenced to 15 months jail for assault.

And since then, Julian is not so much on media. It is also reported that Julian has now involved in being a barber where women are prohibited from entering. 

Julian Wallace | Social Media Presence

Since the assault case got public, Julian Wallace is not active on media besides his guilty post on domestic violence, which was also deleted after it got posted.

But if we turn out the pages in his social media account, he has Instagram and Facebook accounts where there’s no photo posted, whereas, in Facebook, there’s no post after October 2, 2016.

And in those posts, Wallace had shared his beautiful memories with his friends and people close to him. There are still some of the photos of him with his ex-girlfriend Jessica-Rose Clark.

Wallace spending happy time with friends and his ex-girlfriend Jessy

Facebook: 3644 friends (@Julian Wallace)

Instagram: 421 followers (@Julianwallace7437)

Julian Wallace got slammed by Alpha Male

Just after the assault case got disclosed, ‘The Jackal’ again came into the limelight. Julian got slammed by Team Alpha Male head coach Justin Buchholz who stated he never became a team member.

UFC veteran Urijah Faber created that well-known fight team. Wallace got to lose the game as he was training through second-round submission to Gustavo Falciroli.

Relating more about the fight, it was stated that Wallace himself was apparently trained a handful of times and was not interested in sparring. And later on, Buchholz also claimed that in those times, Wallace was just in training.

Also, he didn’t want to spare at all other than those guys for training usually get excited to show what they have gotten into them.

Other than that, other players in the same training area get confused after seeing Wallace’s behavior, where his fame totally blinded him was; during training sessions.

Instead of training himself, Julian used to pour an entire bottle of water on his head by himself. Moreover, he then takes his shirt off to make a feel like he’s taking a photo shoot.

However, everyone in there, understands he’s got a lot of problems. But instead, Wallace is making his life worse than he himself thought of.

Julian Wallace | Net Worth

By contract, MMA fighter’s average net worth is estimated as $140,000 depending upon the kind of ring and fights they are in, risking their own life. Though Julian Wallace has never mentioned his actual net worth, he definitely has earned both fame and dollars worthfully.

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Common Queries

Julian Wallace’s age??

It is said that Wallace was 28 years old when an allegation of assault was filed on him in 2016, so as per years counted, he must be now 32 years old.

Julian Wallace’s achievements?

Being a Sherdog fighter, Jullian was ranked as a 6-4-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) in a Current professional MMA streak.

Is Julian Wallace married?

Julian Rabaud is completely living a private life where his marital state still to be known.

To which country Julian Wallace belong?

Julian belongs to Logan City, Queensland, Australia. And also it is rumored that he is living in Hawaleywood’s in Sydney.

Julian Wallace’s early life?

Being an MMA fighter Julian’s both early and present life is completely in private.

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