Junie Browning Brother Rob Browning- Age Gap And Family Tree

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Junie Browning’s brother Rob Browning is also a former MMA fighter. Rob has become a support system for his brother.

Junie Allen Browning, known as The Lunatic, is an American mixed martial artist born in Florida and raised in Kentucky.

Browning attended Bourbon County High School, where he competed in football and the 160lb wrestling division.

Junie Browning, An American Mixed Martial Artist
Junie Browning, An American Mixed Martial Artist (Source: Sports Illustrated)

At the age of four, Browning’s training for combat sports began by sparring with his brother.

Browning received his training at Four Seasons MMA under Mike O’Donnell before relocating to Las Vegas, NV, where he trained with Xtreme Couture.

Junie Browning’s professional MMA career started on the local Oklahoma and Kentucky circuit, where he achieved a 2-0 record.

Furthermore, the mixed martial artist contestant on The Ultimate Fighter reality show and won $25,000 for the “Fight of the Night” award.

Junie Browning Brother Rob Browning

Rob, born in 1987, and Junie, born in 1985, have an age gap of almost two years between them.

Sadly, There is not much information about their parents. 

Junie’s younger brother, Robert Browning, is a former MMA fighter. The American athlete previously competed in the bantamweight class.

The younger brother of Junie came to fame after being featured alongside his brother in the show, The Ultimate Fighter.

Junie Browning With His Brother; Rob Browning
Junie Browning With His Brother, Rob Browning (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Junie Browning and his brother Rob Browning captivated MMA fans in the 2010s with their antics.

Furthermore, Rob’s sole victory in his entire professional MMA career came against Ryan Thompson at the “Out of the Cage” event on May 2, 2009.

Downfall In The Career Of Both Of The Brothers

Both Rob Browning and Junie Browning were heavy drinkers, often seen intoxicated during their games.

In 2009, Junie Browning faced allegations of assaulting three female nurses. After a false attempt at suicide, inhaling 16 pills of an anti-anxiety drug, he was taken to a hospital in Nevada.

Following this incident, his contract with the UFC was terminated by Dana White.

Furthermore, in 2011, while living in Phuket, Thailand, the elder Browning, Junie, got involved in a violent altercation at a local bar, almost putting his life in danger.

According to The Phuket News, they accused him of attacking five bar staff members.

The MMA fighter was kicked and struck by numerous people with blunt objects. He retaliated against locals on the streets, which resulted in a mob gathering.

Additionally, his younger brother, Rob Browning, introduced himself to the other contenders in The Ultimate Fighters 9 season opener by throwing eggs at them.

The younger brother frequently mocked and provoked other participants, challenging them to immediate fights.

Ultimately, Rob Browning got eliminated after losing his first match.

Where Are Browning Brothers?

Junie’s last MMA competition took place in 2016, where he won by knocking out Jeremy Myers at the HRMMA- Hardrock event.

After this, Junie has been away from the media spotlight.

Similarly, his younger brother, Rob, vanished without a trace after the ninth season of TUF.

Derek Hall Tweet
Derek Hall Tweet (Source: Twitter)

However, in March 2022, a Twitter user named Derek Hall posted a tweet indicating that Rob Browning was searching for his brother.

Derek mentioned in the tweet that he had spoken to Rob, who revealed that he had been trying to contact his brother for approximately six months but didn’t get any success.

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